Monday, February 24, 2014

Reilich Picks 4th Ward Replacement

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich confirmed the appointment of Diana M. Christodaro to the fill the vacancy for the 4th Ward Town Council Seat that was vacated by Kirk Morris.
Christodaro has been a member of the Greece Board of Zoning Appeals since 2003. She is currently the Assistant Deputy County Clerk to Monroe County Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo. Prior to her employment with Monroe County, she was an accountant for the United Way of Greater Rochester from 1993-2000, where she was responsible for all accounts receivables, payable and the general ledger.

SCATS ~~ Was there a meeting tonight??



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Scats, don't be naive. This is Greece. We don't need meetings to confirm appointments. The republican caucus chose this person. There were probably 3 or more candidates for the job and they chose her. Let's not bother ourselves with the perception that this might not be democratic and looks like we live in an autocracy. Both sides do this when there is an vacancy. How well planned. She will have to run in November to continue for the rest of the term. Maybe someone will run against her. Oh wait. That would mean the democrats would have to activate some unknown to run. So she is in for the duration. And who cares anyway. I only comment so you will stop worrying about the spirit of the constitution.

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It was on the Agenda for the meeting on the 20th.

SCATS said...

To 5:07AM ~~ That was suggested before. The one little problem with it is that no one will know if their informal hearing was "successful" or not until early May. After that, the "formal" hearings begin. Are tophat and cumberbund required?

To 8:05AM ~~ I stand corrected. Your sarcasm is oh so true!

To 8:57AM ~~ Interesting ... I checked to see if there was an agenda the day before that meeting & found none. I wonder when it was posted ...?

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FUBAR to that, 3:16PM !

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These jokers are more inbred than a bunch of hillbillys!

Diana Christodaro is the Asst. Dept. Co. Clerk of Monroe Co. and worked under former Dept. Co. Clerk Kirk Morris (former Robach Chief of Staff), who was appointed Greece DPW Commissioner, which was a position once held by Ed Marrianetti, whose son, Monroe Co. Law Dept. employee Brian Marianetti, was appointed to fill the vacant Monroe Co. legislature seat of Rick Antelli, who lives on Talnuck Drive along with Diana Christodaro.

All appointments, of course, are decreed by Town Supervisor and Monroe Co. GOP Chairman, Bill “Uncle Jed” Reilich, who recently appointed Little Ricky Antelli, Jr. to the Town ZBA. Sounds like little Ricky has the perfect career path lined up!

I’m my own Grand-paw!!!!

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Anonymous said...

How do we get one of those Hubbard boys appointed to the COMIDA board???

SCATS said...

To 12:28AM ~~ Your comment was way over-the-line in terms of taste ... even if the situation fits. I'm not a fan of using physical appearances and the like for putdowns. These jokers certainly provide enough behavior-based fodder to keep us commenting for a long time, right?

Anonymous said...

BaxMan just BAILED.
Taxpayers of Greece must have cut the check for his latest Diploma.

Will Little Ricky become Public Safety Comish?

Greece is a SAFE town now.

Only The Shadow Knows.