Tuesday, February 11, 2014

BOE Meeting Revelations ...

Things That Make Me Go "Hmmm ... ?"

Revelation #1 ~~ Two PTA Good Deed Award recipients were given kudos for doing their "good deed" despite being subjected to ongoing "teasing" and mocking by their peers as they performed their "good deeds." Why on Earth weren't the students who were bullying and harassing them made to stop?

Revelation #2 ~~ The two student leaders from Olympia HS bravely told the BOE about their concerns that their school's security guard was "buzzing in" visitors without asking questions or checking ID. Instead of thanking them for bringing a possible safety gap to the attention of the BOE, Julia lectured them about making sure they go through "proper channels" at their school and "check their facts" before ratting out a district employee in public. Why on Earth would any student EVER AGAIN try to get a possible "wrong" righted given how this was handled by Mz Julia? Oh wait, I get it! They don't want to know about this kind of problem because it makes the BOE responsible for fixing it!

Revelation #3 ~~ Two Arcadia employees used "Residents' Forum" to promote a school activity planned in the building where they work. Why on Earth don't we rename this forum to what it has actually become? -  An extension of GCSD union time for talking to the BOE outside of the time already provided at BOE meetings for union matters.


Anonymous said...

The reason those two students went to the board is because they probably had already gone through the proper channels and nothing was done! Julia, did you ever think to ask that question rather than chastising them? No wonder the previous thread about you is right on target. Please go away! Let someone with some "proverbial b...s" take over and let's see if things can get done the right way.

SCATS said...

To 7:59PM ~~ She's soooo busy pandering to GTA she can't do what logic demands.

BTW, is she readying to run for some other office? She spoke about her involvement in some city group regarding poverty, etc.

Anonymous said...

I tuned in late , perhaps I missed something but I do not think I heard the superintendent speak at all. Is she out of town again? I have heard she is "at a conference " more than she is here.

SCATS said...

To 10:44PM ~~ You are correct. She was AWOL & Nelms sat in.

Anonymous said...

Since 2009, the BOE has been total failure and a disgrace.The time has come to stop bitching about it and start replacing the inept members who , as far as can be seen, are clueless as to their duties and responsibilities to this community and the well being of our school district.

This year, incubants Mc Cabe and Quirk will seek reelection. It's time to retire these failures and replace them with new members. Several people have obtained petitions. They should be given a chance to bring new ideas and meaningful over site to the board .So instead of sniping and complaining, let's get off our butts and elect new blood to the board in hopes of breathing new life in to the Distrct by holding their only employee accountable for the failures of her leadership. Forget about Julia, She simply should not hold her present position let alone be a board member.

As I recall, back in the day, she was a strong supporter of Steve Walts and Keller-Cogan calling them the best thing that ever happened in our school Distrct. You be the judge of her intellect and her reasoning.

She will give up the throne,crapper, next year in favor of Mc Cabe should he win. If you want Mr Personallity in charge next year try to imagine things being worse if that takes place. He has a political agenda beyond the BOE . He always has ever since he tried unsuccessfully two previous times to get elected to the board . He needs the position to complement his less than stellar resume.

Anonymous said...

Where BDW was per the district website:

Greece Central School District
Superintendent @BarbD_W invited to present GCSD leadership capacity and support initiative on national stage! #NCE14 pic.twitter.com/GSTAuoZYlU