Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Needles In The Haystack" ...?

STORY # 1 ...

Last week, members of the Rochester Fire Department’s Engine 19 crew stationed at the Lake Ave. firehouse aided 1st. Lt. Chris Hawkins (home on leave) who lost an engagement ring in the snow at Ontario Beach Park. After an hour-long search in the dark, the ring was found in the snow by the sidewalk by fireman Bob Hall.  

“But gosh they wouldn't give up, they would not give up…they were like we want to find this thing for you, we really want it so they weren't going to give up.” ~~ Chris Hawkins

STORY # 2 ...

This week, Greece police led the search for 89 yr. old William Brodner, who wandered away from Fleming Point Retirement Home. Brodner was described as 6 ft. tall and weighing 175 pounds. Sadly, he was found dead in a nearby enclosed porch, likely a victim of hypothermia.

“We had volunteers coming from Troy, outside of Albany, we had volunteers from Livingston County, we had volunteers from Wayne County, NYSP put their helicopter up for us, all on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,” said Todd Baxter, Greece Chief of Police.

Other media reported they also had police dogs, the MCSO, the DEC and other agencies, but reportedly turned down local volunteers who offered to help.

SCATS ~~ I can't understand how the second story could have such a tragic outcome given the use of so many different resources, including dogs! Did the PD go house-to-house in this search? Did they visit the house where the body was found? Why didn't they use all of the volunteers who offered to help?


Anonymous said...

NONE, not a single one of the volunteers were members of a Government Entity Employee UNION collecting OVERTIME on holiday rate.

Ever notice how many agencies and UNION members become invaluable at the weakest excuse of a job on weekends and Holidays?

It's called BROTHERHOOD of the Badge because they are UNION Brothers, screwing the taxpayer. What does it cost taxpayers for a Brother's funeral?

What does it cost taxpayers because IAFF forced volunteers out of the Fire Departments Vols built?

Anonymous said...

4:03 PM. I wish I had a clue to what you are saying

Anonymous said...

4::03 I would like to draw your attention to beautiful song that I always believed should be our national anthem . It's title is AMERICA AMERICA . I would draw your attention to the second verse. America, America, God shed his grace on thee, and crown they good with BROTHER HOOD from sea to shining sea"

There's a lesson to be learned there as it was brotherhood that made America strong. In today's reality, the lack of
BROTHERHOOD will lead to our eventual demise. It's attitudes like yours that will surely contribute to that fate.

Anonymous said...

4:03 the actual name of the song I believe to be AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL

Anonymous said...

Volunteers were available 12/24, FD waiting for PD to lead. Waiting another 24 hours probably cost this man his life

SCATS said...

To 10:38AM ~~ I'm sure you would also agree that "lesson" led to the TOTAL DEMISE of the city of Detroit, right?

To 10:43AM ~~ Correct.

To 12:48PM ~~ Many on Facebook have stated either they themselves or others were turned away from offering help. I agree with your conclusion.

Did the cops actually go house-to-house??

Anonymous said...

Let's all gather around the Super Piano at Greece Central (if it can be found) and sing rousing old songs of the days of America The Beautiful, and We're in the Union, The Mighty MIGHTY UNION. Gosh, it will be so joyful as the UNION Piano Plunker thumps away at the keys, and the UNION School Custodian jingles his ring of keys simulating a tambourine.

Darn, we won't be able to include any Christmas music because somebody might get offended.

FACT- Skilled and qualified search dog teams were kept from possibly finding an old man freezing to death, because UNION cops screwed around.
FACT, Volunteers were prevented from searching for an old man freezing to death so UNION cops could gain overtime.

FACT, reality is rarely fun to see in Greece, NY but it is reality every damn day.

We now return you to the Singalong Dreamers in the Walmart parking lot.

Anonymous said...

Scats please Detroit bit the bullet. Becauseof corporate greed taking away living wage jobs which resulted in a reduced tax revenue base as they sent all the car manufacturing to Mexico and beyond. They went bankrupt because they allowed their infrastructure to crumble into a dump. Dumps do not generate property tax income.
Regarding the meaning of brotherhood, you and others on this site have a limited interpretation of the meaning of that word when it comes to a civilized society.. Brotherhood is the act if embracing your fellow humans in brotherly, take care of each other as you would look out for your own attitude.
You have taken the true meaning referred to in that song into some thing to be hated like Union Brotherhood, police and fire brotherhood. They are the only ones in this instance that practices the true meaning and intent of the word by looking out for each other as if they were all family. This is sadly missing in the rest of our present day society where "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY, AND I GOT MINE AND SCREW YOURS ATTITUDE.PREVAILS. A fatal viral outbreak that will eventually turn America into one
huge Detroit reminiscent of the rise and fall of The Roman Empire . SO SAD.

SCATS said...

To 4:26PM ~~ Yes, oh please!! Like Kodak, Detroit sent good paying jobs to places like Mexico and beyond! Kodak did it due to some very poor mgmt. and their desire to line their pockets by "cutting costs."


Pretty much the same motivation and outcome!

BTW, Kodak CONTINUES to cut jobs ... post bankruptcy!!

Anonymous said...

Don't agree All together different set of circumstances. It would appear that the only way to satisfy you union and cop haters is for all municipalities declare bankruptcy so we can deny public employees pensions. He'll, let's Do it.. Then let's see How many of you cowards would put your life on the line for $7.50 an hour with no benefits as a cop or firefighter. My guess would be not one.No cops no firefighters = anarchy and Armageddon What's that.? Really! No more taxes for union benefits you say! How about no more nuttin,!

Anonymous said...

I see Hank is visiting again. He's the GPD union of the unions anyway. I am surprised Baxter hasn't muzzled him. The man is a loose cannon.

SCATS said...

To 6:34PM ~~ I always look forward to nearly illiterate rants from my detractors. It makes my job here sooooo much easier :D lol

To 8:26PM ~~ Who is "Hank?" What do we need to know about him?

Anonymous said...

I would like to draw your attention to the obit for the late Mr Brodner in Sunday's D&C and the request by the people that really count,his family, as they requested that all donations be made in his name to the Town of Greece Police Department.

Anonymous said...

Your talking about 4:03 right.. Probably not because of the hateful attitude any thing goes here and rates an A +.

SCATS said...

To 1:45PM ~~ The bereaved do not make sound decisions, thus the advice for those who suffer losses to not make big decisions too soon.

To 5:40PM ~~ Who are you asking? Related to ??

Anonymous said...

They're not the only ones who don't make sound decisions. Just read some of the comments posted here for proof. Scats,pretty lame reasoning here. How would you know their rationale for making that decision.I just hope no one tells them what factor was prime in influencing their decision according to your opinion. No matter, like I said earlier, it was their decision to make such a request by those who count, family , not by the union , cop hating few who spew their venom under the vail of secrecy afforded them on this blog. Real heros!!

SCATS said...

To 8:47PM ~~ Your opinion that my statement is "lame" is merely that: an opinion! And everyone knows what that means. As for my statement, it is a well known TRUTH.

You wouldn't recognize a group of "real heros" if they smacked you in the keister ... or your "vail."

Anonymous said...

Hank is the auto accident recreation expert on Island Cottage Road. Biggest ego on the planet worse than Baxter.

Anonymous said...

Having just read "Fairwell to Hairburger" and the Puff Piece on Officer Chip world's greatest search dog, in the Quarterly TOG mailing, I have to wonder if volunteer searchers were held back so Officer Chip could prove his ability the third time.

Sure looks like Chip crapped out on #3, and an old man froze to death.
Maybe Chip was locked on doughnut location duty.