Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Still Driving Despite 25 License Suspensions!

David Fouquet, 35
WHEC-TV reports: "Ontario County Sheriff's Deputies stopped David Fouquet just before 8 p.m. on Monday for failing to signal a lane change on I-490. Investigators say Fouquet’s license is revoked for multiple DWI arrests and he has a total of 25 license suspensions/revocations."
SCATS ~~ Another model citizen!



RochPlezInvstMore$inPubTrans*MajorIssue* said...

If this man was driving drunk again i guess i would understand the public humiliation this site is portraying, to me all im seeing so far is defamation of character. If I were you I think about exploiting the public transportation in this county, to me there's more of an argument in there rather than exploiting a innocent citizen we really no nothing about and from what i see is yet to be convited of anything?Thanks for all your hard work skeet skat

SCATS said...

To 6:16PM ~~ If anyone deserves "public humiliation" it's any person who EVER gets caught driving drunk! In fact, it should be charged as attempted homicide, IMHO, since EVERY DRIVER IS AWARE OF THE DANGERS!!

As for defamation, you should go back to playing lawyer on craigslist, where you came from. Lovely's waiting for you ;)

Anonymous said...

6:16 How stupid can you possibly be? Twenty five suspensions equates to at least 25 conviction of the state motor vehicle law. The fact is obvious. Law enforcement has done its job with this bum but the judicial system has failed as well as the bureaucrats that are responsible for this guy still legally driving in this state. A license to drive is a privilege in this state not a right. This guy needs to be curbed with some jail time to boot.

SCATS said...

To 10:21AM ~~ I think the judicial system may not be solely at fault here. As I recall, about a year or so ago, there was a media story about the number of "unlicensed" drivers on the roads around here and the estimated numbers exceeded 20,000 for Monroe County! Of course, you can revoke or suspend a license BUT it does not STOP some moron from driving. It's time to give some serious thought to impounding vehicles owned by the perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

I agree. back in my day, we removed plates from their vehicles after suspensions and no insurance violations right on the spot along with the license and registration.
This was the role played by the bureaucrats when they put a halt to this practice leaving us with the situation you describe today.