Friday, February 28, 2014

One Arrested, Two Arcadia Students Hospitalized

Suspected of Taking Meds After Showing Symptoms

WHEC-TV : "A student* at Greece Arcadia High School has been arrested for providing some type of prescription medication to students on Friday.
School officials say four students consumed the pills. School officials say the students reported being lethargic and two students were taken to Strong Hospital. Police say their condition does not appear to be serious. Two other students later sought medical attention.
Schools officials do not know what type of pill was consumed, but school officials say they were prescription medications. Officials also believe the pills were taken at school."

* Andrew Goebel, 16 charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance & endangering the welfare of a child.

YOUR KID LIKELY HAS ACCESS TO COCAINE, OXYCODONE AND EVEN HEROIN through friends, contacts at school and extra-curricular activities!! These drugs are HERE IN GREECE, they're relatively cheap and widely available! You and your children are NOT insulated from this societal problem! TUNE IN ... before it's too late.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Local Couple REJECT Home Abutting
Brighton's Lighted Football Field
On HGTV's House Hunters
Mike Crisona ~~ "I'm a total sports fanatic, BUT I don't want high school football in my backyard on Friday nights."
SCATS ~~ As everyone knows, in real estate it's ALL about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Having such a facility for a neighbor certainly does NOT add value to a property. Even these rookie home-seekers realized that.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hee-Haw!! Nepotism With A Side Of Pennsyltucky?

Anonymous said...

These jokers (Greece politicians*) are more inbred than a bunch of hillbillys!

Diana Christodaro is the Asst. Dept. Co. Clerk of Monroe Co. and worked under former Dept. Co. Clerk Kirk Morris (former Robach Chief of Staff), who was appointed Greece DPW Commissioner, which was a position once held by Ed Marrianetti, whose son, Monroe Co. Law Dept. employee Brian Marianetti, was appointed to fill the vacant Monroe Co. legislature seat of Rick Antelli, who lives on Talnuck Drive along with Diana Christodaro.

All appointments, of course, are decreed by Town Supervisor and Monroe Co. GOP Chairman, Bill “Uncle Jed” Reilich, who recently appointed Little Ricky Antelli, Jr. to the Town ZBA. Sounds like little Ricky has the perfect career path lined up!

I’m my own Grand-paw!!!!  2/25/2014 8:31 PM

* Added by SCATS to provide clarity.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Reilich Picks 4th Ward Replacement

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich confirmed the appointment of Diana M. Christodaro to the fill the vacancy for the 4th Ward Town Council Seat that was vacated by Kirk Morris.
Christodaro has been a member of the Greece Board of Zoning Appeals since 2003. She is currently the Assistant Deputy County Clerk to Monroe County Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo. Prior to her employment with Monroe County, she was an accountant for the United Way of Greater Rochester from 1993-2000, where she was responsible for all accounts receivables, payable and the general ledger.

SCATS ~~ Was there a meeting tonight??


Sunday, February 23, 2014

BOE Meeting Tuesday, 6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation.


Instructional Program Budgets

Enhancing Professional Learning Data

Instructional Staffing Overview (Watch out for BIG reductions!)

2nd Qtr Report: Code of Conduct

2nd Qtr Rerport: Grade 2 Reading

GASA Contract Approval ~ Where's the cost analysis??


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8 is great :)


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fight At Greece Mall Wednesday


SCATS ~~ It's been a long, cold winter for ALL. Spring fever is expected to be extra virulent in Greece schools this year.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

RRFD Fireman Charged In Stabbing

Benjamin Deragon, 2

Suspended After Assault Outside Strip Club

 RPD charged Benjamin Deragon with second-degree assault after he stabbed 25-year-old Jason Brand, of Rochester. Investigators say Brand received stitches for a laceration to his mid-torso area.

Court records state that Deragon was with several others who together asked for a lift from three men leaving The Barrell of Dolls strip club. A repeated refusal sparked an argument that led to the stabbing.

Deragon pleaded not guilty in City Court Monday morning and was remanded to the Monroe County Jail in lieu of $5,000 cash bail or bond.

RRFD says Deragon is a firefighter with their district and that he has been with them since February 2012. He has been suspended from his position. The Ridge Road Fire District say they are cooperating with police investigation. In a statement, the district says “this will not affect the day to day operation of the fire district as we continue to provide emergency service to the community.



Monday, February 17, 2014

Are YOU Normal?


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Greece Residents: Assessments Are Too High

Some see $13,000 Increase;

Many Complain They Can't Sell Their Homes For The Assessed Amount

News10NBC’s Berkeley Brean ~~ “A lot of the people I talked to don't think they could sell their house for the preliminary assessment that came in the mail.”

“Well then they should come in a talk to us and we can go over the facts and figures with them.” ~~ Greece Assessor Leo Carroll

SCATS ~~ MANY homes aren't listed for the assessed amount when they are put onto the market, and that's without the proposed increase!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

BOE Meeting Revelations ...

Things That Make Me Go "Hmmm ... ?"

Revelation #1 ~~ Two PTA Good Deed Award recipients were given kudos for doing their "good deed" despite being subjected to ongoing "teasing" and mocking by their peers as they performed their "good deeds." Why on Earth weren't the students who were bullying and harassing them made to stop?

Revelation #2 ~~ The two student leaders from Olympia HS bravely told the BOE about their concerns that their school's security guard was "buzzing in" visitors without asking questions or checking ID. Instead of thanking them for bringing a possible safety gap to the attention of the BOE, Julia lectured them about making sure they go through "proper channels" at their school and "check their facts" before ratting out a district employee in public. Why on Earth would any student EVER AGAIN try to get a possible "wrong" righted given how this was handled by Mz Julia? Oh wait, I get it! They don't want to know about this kind of problem because it makes the BOE responsible for fixing it!

Revelation #3 ~~ Two Arcadia employees used "Residents' Forum" to promote a school activity planned in the building where they work. Why on Earth don't we rename this forum to what it has actually become? -  An extension of GCSD union time for talking to the BOE outside of the time already provided at BOE meetings for union matters.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Who Will Be The One Millionth?

< === It COULD be you!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Olympia Adding Grade 6

This* and much other business planned for
Tuesday BOE Meeting, 6:30PM
It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation.
*RECOMMENDED RESOLUTION: RESOLVED, that the Board of Education of the Greece Central School District approves the grade configuration change to Olympia from a grades 7-12 campus to a 6-12 campus for the 2014-15 school year and thereafter, beginning July 1, 2014.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

How Bad Can The Land Of Oz Get?

Anonymous said...
The school district is in worse shape than it has ever been. The super is underhanded and pulls the wool over Julia's eyes. She believes all the crap she spews hook line and sinker. From what I have heard from frustrated teachers no one including her own administration and grunt workers at her palace can believe what a mess she has turned things in to. Placing blame on everyone else to get the questions off of herself apparently does not get old with the board, they believe all the goods she is peddling . Everyone is too afraid to speak up and tell the board the truth so instead they just leave. I do not think it will happen but it would be refreshing if someone would be brave enough to speak the truth so their eyes could be opened.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Who Will Replace Kirk Morris?

Anonymous said...

SCATS any word on who is going to replace Kirk Morris in the 4th ward of Greece?

 SCATS said...
To 1:27PM ~~ I've heard nothing. I suspect they will plug-in another "yes man" (or woman).