Thursday, November 07, 2013

Greece Elects Founder Of Maggie's LDC!


It's time to re-run an old favorite BLOG :) 
Which Greece Politician Is Connected To Maggie's Latest Scandal? (click link to read older BLOG)

These snakes are involved... the Corporation filings at the Dept. of State were later changed to Harris Beach and Raymond DiRaddo - removing Bill Reilich's name, who now tries to punt and says he "sold" the business... more like as soon as FORBES started investigating them in 2005, they covered it up, but still used the corporation to do the bidding.  Shall we also check to see where the "Security Company" Reilich owned billed their business receipts to?  Rumor has it that individuals with drug problems, unfit for working in the Monroe County Sheriff's office and other GOP controlled towns were allowed to continue to work for Reilich's security company so they could get a check, and they could be used as tools in the game of control these morons play...


About Bill Reilich     

Bill Reilich - proud founder of Upstate Telecommunications Corp.
​Bill has been nearly a life-long resident of the Town of Greece. He attended Greece Schools and has chosen to raise his family here as well.

Bill was a former small business owner of over 28 years, Bill founded Upstate Alarm in 1975 which soon grew into the Reilich Corporation, which included Upstate Alarm and eventually expanded to include Upstate Patrol, a licensed guard agency and Upstate Telecommunications

(Note: SCATS has a screen shot of Reilich's web page and other sources just in case it gets scrubbed sometime soon ;) )


Anonymous said...

if this is true why wasn't it raised during the campaign to counter claims of openness and honesty

Anonymous said...

And yet again, this is why you and the Greece Democrats will continue to lose in this community.

First you will need a rudimentary understanding about the difference between a "business" and a "corporation."

Upstate (not United silly) Telecommunications was a business Reilich owned and sold to the Doyle Group after he became an Assemblyman.

Upstate Telecommunications CORPORATION is a completely separate entity. It's not a business. It's a corporation and it was created by a guy named Michael Townsend, not Bill Reilich.

You must really hate facts when they get in the way of your fabrications.

Spend just a wee bit o' time finding out the truth before you promote a falsehood.

Maybe you guys will actually win a race sometime.

SCATS said...

To 12:36PM ~~ It was right there on the BLOG since 2011 for ALL to see. Maybe you didn't want to believe??

To 1:31PM ~~ Yours is one of the very few postable comments received today. Your friends believe that calling people foul names somehow proves them to be "right" ... but it doesn't.

Your idea that Upstate Telecommunications Corp "is not a business" is completely ludicrous! By definition, a corporation is: "a large business or organization that under the law has the rights and duties of an individual and follows a specific purpose" ...

Your comments PROVE NOTHING, not one, single damn thing. But then, we'd hate to see facts get in the way of your diatribe ;)

Anonymous said...

An LDC cannot be owned. Hence Reilich could never have owned it as you want people to believe. Per your own previous thread this had already been covered.

Perpetuating false information over and over doesn't make it true.

Anonymous said...

Check your facts, Reilich had a DBA upstate telecommunications center the business in question is a corporation upstate telecommunications, INC. The DBA is on file in the county clerks office the corporation is filed in Albany. One has nothing to do with the other. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Proof please. Just because there are two things on this planet that happen to have the same name (shocking!) proves nothing.

I can see why you have comments that you can't post because of language.

If you spread unproven rumors about me, I'd be very angry too.

Good thing you can hide.

Anonymous said...

M+ky earlier comment did not refer to your blog post but to the democrats. They knew their was an investigation of LDC's If Reilich had some links to LDC's they should have raised the point as part of their open government campaign.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that you've begun to correct some of the misinformation you originally posted. You're almost there.

I had no idea you did it the opposite way...

Post incorrect information with not proper verification then begin a long, drawn out process of getting the correct info. and rewriting the original post.

Have you worked for the Democrat & Chronicle?

They seem to do it the same way.

SCATS said...

For those of you who still do not know:

I usually (key word) do NOT post comments containing name-calling, insulting people about physical appearances, using swearing and other such juvenile crapple.

I also do NOT post comments that focus on me, my identity, my character, my family, or on the BLOG.

SCATS said...

To 9:12PM ~~ Sorry, but Reilich WAS listed as the "OWNER" back in 2011, just as I first posted about it back then. In fact, the link to the Board of Directors on the older BLOG still takes you to the current Board's listing, where DiRaddo's, Feroce's & other names are STILL LISTED, just as in 2011! Look at the top of the page and you will see it is called: "Upstate Telecommunications Corporation" and just below that it says: "".

I have screen shots of ALL of this, just in case anyone tries to make it disappear ;)

To 1:53AM ~~ Sorry, but YOU are wrong! There was/is no such business named Upstate Telecommunications "Center."

To 7:53AM ~~ Please read what I just wrote to 9:12PM. It's ALL there for anyone with a working mind to see ;)

To 10:31AM ~~ I can't tell you why the Dems do, or don't do what they do or don't do.

To 10:34AM ~~ I have no idea what you are talking about. I stand by what I've stated.

Puppy Dog said...

It's pretty clear that Upstate Telecommunications(once owned by Reilich) and Upstate Telecommunications Corporation are two separate and unrelated businesses.
Upstate Telecommunications Corporation is a Non for Profit LDC established from scratch in 2004. It bears no relationship to the company once owned by Reilich, except for the similarity in name.
To try and create a connection where one does not exist is a little shady.

Anonymous said...

SCATS you are wrong. upstate telecommunications center was sold to bob castle at Parkridge exchange from Reilich in 2002. A check of the Monroe county clerks office will show this..Reilich had zero involvement in upstate telecommunications inc. Period. If you tell me how I can scan documents to you I could provide the copy of the two company's DBA and corporate filings.

SCATS said...

To 2:39PM ~~ Not as shady as the LDC though, right? LOL

To 3:49PM ~~ Email them.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to hear all this AFTER the elections and not just before when we could react to it. How long until we have another election???

Anonymous said...

I notice from your link to Boss Bill's website it says "Bill Reilich...knows how to create jobs." He certainly does! Here is his tried and true plan for creating jobs:

A. Promise your crony pals special favors if they give you & your cabal tons of campaign $$$.

B. Using the power of elected office, rig public contract bids worth millions of $$$ in favor of your crony pals! (i.e. UTC Contract value: $99 million, Navitech Contract value: $224 million). (one of the charges against Mr. Maggie was Bid Rigging btw).

C. With those millions of dollars (hard earned by the taxpayer BTW), your crony pals hire the children of your cabal members, other family members who can't get real jobs, impressionable young polysci grads who become indoctrinated into the political machine, etc.

Now THAT's JOB CREATION... Monroe Co. Republican Style!

Anonymous said...

@11:47 - Prove Reilich was directly involved in supposed bid rigging or admit you're a hack from the democrat party making unfounded accusations.

Take all the time you need. We'll anxiously await your facts.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the Non-Profit Upstate Telecommunications Corporation. It was created in June 2004.

Since it's a non-profit, there is no owner, only a managing board. Here's the link to the board:

In addition, Reilich sold his business when he was joining the State Assembly to Doyle Security Systems in May 2002. He no longer owned a business at this point. Since May 2002 comes before June 2004, there is no way he could be owner of something called Upstate Telecommunications Corporation, created in 2004.

Here's the link to the announcement of the sale:

If people really care about the truth, they simply need to search for it.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you refuse to post post comments which don't back up your false claims.
Excellent job, you must be very proud of yourself.

SCATS said...

To 2:24PM ~~ I find it amusing that YOU feel the need to "help" Bill at this late date. Where were you with your "proof" when the original post was made in 2011? Maybe it's getting too warm with Maggie's hubby doing the perp walk ...? I'm standing behind what I've posted, since the only link that no longer works as it once did is the one attached to Reilich's "ownership" on the original BLOG.

To 3:25PM ~~ What the heck are you p*ssing & moaning about?? Is it that I'm not quick enough at updating things for you?? Remember, I do this service for FREE!

Also, calling other posters names won't get your comments published, as I've repeatedly stated on this BLOG through the years.

I'm fascinated that no one seems concerned that our Town Attorney's name (DiRaddo) is still associated with the UTC/LDC/Maggie's debacle. Since Reilich is head of the party that's responsible for all of this, I still believe HE needs to make a statement, including one telling us himself about how he has nothing to do with UTC. The fact that he hasn't/doesn't/won't seems quite suspect to me.

Anonymous said...

What is your problem scats? You make accusations that you can't substantiate. Then you demand those you accuse to come here and price their innocence. Then people give you what you claim to want and you attack them and dump all over the information they give you. You have the facts. Believe them if you want or not. It doesn't matter anyways. Those you support lost this year just like they do every year. You're hopeless!

Anonymous said...

We also have not heard a comment from Beebe. He IS a board member of the LDC in question.

SCATS said...

To 9:08PM ~~ WTH does "price their innocence" mean??

I find it truly odd that someone like YOU would tell me that I can believe what I want, because it "doesn't matter anyways" and then you try to post comment, after comment, after comment arguing otherwise LOL

To 10:04PM ~~ Thanks for bringing that up.

Anonymous said...

Upstate Alarm was an overnight success BECAUSE Upstate was given all County & Greece alarm jobs.

Reilich took over alarms other contractors had bid and won, and NOBODY was allowed to look at Upstate's prices.

The question; Who is the man behind Reilich?

Second question; What were Reilich and Antelli doing in the pole barn all Summer?

SCATS said...

To 4:17PM ~~ I give up. What were they doing behind the pole barn? Whose barn is it anyways? Where is it located??

Anonymous said...

Reilich built a pole barn in ?Clarkson? to house his car collection.

He probably figured Greece wasn't safe enough, and too many eyes see him in Greece. He's right about having a place he won't be noticed.

Word is he has a really good alarm & CCTV system at the barn. Bet he didn't do the work himself.

SCATS said...

To 3:04AM ~~ Are you asking us? Or are you guessing? It's hard to tell.

Anonymous said...

90% sure it's Clarkson, might be Sweeden though.

Haven't bothered checking the County Clerk site. Might well be held by one of Bill's corporate entities.

Anonymous said...

Your stories are just that. A search in the MC clerks office shows Reilich sold all of his business entity's in the summer of 2002. So the story's of various activities beyond that point are just story's. Since two of the three businesses were licensed by the state when you close them they are closed!

SCATS said...

To 11:36PM ~~ Is that you, Bill? Why don't you come out and state it on the record so we can "correct" any misunderstanding?