Wednesday, November 20, 2013

As You Ponder Your Property Tax Increase ...


Anonymous said...
Heard this on Facebook...Any information on a standoff Friday night with 25 person standoff with a gunman in Greece? It took place in a neighborhood between English Rd and Latta Rd...nothing on the news about it?    11/17/2013 3:20 PM
SCATS ~~ Nope, nothing on the news about it ... or about a plethora of other newsworthy incidents in town if you happen to be concerned about your personal safety, or someone else's! For a taste of what you don't hear on the news, here's a tidbit from Chief Baxter's recent Community Info email to his homies:

Barricaded Gunman

Friday night at the beginning of 1st platoon's shift, East Rochester PD asked our assistance in making an arrest for an Aggravated Harassment. The suspect lived on El Mar Drive, and had a pretty extensive history of mental health issues and threats towards police, as well as firearms confiscations, we accompanied ERPD to the house with four units.

The subject opened the door and spoke briefly to ERPDs officers, then shut the door. The ERPD officers yelled for him to come out; he opened the door again, at which time he appeared more agitated. He closed the door a second time, then quickly reappeared with a long gun in hand. All officers reached cover; all GPD units were called to the scene, and inner and outer perimeters were established. An NYSP car responded, as well as MCSO units. Hyper-reach was initiated to alert area residents to shelter in place.

The subject apparently called family, as his brother arrived at the command post about half an hour after the incident began. Lt. Downs was able to contact and speak to the subject after gaining the brothers assistance. Approximately one hour after the incident began, Lt. Downs was able to get the subject to exit the house and surrender. As he was taken into custody, he did lunge at the deputies in the arrest team; MCSO charged him with Harassment and Resisting Arrest, and had a use of force. ERPD charged the subject with Menacing, as well as the original Aggravated Harassment charge.

No one was hurt. A second hyper-reach was sent to advise the end of the incident and shelter in place request. Gates and MCSO assisted in covering priority calls while our resources were tied up on the perimeters.


Anonymous said...
A friend lives in the Dewey/Stone area. Her son was accosted by some older teens and had some items stolen. She called the cops, they told her to get out of the neighborhood while she can, it is being taken over by gangs and housing prices are dropping. She is not in the position to move so I am concerned about her and her kids having to stay there.   11/20/2013 10:56 AM

SCATS ~~ Interesting to see what the cops will share "privately!" The truth is, they say anything east of Mt. Read Blvd. is the same as the City of Rochester now ... AND it's creeping westward.


Anonymous said...
I am confused. If the test covers what the students are supposed to learn in that class, why is teaching the test a bad thing? And what about the new curriculum do we not think is important?
I really am confused, not being sarcastic.     11/20/2013 9:48 AM

SCATS ~~ SHHH!! You aren't supposed to remember that the info covered by the test is CURRICULUM MATERIAL ;)


Anonymous said...
Last I heard, Dr. Devore moved to the taxpayes are paying her a huge salary to basically consult by phone..she can't observe kids in Greece if she doesn't live here!
11/20/2013 11:35 AM

SCATS ~~ While I haven't checked into this to verify it, would it REALLY be surprising to anyone to find out it was true?? No wonder Ch. 10's Berkely Brean reported that Greece's per pupil spending is around $17,000/pupil/year now! In NY State, we pay the HIGHEST TAXES IN THE COUNTRY driven by school tax bills and in return for our financial support, we are stuck with the WORST PERFORMING SCHOOLS IN THE NATION!


Anonymous said...

Part of the city creep in Greece can be blamed on the big name realtors who after the owners are not able to sell their house, buy them at a steal themselves. They in turn with minimal investment in the property, rent them to the city dwellers thereby becoming the biggest SLUM LORDS in Monroe county as.well as Greece. GREED knows no boundaries with these types

Anonymous said...

raising property value is standard operating procedure or the phony we don't raise your taxes republican scam and skim operation

SCATS said...

To 1023PM ~~ If it made SOME sense, it would help! How can several houses in my neighborhood that sold for more around the time I bought mine now be worth so much less? And vice versa! And no, these are NOT rundown properties.