Friday, October 25, 2013

Town of Greece Wastes Tax $$s

Today, a friend gave me a heads up that the Town of Greece was busy cleaning streets in a certain residential neighborhood. When I had a chance, I took a drive to check it out. Sure enough, I spotted a red street cleaning vehicle with the town's emblem on the cab of the truck. Around and around and around the streets in the subdivisions the driver went, sucking up leaves many had obviously blown/raked/mowed into the gutter on purpose.

The question is "WHY clean the streets today??" ... especially given tomorrow's forecast which calls for very strong gusty winds from 5AM to 6PM. What a huge waste of $$s!!

Maybe the Republicans are trying to convince us that they really can "clean-up Greece."


Anonymous said...

How about driving down a street when you are not even cleaning it 3 times in 2 weeks to stop at house for 30 min......this was 2 months ago.....hmmm

Anonymous said...

He was in my neighborhood this week. This truck works every day in different parts of the town especially at this time of the year. the reason LEAVES IN THE GUTTERS. Leaves in the gutters plus heavy rain showers equals clogged storm sewer catch basins which leads to flooded streets ,yard.a.nd possible basements, This relatively inexpensive necessary function actually saves money . If the sewers clog, the towns Sewer Department may have to be utilized to unclog badly clogged catch basins and laterals .Nothing new here as this practice has been employed by the highway department for many years

SCATS said...

To 4:32PM ~~ Sounds like a different type of "service" was rendered.

To 6:43PM ~~ I've lived in the same house for 2+ decades and the Town of Greece has NEVER cleaned the street in the fall. They used to clean it every spring, but that practice seemed to stop several years ago.

As for leaves in the gutter, it's about time the town start fining the folks who purposely mow/heap their leaves in them, instead of picking them up & disposing of them. This is especially true of the landscaping businesses.

Anonymous said...

Reilich will fit right in wasting Greece taxpayer money. I about hit the roof when I got his mailer that said his "plan to enhance our quality of life" would "Provide more free and low-cost programs at our Town library and community & senior center."

FREE programs!?!? I thought Republicans were supposed to be good capitalists?!?! Anyone with an ounce of economic understanding knows that there is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH!

This is proof that Bill Reilich, as LEADER of the Monroe Co. Republicans, doesn't REALLY care about the taxpayer. What he cares about is using the power of political office to give out free crap with OUR MONEY for their personal benefit! This goes for all of the leaches... Morris, Antelli, the list goes on and on. All blood suckers.

BTW... I immediately thought of that "Swipe 'Yo EBT it's Free" video when I read that mailer. LOL

My stomach turns when I see Reilich's chubby mug every time his mailers arrive. Does anyone else agree that he could double as George from Seinfeld if you put a round pair of glasses on his porkchop face?

What makes me even more depressed is that because I run a business and need to support my family, I have to submit these comments as "anonymous" out of fear of retribution. Well... thanks for letting me spout off SCATS. You are providing the #1 community services in town by giving me the outlet to vent.

SCATS said...

To 10:03PM ~~ The truth about the "free programs" at the library is that they use a group of "volunteers" trained through Greece PTA fundraising to collect books from the unsuspecting populace. They tell the public that the books will be sold at their annual sale at the mall in January.

In reality, the books are gleaned and the creme de la creme are put up for sale on Ebay to turn a HUGE profit. Next, a list of book dealers are called and given dibs on purchasing anything thought to be of better value. Then the library bookstore restocks its shelves with books they can sell for considerably more than $1. Only the crapple makes its way to the mall book sale. In this way, the Friends of the Greece Library have been providing well over $50,000 worth of "free services" to the library in recent years.

Of course, this is a part of our Town's well known dysfunction: making people fundraise and pay for services that should be provided through the taxpayer funded budget.

Anonymous said...

I live in that area. The town subcontractor s recently completed putting new side walks and gutters on our street prior to it being paved by the town. When the subcontractor left, they left behind pieces of concrete in the gutters and streets. When cars went by, they kicked up the debris and concrete dust some of which ended up on our lawns . One of my neighbors called the town to complain and was told they were planning to send the vacuum truck in to take care of the problem which they routinely do upon completion of the work. I'm happy to say they did it last week.

Anonymous said...

Agreed that the leaves and crud get in the grates and cause the streets to flood with downpours and melting in spring. On our street we take responsibility to clear the grates near our houses.We make sure the fire hydrant is visible. I know it's not a requirement but it helps. Also in the winter we make sure the snow that is cleared from our driveways doesn't block the sidewalks. Especially if it is the year that the sidewalk plow comes on our side.
Maybe the streets that are getting cleaned in the fall are ones where the owners are getting older and can't do those extra tasks. It's voluntary but it helps. Our street does not seem to be cleaned in the fall, only in the spring. Any other contributions from other observers? And be careful when you are doing anything near the street. In the winter even if you are clearing your drive you could get hit by a car that skids or is texting.

SCATS said...

To 6:14AM ~~ Sorry but no recent work of that sort was done in the neighborhood I was referred to. Nice try though, lol.

To 7:08AM ~~ In my area, the YOUNGER people are spewing leaves, grass, etc. into the gutter of the road with their mowers & blowers. Then they leave it there, instead of picking it up. I think they should be fined.

Anonymous said...

Will Bob Duffy get charged for applying for the RBA job? He can not lobby for two years after leaving state office. Even applying is a crime. RBA is considered a lobbing position.

Anonymous said...

Sir or Ms, are you calling me a liar? I certainly would know about what goes on on my street and resulting circumstances . Wouldn't you agree?Since in your original post, there was no mention of the specific area you were"referred" to.Its obvious to me if you visited that area, it was not mine. Perhaps if you would care to share with me the location you claimed to have checked out,it might clear up the discrepancy you alleged in your rebuttal to my claim.
For the record. I do not take kindly to your insinuation that I was a liar, even if the word was absent your intent was clear.This coming from someone I do not know and obviously has no Idea who I might actually be.

SCATS said...

To 7:51PM ~~ Let's see ... in your first post, YOU PROCLAIMED: "I live in that area." Now you want to know if I'm calling you a liar when it's obvious you don't know what was being discussed in the original BLOG??? For the record, I'm calling you a whackadoodle.