Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Greece Dems Complain About Reps Funding

Greece Dems file complaint on Republican campaign irregularities

Republican candidates Barry, Nitti & Antelli received significant support which was kept secret

The Leader of the Greece Democratic Committee sent a written complaint to the New York Board of Elections yesterday, asking for action on three Republicans who failed to disclose significant funding for campaign expenses. Timely disclosure of gifts and expenses is required by NY Election Law.

“These gifts and expenses should have been disclosed no later than September 20th,” said Dave Garretson, Leader of the Greece Democrats. “Hiding this required information from the public is illegal. I have written to the New York Board of Elections, bringing this serious breach to their attention. I expect penalties to be imposed.”
Three Greece Republicans competed in a September primary for the Independence ballot line. Each of them displayed lawn signs and sent mailings to voters. At least one mailing originated from the Monroe County Republican Committee. No expense for signs and mailings was disclosed in pre-primary or post-primary filings, by any of the candidates or the county committee. Full disclosure of expenses and gifts is required by NY Election Law.

David Michael Barry, Gino Nitti, and Rick Antelli are the Republican candidates who failed to fully disclose their campaign finances to the New York Board of Elections. Report filings for the primary were due on August 9th, August 30th, and September 20th .

Barry and Antelli filed their reports, but did not report their biggest expenses, lawn signs and mailings. The signs and mailings seem to have been donated to candidates by the county committee. The county committee filed no reports. Nitti filed no reports, and has not filed any reports in over three years.

“Sadly, this is how the Republicans campaign for office in Greece, and it is also how they govern,” said Dick Beebe, candidate for Greece Supervisor.  “The voters have suffered through enough secrecy and high-handed behavior from the current office holders. When elected, I will open all aspects of local government to public scrutiny and participation.

“People deserve leaders who are open and honest. Under Bill Reilich’s reign, the local Republican Party is a House of Secrets. We have no reason to expect better from him at Town Hall in Greece.”

Republican Party Chair Reilich is running for Greece Supervisor. Ironically, Reilich promotes himself as the candidate of “Openness, Transparency and Accountability.”


Anonymous said...

From the law. Political Action Committees must file reports if they make a direct contribution to a specific candidate. However, donations in support of a candidate requires no report. . Operative words; CONTRIBUTION, DIRECT DONATIONS. Sorry Dave, but you have no standing. They use the word DONATION IN their operation that the county committee has employed for years in Monroe County. It's legal.

Anonymous said...

Mr Garretson ,I understand your strategy . When you lack money, use the press to damage the opposition. Your latest effort is a prime example. However, you pulled the trigger to early. If I was in your position and wanted to create an issue regarding openness vs secrecy , I would have waited until Halloween to make this kind of accusation. In doing so, you have accomplished two things. First they would not be able to get out a mailing in time to refute your charge. Secondly, they would be forced to respond using the media to defend their action, leaving doubt in the minds of some.
Unless I miss my guess, the presses on State St are humming with another mailing dismissing your accusation . Timing is key to this kind of an election tactic to have the desired effect.

Anonymous said...

Garretson should resign. It would at least give the Greece Dems time to revamp and reorganize. He hasn't got a clue as to how to win a seat in Greece.

Anonymous said...

Don't look now, but your favorite representative of the Greece thunder is back in the Greece post again. As with most write-ups about team members, you'll find his toward the front of the publication :(

SCATS said...

To 3:54PM ~~ Yup, I noticed that little nugget of info.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness to Dave, He jumped into the leadership vacuum created after the 09 election when they got skunked in an election they should have one with some good people running. With all the scandals, this would be their best chance to win in Greece in the last three decades
All the so called leaders like Maleca, Fidele inc failed miserably and quit. Its my understanding that all the candidates that ran and lost, left the party in
discussed over the way the campaign was run. Afew of those would have made good leaders but opted for the sidelines.
You have to give Dave credit for trying but in all honesty, he just doesn't have the right combination of candidates and money to compete in Greece.

SCATS said...

To 11:21PM ~~ As I recall, he was running the election in '09 too.