Thursday, January 30, 2014

Judge's Son Arrested, Media Mum

Greece Town Justice Gino Nitti's Son Arrested On 11 Charges In Dec.
Louis Joseph Nitti, 20

Criminal possession controlled substance with intent to sell.

Criminal posession controlled substance 7th degree.

Criminal use drug paraphernalia (scales) 2nd degree.

Criminal posession of a weapon 4th degree.

Aggravated unlicensed operation vehicle 3rd degree.

Motor vehicle registration suspended.

Unlawful posession of marijuana.

Controlled substance in non-original container.

Operate a motor vehicle without insurance.

Operating an unregistered motor vehicle.

Drinking alcohol in a motor vehicle on highway.


Anonymous said...

Of course there was no news coverage of the Judge's kid. Connections are everything. Just look at Releich's kid!

Anonymous said...

Let's ask good old Karen Magnussen why she failed to report on this. Greece cover continues.

Anonymous said...

There does seem to be a double or triple standard on reporting these things. If Lovey Warren's husbands record is fair game then this should be too.

SCATS said...

To 9:41AM ~~ I agree. His issue should have been uncovered BEFORE the election, though ;)

Anonymous said...

On a positive, he was arrested. Under the Rahn he probably wouldn't have or quickly released and not charged.

Anonymous said...

Warren's husband was convicted as a youthful offender and the case was sealed. The cop who leaked the info to Lonsberry probably broke the law.

Anonymous said...

How come you yourself didn't report it back when it happened? Stealing the spotlight from Davy V? Guess you are not as powerful as you think.

SCATS said...

To 11:59 AM ~~ How do you know it was a cop? Guessing?

Anonymous said...

It is now making the media rounds including the dumb and dumb paper. Karen M is playing it safe because the writer identified in the article is Staff Reports. She does that quite a bit to cover their behinds.

SCATS said...

To 6:22 PM ~~ How can I be "stealing the spotlight" when HE SHARED THE STORY to my Facebook page, or when I posted a link to his BLOG? If it weren't for us community BLOGGERS, so many stories (mostly scandals) would go unnoticed ;)

PS ~~ Where did I ever claim to be "powerful" ... except in your vivid imagination??

To 8:27PM ~~ I could say something about how much she has to cover, but I won't go there lol

Anonymous said...

I'm betting a whole US Federal Reserve Dollar Gino ain't got the weight to get a certain retired RPD Detective/father of Greece cop/father of Convict/ sausage vendor to babysit his kid.

Joe learned his lesson about how fast Judges forget when his boy stood in front of the Judge he babysat for.

Will anybody remember next time Gino runs for office?

Sure didn't hurt Reilich, Dems didn't even run a viable candidate against him.

Anonymous said...

Blah Blah Blah, and i'm guessing those who have negative comments have the PERFECT kids right ? I highly doubt it. This can happen to any of our kids. So easy to judge others sitting behind a computer. Worry more about the pedophiles/sex offenders who prey on innocent children than the kids who make dumb mistakes. This can happen to anyone, regardless of what profession the parents have. Just because this happened to a town Justice's son doesn't make it breaking news. Find something else to gossip about.

Anonymous said...

When does the elected official's responsibility end for adult children. Age 20, 30 ,40? Are they responsible for nephews? Cousins? Neighbors? How many of you would quite their jobs if a relative was charged? Or as this page would suggest, even if they aren't charged but just rumors as in one case sighted here?

Anonymous said...

So when is the last time Rochester media (or Greece media, such as there is) made a stink about anyone pulled over in a traffic stop and subsequently booked for nothing but nonviolent possession offences?

The unusual thing here is not that the media didn't cover the story earlier, but that they are covering it at all. Contrary to Davy's absurd claims, our media cover no stories like this when the arrested individual is not otherwise newsworthy.

SCATS said...

To 6:50AM ~~ Re: "This can happen to any of our kids." Is that your BEST argument, really?? When it was Rahn's kid, all I heard was "The apple don't fall far from the tree!"

This "kid" is merely 20 yrs. old. Only 2 years ago, he was attending a Greece high school. Now he's cruising town at 1AM with a friend while in possession of COCAINE (among other drugs), SCALES (Can you say drug dealer??), BRASS KNUCKLES (I haven't heard of anyone using these in a very long time (outside of movies about the Mafia!), have you??) driving a vehicle that LACKS the proper paperwork ... Given these FACTUAL (NOT "rumored") circumstances, I'll bet my ranch this wasn't his first time touring the 'hood with his gear in the wee hours of the morning.

To 9:03AM ~~ I don't differentiate between electeds & us peons except to say that electeds should work to be the best role models thay can be. As for responsibility for children, as a parent, I don't believe we ever truly stop being responsible. They are our kids!!

WHERE did anyone call for someone to "quite" their job??

To 9:56AM ~~ I'm not going to argue the other bloggers claims. I'm sure he is quite capable on his own.

As for how newsworthy this is, I'd compare it to Rahn's kid Chad and all his escapades, Releich's kid who was receiving unemployment benefits while working at the county airport and several dozen other stories that MADE HEADLINES ;)

Anonymous said...

A Greece police spokesman said he was treated like any one else.

Do we normally not release arrest information to the press for other people??????

Anonymous said...

SCATS....I for one never said "apples don't fall far from the tree". So, YES, that is my best argument on this can happen to any of our kids. Those glass houses can shatter at any time, people need to be concerned on what happens in their own family and not judging others. While I truly understand how the charges can concern any person, I guess it takes knowledge on how there is much worse out there. Brass knuckles compared to 9mm or an altered automatic weapon to cause significant injury pretty much puts this in perspective. Just because this happens to be an elected official's son, does not make his father a bad person. While trolls out there wrongly assume this was hush hushed, should be leery of KARMA, as how would anyone else feel about their family business being broadcasted like someething is being kept a big secret. Oh, wait, I forgot, so many on here have the PERFECT kids. Yeh, sure, don't we all wish. This is not newsworthy, people need to stop judging. I'd worry more about my own family and not others, as things happen to find a way around to bite those in the rear end by a higher authority than a news report, internet blog or anything else on this earth. Just my opinion

SCATS said...

To 10:41AM ~~ GREAT QUESTION!! I will say that I am surprised, but also pleased, that Gino Nitti at least talked to reporters off camera. It sounds as if he did the right thing about informing the court (in Greece) about the issues. GPD on the other hand had NOTHING to say, yet again. Todd must REALLY want a city job, he's been mute for so long!

To 11:11AM ~~ When it comes to glass houses, we've worked really hard to build with something far more substantial in this family. Whatever happened to raising children with the notion that bringing shame to the family and family name was/is something to be avoided by choosing appropriate behaviors? We find it to be a worthwhile endeavor, unlike the mamby-pamby libs who seek to shed all responsibility for how their progeny behave both before and after residing with their sperm and egg donors ... who too often don't bother becoming an actual family these days.

Of course it IS newsworthy! Even YOU are sounding-off about it.

Anonymous said...

9:56 Brass knuckles and tasers are for violence. Scales are for weighing the grams of drugs as they are sectioned off for sale. Of course maybe he is baking and using a European recipe which has the ingredients in weights/grams instead of cups and teaspoons etc. You usually don't weigh drugs when it is for your own use. Maybe dividing it up for friends and family? Probably not.
Although you may consider "non-violent" drugs and paraphernalia for the commerce of drugs and accessories for protection in the commerce of drugs(or encouragement to pay what is owed), it is not nonviolent. Drug dealing from the manufacture and wholesale selling right down to the street, where prostitutes are paid in drugs because they are addicted and homeless, is a culture of violence. Pimps are not very nice to their workers. There is no workmen's comp for injuries sustained working for the drug industry. This sounds like a traffic stop that (probably surprisingly to the cops) involved felony arrests and the accessories of drug trade and violence.
Sure it is not up to the news to check for family connections with arrests unless it for tabloids and inside edition-type shows. Let's hope this is a wake-up call for this young man so that he will find help for his addiction and stay away from this life and his soon-to-be former associates. He will need the support of his family since this is a family problem. And he will need to get away from here for his own future success.
And we will all have to look out for his clients as they drive under the influence and burglarize and attack people to feed their habit.