Saturday, November 30, 2013

Are We Getting What We Are Paying For?

Attending Greece Central Schools costs approximately $17,000/pupil/year, a cost that continues to rise.

Are we getting the RESULTS
we want and expect?


Charlie Hubbard said...

Anyone who thinks there is a relationship of 'cost' and 'quality' within the public education monopoly is a fool.
You need to do no more than read the employee contract(s) to find educational expectations attributed to financial reward - I'll save you some time - you won't find it. At Greece central you don't even have to come to work to get a raise.
These worthless, do/nothing, give/away contracts are not the fault of the unions - they are however 100% the fault of administration and school boards who approve them - yes even to the point of being unread and definitely not understood of the financial impact.
These contracts are what drive the cost of school districts up and I have yet to see one that addresses educational improvement.
So, are we getting our monies worth? - only a fool would say yes.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the standardized "core" will begin to show what our students do not know and need to know before they leave high school, Hopefully the performance year on year will show if the teachers are being successful. It doesn't seem that it would take a genius to create a score for the students coming in to a class (from their previous year's performance and the compare their students' performance on this year's tests. If the students improve, the teacher was successful. If the scores drop, the teacher was not and the raise should reflect the results. It should not be the total reason for a raise or not, but it sure as shootin' should count. Of course, if the union doesn't like it, they can refuse to sign the contract and the old one stays in force, but that's the way the game is played, isn't it? One side seems to have the rules, the other has the penalties.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it.the glory days of Greece Central are over . The answer is fairly obvious to me. I am told that the class rooms in our primary grades, reflect the. Looks and
atmospher of some of the worst. Performing City School Distric t schools.
Under these conditions, some of our best teachers would have a difficult time getting good results.
In my opinion, the District needs to do three things to even have a chance to improve performance .
First, stop hiring young teacher right out of school.
Recruit older tenured teachers form other successful districts even from outside the area,
Start recruiting male teachers. Over 95% are female teachers and administrators at the present time.

Lastly and most importantly ,get serious about ridding our district of the illegals, estimated. To be somewhere North o f. it is this group that tends to disrupt and cause the behavior related problems that exist. PLAIN AND SIMPLY ITS TIME TO GET TOUGH AND TAKE BACK OUR SCHOOLS FROM THOSE WHOSE ONLY GOAL IS. DISRUPTION AND MAYHEM .GCSD's " Ostrich approach" has to stop!!

Anonymous said...

$17K per kid isn't reality. Average and gifted students get much less. The bulk of the money gets eaten by the "special needs" groups. The students who could soar are funded at the lowest common denominator possible. Greece parents need to wake up!

Anonymous said...

Dear Superintendent BDW and the Greece Central School District. I found this letter online and although the state and the school district is different, the sentiment of many teachers is written in the following lines. Please read it carefully because many teachers have had enough.

Please read the following letter from a teacher.

Now, I know that many teachers still love to teach and it is never late to right a wrong. Bring Greece Central School District back to its glory days. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Listen up people:
I've got enough crap to deal with already. It's Holiday Party Season, cookies, lunches, bottles & bottles of liquor, new car brochures to look at, and I have to pretend to be civil to idiot employees and annoying parents of love trophies.

Now this Hubbard guy starts throwing crap. If he was so good why didn't he solve problems when he was on the Board?

If that ain't bad enough I can't even go to Wegmans without running into another embarrassing GCSD graduate.

I know GCSD is a craphole, if it wasn't I wouldn't have this job. My track record in Podunkville speaks volumes, I should be lucky to have any job. Fortunately, I have a contract. The fools on the BOE signed it, and I am the Golden Girl!

I don't have to deliver, and I WON'T!
Pay your TAXES and shut up!

Happy Holidays

SCATS said...

The opinions of 1:41PM are posted here merely for their comedic tone coupled with the belief that laughter truly is the best medicine :)

Anonymous said...

Dear God Puttitat, are that many GCSD teachers and administrators reading the blog you now find it necessary to point out truth is comedic?