Friday, November 15, 2013

Craigslist Post Blasts GCSD's Doctor About Special Ed

Greece Central employs its own doctor whose job it is to attend special ed meetings and badger parents. Said doctor also engages in calling the students physicians and providing a diagnostic opinion of the student and the students parents!! When said doctor has never met the student in person.

Said doctor stoops to low levels all to prevent seriously legally disabled children from obtaining services that would let them attend public school WHICH their parents pay taxes for. Rather these students end up home schooled because of said doctors questionable tactics and slander. As well as the harassment instilled on these families who are trying to care for sick children. These slanderous false diagnosis are also added to these students medical records when reported to their doctors by this district physician and thus tainting the student's medical record and inhibiting proper diagnosis and treatment by their actual REAL doctors.

Schools cannot legally diagnose students.
Doctors cannot diagnose people they have never met, examined or had as a patient. YET somehow this doctor they employ is doing this. I need not mention names and only say She because it isn't hard to visit the district website and find this persons name. And what she is doing is unethical and she's doing it on YOUR tax dollars!

GCSD punishes sick children for being sick. No other district employs a doctor or nurse practitioners to manage special education/medical accommodations for disabled children. Why does Greece?

Ask yourself that? And ask yourself what kind of district where "student learning is the goal" is more interested in pushing out children than helping them!

SCATS ~~ From the minutes of the Reorganizational Meeting held July 8, 2013 :

7.29 That Cindy Devore, MD be appointed school physician for the district for the 2013-14 fiscal year.


Anonymous said...

And your Surprised!!!

Anonymous said...

Now this is a situation you can blame on her good friend Ruby lips Julia. The 2005 board tried to get rid of this fraud in 2006. Julia as a part of the Boily mob saved her job by a vote of 5-4 .This fraud worked for several other districts including RH . And never was available. The school nurses did her job.
She is everything described in the article and then some.
Oberg knew this then as he was a member of the group that tried to replace her with a competent staff of pediatric practice doctors located in Greece at the corner of Long Pond and English Rd.

Anonymous said...


SCATS said...

To 11:40AM ~~ No, I'm not surprised.

To 7:51PM ~~ Indeed it is. I get private messages from frustrated parents often. Miraculously, the "cure' is to go to another district. The kids get services there! GCSD should be sued like that group of parents did once before.

Anonymous said...

Cindy Devore is the head of some national organization of school physicians. She has her own pediatric practice in Fairport. She is the school physician for Greece, Lyons, Churchville-Chili, Boces I, Palmyra-Macedon, Pittsford, Orleans Niagara Boces, Spencerport, Penfield, Brighton. Busy doctor. How much do we pay her ? Are the other districts paying her that much? How much time does she have to be in all of those districts? Does she have clones? Is it her or a replicant that is blowing off these families of students that have special needs in Greece?

Anonymous said...

That has Babs written all over it, you need to be looking at the right person, if you can find her. This is her way she fluffs up staff and puts more walls between you and her so she can blame everyone up the ladder and about time you get to her you are exhausted of your own complaint that you have given up and that's why she is still there and look at all the people who have left. We have a nickname for her called Turn over Alley,

SCATS said...

To 12:01AM ~~ You are correct. Her net is spread quite widely around these parts. It doesn't sound like she could possibly devote much time to Greece kids due to her numerous other responsibilities elsewhere. She must be the Wayne Van der Byl of the medical world ;)

To 9:48AM ~~ I agree 100% Babs NEVER takes responsibility for anything! She has said that is what we pay her underlings to do ;)

Anonymous said...

Wonder how legal providing diagnosis to student's doctors without HIPAA consent is or without ever meeting the student or parent? Since its not legal for schools to diagnose anyone to begin with.

Maybe they do need to be sued again, apparently they didn't learn anything the first time.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard, Dr. Devore moved to the taxpayes are paying her a huge salary to basically consult by phone..she can't observe kids in Greece if she doesn't live here!

Anonymous said...

Couple of interesting things.....She's still listed as employed by GCSD and Brighton Schools. If any Board minutes reflect her being replaced post them please do share.

I have talked with two parents that have had a problem like this with this doctor.

The problem is she is not actually observing students but only providing her diagnostic opinions sometimes in writing to the student's private doctors. These diagnosis she's making up are used to justify the district not providing accommodations under ADA/IDEA law. In one case the one parent has never met this doctor. In another case the parent only met the doctor once at a school meeting. But in both cases the Dr. did not meet, assess, evaluate,
test the student to come to these conclusion. She had never seen these kids at all.

That's the big problem.