Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Beebe Challenges Reilich To Debate

Bill Reilich and his Republican running mates have avoided answering questions at public events with Democrats.

“It’s time for Bill Reilich to quit hiding and start facing the voters,” said Dick Beebe. “I will go any place at any time to meet voters and answer their questions in public. I challenge Bill Reilich to join me at an event run by a neutral and impartial third party, such as the League of Women Voters.” 

This evening, Reilich and his Republican running mates were unwilling to appear at a Candidate Night sponsored by Dewey Corridor Neighbors. Reilich’s associate, Greece Republican Leader Jerry Helfer, previously sent an email citing the event’s Q & A format as the primary reason Republicans would not attend.

A scheduled October 20th candidate forum sponsored by the Holy Name Parish was changed to “no questions” after Republicans objected to the original Q & A format. Democrats will attend.

“We accept all invitations, said Greece Democratic Leader Dave Garretson. “Unlike our opponents, we do not dictate terms to those who host events. Our candidates are eager to meet the voters and hear their concerns. Voters deserve the opportunity to compare candidates side by side, ask questions, and size them up. That’s the American way.”

“We want to hear your concerns and answer your questions,” said Dick Beebe, “Now, and after we are elected in November.”


Anonymous said...


The tough guy Democrat candidate approach.

I got a question.
WHY can't Democrats round up and run a full slate of candidates for Town Offices?

Good god man, this is the second Town election in a row Democrats have a chance to win, you know, actually get elected, and you're MUFFING it too.

Here's another question.
Do you know how many pissed off voters there are in Greece who would vote for a candidate other than Reilich or Antelli or Morris?
How about your silly want to be Party gets off it's duff and puts up a slate that doesn't look like they were pulled off the intake line at a funeral home?

Here's another idea.
CAMPAIGN like you have an idea of the duties of the office you're running for.
Dust off your memory. Drive over to Brighton and ask Democrats there how they ran Republicans out of Brighton.

Anonymous said...

In the first place, republicans in Greece will never debate or attend an event where people get to ask questions, Why ?It's really very simple. THEY DONT HAVE TO! Those pissed off voters you talk about will still vote them in because it is heresey to vote for a democrat no matter who or what he looks like or has to offer. That's just the way it is in Greece. With regards to Brighton don't make me laugh , please. In this case it's comes down to an intellectual difference in the residents of that town as compared to Greece. They simply had enough and decided to throw out the Reps in favor of the Dems. In Greece, we generally are not smart enough to do that and break the mold with CHANGE.
Secondly, the Greece Dems are like a loosing sports team.because no matter how good you are, if your part of a loosing team, you will play like a loser in turn.

SCATS said...

To 9:45AM ~~ I disagree with: "we generally are not smart enough to do that..."

In Greece, it's ALL because of fear! If you don't follow the puppet master, his clowns will hunt you down and punish you.

Anonymous said...

Come voting day I'm the only one who knows who I voted for, the puppetaster and his ditto marks weren't looking over my shoulder.

Greece Democrats are the loosing team because they stink on ice at running any sort of opposition to what is in place.

Honestly neither side is worth a damn! It comes down to the devil you know -v- the devil you don't know, and that generally turns out with people going with what they know.

20 years back a lone woman with no political experience, no funding, and no political party rubber Roger Rabbit's nose in the dirt taking 17% of the vote for Supervisor. She got off her ass and campaigned.
SHE spoke to business groups and HAD issues to address as well as a plan to address them.

Last cycle we were treated to the UNION candidates from the Democrat Party. Frankly I don't have to look far to see how well UNION THINK has worked at Delco, Rochester Products, Greece Central and a number of other places.

NY is 50th in States when it comes to good places to start, let alone run a business, and Greece well may be the worst town in the State for business. The only startups in Greece are either covert home businesses or restaurants with COMIDA money.

We've got municipal out the ass though and taxes and fees to choke you. You damn sure can't have a festival in Greece because even after you pay UNION cops and UNION firemen and possibly a UNION ambulance to stand by, a flashmob from the city will show up and destroy the festival while the cops suck coffee.

Greece Police Dept is a JOKE. All they can do is wreck cars and write traffic tickets.

Instead of attracting new business and creating work Greece has Zoning & Building Departments laboring diligently to discourage business. That's probably for the best because GCSD damn sure can't create a basic entry level worker.

Gates damn sure seems to be able to encourage business to open, Greece has empty buildings and abandoned stores.

AND Greece Democrats can't find candidates or issues to campaign on.

Gee, I wonder why people who still bother to vote go Republican?

Anonymous said...

Single party rule is always a disaster. The Greece Republicans arrogantly do whatever they want since they have held the reins for about 70 years. The Democrats are fielding several strong candidates this year and if people would come out to meet them they could find some good alternatives to the party faithful Republican candidates. If folks would quit bitching and go do something about it you could begin to fix it. It is way past time to get some political diversity in town government.

SCATS said...

To 12:25PM ~~ Because they are INSANE. When you continue to do what you've always done & hope for different results, it's called mental illness.

SCATS said...

To 2:18PM ~~ Amen!

Anonymous said...

Scats, it's statements like that that convince people to think they have something to fear if they disagree with local government officials. They, to use your words, " the puppet master" feed off that long held misconception to hold on to power. This is not to say that they are not capable of being intimidating because they have done this in the past. This will only end when people in this town show some back bone and call their bluff and standup to them . There is nothing super human about these arrogant twerps. They breath, bleed and defecate like the rest of us. That's what they did in Brighton.Until I see this happen in Greece I will continue to question the intelligence factor of the Collective in Greece .

Anonymous said...

If Beebe wins his key staff will include Garretson and his wife. No new talent.

If Reilich wins nothing changes including Firkins and all those lazy asses at Town Hall.

Where are the truly independent candidates?

Anonymous said...

Their is no pure white. The democratic candidate will always be allied with some groups the complainer here finds offensive. It is a matter of the lesser of two evils here. I think today the dems are the far lesser evil

Anonymous said...

Here you go Scats. Check where Greece stands in the rankings.

Anonymous said...

Reilich is not the one to worry about, it's Antelli. He will be the Hatchet Man for Reilich.

Antelli was given this slot on the ticket to keep him from forcing a Primary Antelli -v- Reilich. Antelli backed down so his wife could keep her job with the County Clerk and his son was given a Job with RGRTA.

Antelli is a vindictive person, and will remain bitter he was put in place by higher authority. The Tax Collector job is barely part time so Antelli will use his position and knowledge to "get even" with a lot of people. If you ever annoyed Antelli you'll be on his list. He knows how to use Code Compliance and the Assessor to cause problems.

The only good side to Antelli running for tax collector is the County can stop paying him rent for his Leg office in his plaza.

I'll be voting for whoever opposes Antelli. I might even vote for Beebe if he'd publicly pledge to shed the Garretsons and not employ either of them in Town MisGovernment.

Anonymous said...

Please have at least one dem on board. Someone to give a little balance and let us know what is really going on.

Anonymous said...

Been thinking about this Supervisor race today.

I see a hell of a lot of Repub signs, many illegally placed, and didn't see any Dem signs.

So, the presumption becomes Bebee and the Dems don't care, and they ain't really running. Seems like I have 4 mailings from Reilich, not that I care that much for the man having known him when he was "in business". Who the hell is Bebee?
He's the invisible man!
Didn't he have a TV series years ago, or was that another invisible man?

At least last election the Dems pretended they were campaigning.
Who is running the show?

Seems like he only comes out in public when he's wearing his blue suit with his little "candidate" badge, or when he shows up at a TownBoard meeting to throw rocks.
Is there really a Greece Democrat Party, or is this just a Union PR stunt?

Anonymous said...

9:25 Signs are dodo. Mailings are essential . Both cost bucks. The reps got it the Dems don't . It's the key to winning elections. Regarding mailings, the idea is to get the mailings delivered during the week prior to the election. You can expect Reilich to send out at least two more mailings. The last will be an attack mailing demeaning Beebe. The reason for this is basic GOP politics. You can say anything you want about your opposition giving him no time to respond. The bottom line, Reps have at least 40K in their PAC while the Dems are lucky to raise 10 K and receive no help from Morrelle and the County Democratic Committee.

Anonymous said...

It seems the Democrats and the Republicans have a "non compete" clause when it comes to Greece. The Dems have candidates but the Dem party does not support their candidates. Why is that? It's like a truce. What do the Democrats get in return for this submission? The "non compete" reciprocation in the City? It's like playing Monopoly if you allow trades. "I'll trade St James place for Ventnor Ave". Republicans don't bother supporting their candidates (if any)in the city if Democrats don't bother supporting their candidates in Greece.

Anonymous said...

Greece Democrats, the excuse Party.

Get a clue kiddos, you damn near won the Supervisor race last time with a noncampaign and sorta candidate because I ain't Auberger was almost enough.

This time around I ain't Reilich won't get you that far!

Long & short of it is Put UP or Shut Up.

There are one hell of a lot of voters who have had their fill of the Greece Repub Machine, but they ain't going to vote for the I AIN'T candidate who doesn't campaign.
Candidate WHO is showing voters NOTHING!

Another brilliant Garretson misfire.

Anonymous said...

9:25. Not that way at all. The reps are too smart to wart to control the city with its enormous social and economic problems. Plus the numbers don't add up registration wise. They are too smart to spend a dime on a race they can't win.On the other hand, Greece is a cash cow for the Reps in the way of kick backs, play to play an a whole host of gratuities from those wanting audiences and favorable building and zoning decisions.
The Dems on the other hand have nothing to bring to the table when soliciting political donations for favors.Its tough to compete with a well oiled and organized political machine run by the reps
Simply put, the reps don't want the city but will do everything possible to hang on to Greece. The Dems have neither the money or boots on the ground to get out their ever increasing base on Election Day. No deals, just reality
Another reality of politics is this. THE MOST COMMITTED WILL WIN!

Anonymous said...

Greece voters, check this out. After a quick review of the state election law,the suburban town law and the public officers law, I have concluded that if he wins, Reilich will be able to substantially add to his classic car collection.
It would appear that Reilich will be able to retain three political position. Supervisor , State legislator and chairman of the Republican Party. Two of which are taxpayer supported.He would also be allowed to run his current private business. Three political pay checks and business profits. Not bad right! Proof of this lies in the fact that Morelle is paid head if the Democratic Party as well as a legislator.
The ability to triple dip on the public teet lies in the interpretation of two words in the law. COMPATABILITY AND INCOMPATABILITY. If the position are dreamed compatible , he can retain all three,
Here's the good part, the earnings derived from the public positions, will be counted toward his government pension. By my math, he would earn a combined yearly compensation of around 200K which would be factored into his pension account and payout 60% of that number in his yearly pension upon retirement.
It would also appear that Antelli will be able to continue to do hair as well as receive our taxes.
When you go to the polls, keep this in mind before you vote.

Anonymous said...

I disagree just a little. Even in my middle class conservative financial situation, I could afford a better campaign on my own than the Beebe camp is doing. Signs are sooooo cheap. You have to get on the phone or walk around and ask for locations. The dems are not bothering to campaign. They don't want to win in Greece. It's like throwing a fight. There is some payoff. And I agree about how they almost won that year. That would have been an accidental knockout. There is some understanding between the parties. Maybe some Dems are assured jobs somewhere if they play nice and have a terrible dysfunctional campaign.
If the Dems lose,(when they lose) some of us will have to attend the agenda setting meetings of the town Board, since they only discuss issues there. By the time the propositions get to the board meetings they are a done deal.
I wonder if political science academics have an opinion on firmly entrenched political parties within a community. Are all cities Democrat and all suburbs Republican? And is there really any difference?
Again good thread and discussion here. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Old Fart who has lived in Greece for decades, and I'll vote Democrat this year if Beebe will sign an Iron Clad Guarantee to eliminate the damn Wanabee PD and NOT allow these damn fools to have idiot runs on the road.

How the hell hard would it be to run in Bill Graces Dollar Making Sport Complex?

WHY do all the people too dumb to run on only half the damn road get to run on N Greece Road? Not a license plate on any of their dumb asses.

WHY can't they obstruct traffic on Long Pond and run around Town Hall Flats?

Damn fool Town is going to allow this roadblocking crap they could at least put a sign up ahead of time telling those of us who PAY TAXES we won't have access to OUR PROPERTY!

SCATS said...

To 6:55AM ~~ TY for the info. VERY interesting!

To 9:51AM ~~ Please do NOT assume that all Rep. signs are legally placed with permission. Many are not. I'm betting that not all cities are Dem.

Anonymous said...

Scats,here is an interesting opinion on the demographics and cities.

And I didn't mean to imply the republican signs were placed with the approval of the property owners. Many of them are placed on the town and state right of ways. I was just making the observation that there were hardly any democrat signs out at all. I would like to see a change here in Greece but it looks like it will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

6:55 You are dead wrong. When Reilich wins he will by law have to resign form the New York State Assembly on December 31. That's the law. Your interpretation is incorrect. Please get your facts straight before spewing as if you know. Supervisor and chair as Morrelle is chair and Assembly member.

Anonymous said...

The business owners are only to happy to see Auberger go. They are very supportive of Reilich. There for the signs you see at the businesses are by permission of the owner of the property (not always the business manager). Auberger has been brutal to business owners and they know Reilich supports business development in the business areas. He supported Walmart at Dewey.

Anonymous said...


Everybody go look quick!
There is a Beebe sign on North Greece Rd on the East side between Latta and English.

It's between a couple Repeal SAFE signs.

You better take the kids to see this before it disappears.

SCATS said...

To 1:56AM ~~ There are a number of his signs throughout my neighborhood and on my street.

Anonymous said...

bill reilich says all politics are national if you believe that then vote for him if you know all politics are local then do not whats up with the new england patriots logo on his campaign signs bob kraft should sue him

Anonymous said...

I - a registered Republican - just placed Beebe & Oberton signs on my lawn. Both the failure to appear at open candidate's night while declaring he wants open and transparent government and triple dipping (part time supervisor for full time pay and full time MC Repub Chair while running a small business) make me want someone else. Reilich is not fit to be supervisor. For Receiver, Ellen Oberton is well qualified ton do the job while Rick Antelli is noting but a politically connected hack. It's important this year to vote folks.

Anonymous said...

8:59 Jeromy Carter you are a registered Republican in name only. You keep your registration as such so you can say your group is balanced. You donated $100.00 to Dick Beebe's campaign. Who are you trying to fool. It's not working!

SCATS said...

To 10:08AM ~~ Get over yourself.

I'm independent, not aligned with either party, but if I find a candidate worthy of support, I'll open my wallet. What does that make me?

Anonymous said...

Ellen Oberton is only running because of Dave's wife. They work together at CASH. She has experience in financial software. ...that makes her qualified to be receiver of taxes. Only in the eyes
of Garretson.

So when we talk about favors in politics it runs on both sides.

Where are the true independents.

Anonymous said...

10:53 Where are the true independents? The world does not work that way. Even this Blog will filter what is allowed. Trash a Republican on speculation, it shows up. Democrats look unfavorable and it does not show up. Me challenging this here and I know this post will not see the light of day.

SCATS said...

To 11:01AM ~~ There are plenty of "unfavorable" comments posted on both sides. It's WHAT you say and HOW you state it that matters. Also, when I get three posts within a few minutes that are basically the same 7 words over & over, I won't waste my time playing that game.

As for "true" independents, there are no such thing! They could never win due to lack of funding & insider help.