Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Candidate of “Openness" Hides $$

Press Release: Oct. 15, 2013

Republican Party improperly funded Greece campaigns

Dick Beebe questions why Barry, Nitti & Antelli received significant support which was kept secret

Republican candidates in Greece received significant funding for campaign expenses which they did not disclose, a violation of NY Election Law.

Dick Beebe, candidate for Greece Supervisor, pointed out that Republican candidates clearly received funding for campaign signs and mailers during the September Primary, then failed to disclose the transactions with the Board of Elections. The mailings originated from the Monroe County Republican Party, who also failed to disclose it.  

“Bill Reilich’s Republican Party is hiding campaign funding, in clear violation of New York law,” said Dick Beebe. “Full disclosure of how money is used in campaigns is not optional… it is a requirement. This is a serious violation of New York Election Law.”

Three Republicans in Greece – Gino Nitti, David Michael Barry, and Rick Antelli – competed for the Independence ballot line in the September primary. They each benefited from substantial expense for campaign mailings and lawn signs, items not disclosed in their campaign finance filings for the primary. 

These violations of Election Law could result in penalties up to $10,000, plus criminal charges.

“People deserve leaders who are open and honest, said Dick Beebe. “Under Bill Reilich’s reign, the local Republican Party is a House of Secrets. We have no reason to expect better from him at Town Hall in Greece.”

Reilich is running for Greece Supervisor. Ironically, Reilich promotes himself as the candidate of “Openness, Transparency and Accountability.”


Anonymous said...

House of Secrets? This from The Garrettson's current political play toy. Bet Dave and his wife would be quickly appointed to chosen positions if Beebe was elected. Neither Garretson is cut out for Constituent Services. Dave's been known to tell more than a few lies himself. Election Day can't get here soon enough!!!

SCATS said...

To 9:22AM ~~ Let's refocus back to the REAL ISSUE: Breaking the law regarding campaign finance.

Anonymous said...

It's important to remember that that republican candidates do not do I fundraising. The Town and County republican parties Political Action Committess or PACs control the fundraising as well as the distribution of financial funds for signs and mailings for all candidates. Candidates are never given actual cash for signs and mailings. The PAC does it all. So each candidate does not have to set up a private account for the purposes of monies collected, spent or on hand. It's a convenient way to circumvent the law as only the PAC has to file and does not have to disclose the amount it spends on each candidate only the aggregate amount raised, spent, on hand.