Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Residents "Appreciated" Beebe's Forum

Many aired their concerns about town government in Greece

Dick Beebe and his running mates wanted to hear from residents about their experiences with town government in Greece. The forum, which was open to the public, took place at Town Hall this afternoon. Approximately forty people attended.
After a brief welcome, Dick Beebe opened the floor to residents. Several people spoke, on topics ranging from snow removal, to flooding, to problems with police, to conduct of Town Board meetings. The common thread among all of them was frustration that Town departments and elected officials were unresponsive to their concerns.
“The people of Greece deserve to be heard, and we provided an opportunity,” said Dick Beebe. “People told me it was unlike anything they’d ever experienced at Town Hall before.”


Anonymous said...

I was there it seemed well attended and lively. It was not simply attended by the usual suspects but had people from different sides of the political spectrum. I could not tell if there were any local media there

Anonymous said...

If you can't tell if there were cameras in the room they you were either not there or you kept your eyes closed the entire time.

No media and it was the same democrat candidate supporters that follow this circus around wherever they go.

The Democrats are blowing it yet again this year. Thanks a lot for the weak slate guys. Ugh!