Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baxter: Talks About RPD Chief

YNN Reports:

A change in city leadership will bring a change in the person wearing the biggest badge at the Rochester Police Department. 

Chief James Sheppard's retirement takes effect at year's end, and mayor-elect Lovely Warren has a decision to make.

"If you give a good sense of direction, the police officers, as you see day after day, get it done," said Chief Todd Baxter of the Greece Police Department.

As a former city cop, Baxter is familiar with the challenges the Rochester Police Department faces.

"People gotta sometimes put themselves in the shoes of the police officer. They're being critiqued 24-7. They risk their lives and sometimes give their lives for what they're doing."

The name most widely linked to the city chief's job has been Cedric Alexander. The one-time interim chief is now a chief of police in Georgia. Baxter worked closely with Alexander during his time here.

"He's a leader. A natural born leader. He's a bold person willing to make decisions. He loves policing. He loves leading police officers and giving them a sense of guidance and direction, so he's a good chief."

Warren tells us she has reached out to Alexander, but has also interviewed several other candidates. She says she'll make a final decision next week.

Baxter says whoever gets the job, there will be challenges. The key, he says, is establishing quickly exactly who's in charge.

"The biggest challenge is coming in and establishing your standards right up front. It doesn't matter if Cedric Alexander comes in or someone else, there's gonna be change."


Anonymous said...

Baxter is definately looking for a job. He's talked to the press more in the past two weeks than he ever did as chief in Greece. If Alexander offers him a job, he is gone. and you now what , not many of the cops will will shed a tear if he goes. He's useless out here. Question is, what does Reilich do to replace him. He can promote from within or bring someone in from the outside. My monies on the out side from the Sheriffs Department, like Captain Helfer. Or from the State police like Captain Mike Cerreto or how about eliminating the chiefs position and hire a Public Safety Comissioner. How about Maggie's Husband, Weisner,You say no, they wouldn't dare. WRONG!!!
Their arrogance knows no shame.

SCATS said...

To 3:02PM ~~ I hate to say it, but are right about their arrogance. Oddly, you are bringing up some of the exact same names people mentioned when we were looking to replace Rahn. UGH...

Anonymous said...

Probably no chance we could swap Baxter for the current RPD Chief and have a MAN who knows his ass from a hole in the ground.

Anonymous said...

Cedric Alexander turned down the RPD Chief spot. There is hope yet

Anonymous said...

Looks like our chief didn't make the Lovely Warren cut. Isn't that lovely?

SCATS said...

To 10:12PM ~~ I agree with 9:55PM. I see this as a hopeful sign.

Anonymous said...

9:55 Actually there was a bidding war and the city of rochester could not compete with his present new position monetarily. It appears he didn't say no. He said "hell no with what I'm being paid here. Can you beat that? No? So I am staying here"

SCATS said...

To 11:23AM ~~ You are correct. And just like when Greece Central did their "nationwide search" for a Supt. they hired from a podunk district right in our backyard! RPD via Lovely could do the same. There's still hope for Baxter ;)