Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Greece BOE Rewards Clerk's Incompetence

BOE Creates Clerk Pro Tem Position
Question 1 ~ Is this a PAID position? If so, how much are we paying?
Question 2 ~ Since when does the GCSD Board Clerk do a lot of travel for district business necessitating this move?
Question 3 ~ Which clerk posted that an Executive Session was to be held yesterday? The BOE "amended" their agenda AFTER THE FACT to delete a meeting they never scheduled, never had!


Anonymous said...

You should ask Julia all these questions, she's the one who supervises the Clerk. Everyone at district office knows the clerk can do and say anything she wants because she's protected by Julia. If you're willing to be Julia's snitch you can do anything you want.

Anonymous said...

Why does the board clerk need to travel? I thought we were supposed to be saving money, we cut classes and positions but we pay for a clerk to go out of town. I guess if your BFF with the board president you can have free reign to do whatever you want whenever you want. No expenses spared.

SCATS said...

To 6:36PM ~~ As far as I'm concerned, Julia is accountable.

To 8:46PM ~~ I'm unaware that the BOE clerk had a need to travel much for business in the past, even the recent past. Whenever she was absent, a BOE member recorded minutes, if the meeting couldn't be rescheduled. This seems to be some sort of new chapter the current BOE is opening up. I'm sure it will cost us $$ too. It ALWAYS does.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the clerk was at a proof reading conference or a Microsoft office class. Take a look at the October 8 minutes, the District should be embarrassed to have them posted on the website. The clerk apparently does not know how to use a period, it is either missing at the end of a sentence or there is a space at the end of the sentence and then the period is out there hanging by its self. There is a motion that isn't lined up with the margin. And my favorite is under the heading Course Offering Guide it says the Strategic Plan is posted to BoardDocs, they reviewed the Course Offering Guide not the Strategic Plan.

This isn't the first time I've noticed errors but now that we have to pay for her to have a replacement, and pay for her to go "travel" for the Board it is more annoying then before. It must be great to get paid $50,000 a year to not be at your job and to be able to make the Board look like fools. Best job in the District, especially when you got all the protection you need from Julia.

Anonymous said...

What I forgot to mention in my earlier post is if in fact she is an AGCEPT member, and their contract has an Out of Title clause, she would be entitled to the hourly or per diem rate of that earned by the board clerk. If no such clause exists, the district would obligated to pay her at her positions hourly rate only.