Monday, November 04, 2013

Reilich Mailer Hijacks Beebe Endorsement


 Dick Beebe for Greece Supervisor

The Democrat & Chronicle endorsed Dick Beebe for Supervisor, but his opponent’s literature suggests that the opposite is true.  The campaign mailer carries a pro-Reilich headline, is followed by a quote lifted from last week’s endorsement of Beebe, and features the newspaper’s logo… creating the impression that Reilich, not Dick Beebe, had been endorsed.
“I was speechless when I saw this,” said Supervisor candidate Dick Beebe. “The editors of the Democrat & Chronicle were quite clear in their endorsement of me.”
The quote is lifted out of context (see image below) from the next-to-last paragraph of the Beebe endorsement editorial. The one sentence quote is complimentary to Reilich. However, in context, it was followed by this sentence: “That’s welcome, but not enough.”

"Closed, clubby & corrupt" continues

D&C Editorial: The two candidates running to replace longtime Republican town Supervisor John Auberger make many of the same promises: Both vow to change the less-than-welcoming format at Town Board meetings, empower Town Board members to speak up and challenge, and set aside political ideology in making appointments.

The difference is, one candidate makes these promises from outside the Republican Party that has abetted governance that has too often raised questions of chumminess, and the other is that party’s local architect.

It is for this reason that Democrat Dick Beebe earns the Democrat and Chronicle’s endorsement for Greece town supervisor.

That the big issue in this race is change is no surprise, given the town has seen its share of well-documented scandals during the tenure of Auberger, who is stepping down due to term limits.

Added to such mismanagement is an all-Republican Town Board that critics say is not responsive to the general public.

It is time to clear the air, and Beebe, a former Monroe County legislator and onetime mayor of the village of Homer in Cortland County, has the plans and experience to do just that. His platform includes establishing an Office of Integrity, opening up meetings and the budget process to more public participation, and establishing advisory committees to tap townwide know-how.

He pledges to emphasize experience in selecting town employees and would establish more far-reaching efforts to publicize opportunities to bring some much-needed diversity to town ranks.

Republican candidate Bill Reilich likewise vows to make diversity a priority — in fact, both candidates embraced involvement in this newspaper’s Unite Rochester campaign to solve racial and economic inequities. And Reilich says the right things about the need for more openness in government operations.

But he should have been saying them earlier. As Monroe County’s Republican Party chairman, Reilich helped elect the supervisor who has headed an administration that all agree has been too clubby. That appearance of putting party ahead of the public is troubling.

And while he insists he’s not a career politician, Reilich has been a state Assembly member for more than a decade, before which he spent six years on the Monroe County Legislature.

Reilich’s conservative credentials and tax-averse voting record speak for themselves, and he offers a specific vision — particularly in areas such as economic development. That’s welcome, but not enough.

Beebe may not be a flashy politician, but what Greece most needs now is a steady and trustworthy leader with no ties to the unpalatable governance of the past decade. It needs a leader who will put the interests of all town residents first. Dick Beebe makes a more compelling case for being that leader.


Anonymous said...

You gotta admire that level of clever & sneaky.

Dick's wife called tonight to tell me how wonderful Dick is. She didn't know I remember Dick from RG&E.

The Republiclown himself called earlier.


Anonymous said...

Has everyone been getting the recorded calls from the candidates? Both sides. From toll free numbers.
I think we have all made our choice. Let's not worry about the D and C endorsement. Let's not worry about confusion about the endorsement. If there are die-hard republicans and people that think they are still voting for that nice man at the picnics and concerts under the tent, they will vote for Reilich. If there are people that think we need to have some real change and stop being ashamed of saying we are from Greece, we will try by voting for Beebe. In fact to make it easier all my friends are just voting for democrats even if we are considered conservative and republican. There is nothing more conservative than being able to say you are able to really observe and be a part of the democratic process and government business that is not hidden. The only way to get some change in Greece at this point is to vote Democrat. At the national level the opposite is true but let's stay focused on the local for now.

Anonymous said...

Dick Beebe, a "steady and trustworthy leader?"

He lied about Reilich's voting record according to a bipartisan group Beebe himself brought the issue to, and then sent out a mailing lying again.

So far, Beebe hasn't repudiated the mailing even though the pledge he signed states he must.

That's not very "trustworthy."

Anonymous said...


Just one reason of many, why a politician exposed to dirty and deceptive politics in Albany should not be hired to come back to local politics in Greece.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here! Typical Republican Leader (REILICH ) last minute dirty tricks. I predicted this in an earlier post that something like this would take place.Its Reilich's aka, THE PENGUIN tactics as usual. Take a cheap shot on Saturday and leave no time for your opponent to respond with a mailing or complain to the worthless campaign fairness group. A press release is useless given the fact that very few people subscribe or read the D&C fish wrapper any more. Besides, their endorsement can have a negative impact with the voters.

Anonymous said...
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SCATS said...

To 1:11AM ~~ So in effect you will be endorsing the status quo, since this is Greece.

To 9:09AM ~~ Excuse me but the Republicans didn't call it "lying" when they got caught doing it in years gone by! They didn't repudiate the dirty rotten last-minute tactics they pulled. In comparison, Beebe is an altar boy, and YOU know it ;)

To 9:55AM ~~ I couldn't agree more! We saw this tactic used in full form when Maloney ran against Auberger. Remember the "devil" mailer the Reps put out to cast a negative view on Maloney?

To 10:24AM ~~ Coming out where??? When?? If I don't hear anything specific by the time the noon news is done, your comment will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

I tire from reading and hearing about the "party". I vote for a person based upon their management experience, communication skills and a desire to serve the public. The emphasis on political affiliation is a distraction from the core issues we face in our community.

Vote for the person, not the party.

SCATS said...

To 3:21PM ~~ In Greece, it's ALLabout party, just ask Relich! ;)

Anonymous said...

So many party bosses are supporting Reilich as the "change" that Greece needs. He will bring Greece back to the "greatness" it was. Get us back on the "right track". How can these party bigwigs on these recorded messages have any credibility? To endorse him for these reasons would mean the party bosses would be admitting that we have been on a crooked path the last 13 years or so. They do not admit that. They are silent on what it is they want to "change". As if we would even believe them. They would have to admit that they too are ashamed to be associated with the corruption and court cases and affairs and scandals and crimes of the last decade under THEIR leadership. THEIR control. THEIR power. THEIR unanimous position on the town board. So they say he is the "change" Greece needs. Until they admit that there were problems, they have not acknowledged the problems. And as Dr Phil says...if you don't acknowledge there is a problem, you can't get better. The Dems realize the power the way it is now is a problem and only "real change" can have a chance to fix it. Let's give them a chance. Vote for Beebe and company.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you there is not one world power. If you are elected (something the Dems have very little experience at) you oversee those decisions. So a State Assemblyman has not much to do with the decisions that a supervisor makes. They don't all meet in secret once a week to plan the weeks activity's. They are not community organizers.

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to bet that Reilich had no interest in hijacking Dick's D&C endorsement.

This particular newspaper endorsement means nothing and clearly had no impact on the election.

Dick still got pounded!

SCATS said...

To 9:07AM ~~ Do you have ANYTHING to do aside from deluging this BLOG with your pro-Republican blather? Oh wait! I know!! You also send out REPEATED name-calling comments about the Dems then complain how they don't get posted. The election is over. MOVE ON.