Thursday, December 19, 2013

Auberger Tells Lonsberry He Would Serve Again

He's "had a good time ..."

"Maggies' done a good job ..."

"I'm a Conservative and proud of it, but we need to stop acting like Democrats."

SCATS ~~ OMG!!! I always knew he reads Scats!!)

It seems as if Auggie is getting his memory back, because he stated that he DID meet with Parrinello regarding the hiring of Gary Pignato! It must be a Christmas miracle!!



Anonymous said...

He would serve? RULE gain
"It's fun to be the king"
"Maggie's always does a good JOB I should know"

Anonymous said...

do you have an audio of this?

Anonymous said...

Did you happen to notice Ray DiRaddo on one of the scam LDC Boards? Ever wonder why Ray has lost all his partners and is now solo????

SCATS said...

To 1:11PM ~~ Sorry, but no. I'm not aware that Lonsberry's show is recorded ... anyone?

To 3:39PM ~~ I did notice.

Anonymous said...

So the "serve again" is in reference to the answer to Lonsberry's question about his filling Maggie's stilettos when she ends this term? Without taking a pause he said "yes". Will this never end?

SCATS said...

To 6:19AM ~~ When it comes to Auberger, he reminds me of the spots in The Cat In The Hat Comes Back ... no matter how many "little cats" are employed to clean them up, the pink spots remain! We really need a "Little Cat Z" who can unleash some "VOOM" to rid ourselves of this stain ;)