Sunday, November 24, 2013

Greece Break-in Suspects Caught on Camera

Break-in suspects caught on camera - 13WHAM - Featured

Security cameras captured four men working as a team to break into a family’s home.


Anonymous said...

Any idea exactly WHERE in Greece this happened?

Anonymous said...

The story says Long Pond. There is a house owned by a Rich Stewart on Long Pond. It is near Edgemere Drive area. Probably the back yard neighbors are wildlife(pond)so a thief could work undetected. He had all sorts of surveillance setup but his security system did not detect that someone had entered his garage side door. Maybe he wasn't connected to any company. Better take care of that.Once the system is installed a years contract costs about 400 per year. We all should have that.
A proper system would set off the alarm after a minute or immediately if someone entered by breaking the contact. The alarm would go to your security company and they would contact the police. It sounds like that didn't happen. He had the cameras but no security. Nice camera system though. Good for spying on Girl Scouts and Jehovah witnesses. Unless he is also doing his own facial recognition program it won't help to stop the thieves. Morale...if you can't afford the whole system, set up a blinking red light to repel the thieves. And make sure they see it from the outside so they don't ruin your garage door. Unless you want to observe people outside undetected.