Thursday, October 03, 2013

Barnard Park Reopens Following Assault

Greece police reopened Barnard Park to the public following their investigation into the beating of an 18 year old male Wednesday evening around 8PM.

The victim was assaulted at the end of a parking lot near a playground and suffered serious injuries.

Police believe others were in the park at the time.

SCATS ~~ Geeze! This sounds like a possible gang-related incident and it happened RIGHT UNDER THE NOSES OF GPD!! If you are not safe at 8PM in Barnard Park next to the Second Precinct office, then you are NOT SAFE IN GREECE, period!


Anonymous said...

Hope Baxter is opening an internal investigation into this immediately. This shows you how incompetent they are. Slapstick comedy 101.

Anonymous said...

If they are still operating under the same hours used at the Fetsner Rd location, then there is no one there after 5 PM. At 8 PM unless they return to the precinct for some reason, I would think it would be fair to say that all on duty officers are on service calls or patrol duties. What I think is unfair to say that this incident happened right under their noses because of the location of the incident and the proximity of an empty building . I also say it would also be fair to say that as a whole, Greece has become a less safer community in recent years and can only get worse as the evolution taking place in Greece is a reality. Gang related? Bank on it!

SCATS said...

To 1:57PM ~~ It turns out SCATS isn't the only one to raise this issue about how close it was to the precint.

Your comment is filled with assumptions based upon operating procedures from a number of years ago.

Phelan noted on the news today that in the past the only crimes committed there were related to vandalism. Times have changed, all the way around.

Anonymous said...

What's the point of having a police precinct location, if we can't bank on the police being there? So if you are being followed by a road rage person that is menacing you, or are being followed by an aggressive driver, or you are out and need a police officer and you show up at the Maiden Lane facility, they might not be there? Sometimes you just can't stop and call on your cell phone. The person coming after you would just break the glass and get you in your car. We are told to drive to the nearest police station if we are being followed or harassed in our cars. So is the Maiden location not on the list of places to run for aide? It would be terrifying to drive into that property only to be followed by an aggressor and hemmed in and trapped. Does anyone know if 1:57 is correct and that precinct is a 9-5 operation?

Anonymous said...

I know the precinct on Island Cottage Closes at 5 Pm If you call their number, you are directed to 911. There also is an outside phone box direct to 911. They are closed on weekends and Holidays. That doesn't mean there is not a cop in the building but the doors are locked as all civilian employees are gone.You need to use the call box.

Anonymous said...

There are no gangs in Greece. Baxter took care of eliminating all of them. Silly people.