Sunday, September 15, 2013

SCATS: Front Page On Google

Anonymous said...
When you put"greece central school district" in google of course their official website comes up first. But interesting that SCATS comes up 6th in the list. That's front page! That's SEI for you. Search Engine Optimization. Good work all of us....seriously. So when parents thinking about moving or teachers looking for a district to apply for a job will see SCATS.Then they can make an informed choice.
I don't think this was done deliberately by SCATS. It just happened providentially. We may have more vacant houses here as the elderly and boomers relocate. And the pool of candidates for staff may become diluted with undesirables. FYI this is worse than the city, Gates, east and west Irondequoit. Nothing remotely controversial until far down their 2nd pages. And even then it was just stuff like "lack of parental involvement" in the city and some residency issues in Irondequoit. (Apparently people want to go there and they get caught when they poach their services. We just let them stay).    9/15/2013 11:07 AM

SCATS ~~ To 11:07AM ~~ Thanks for noticing :) Over the years, the position has shifted, up or down by a few. I get many email from people who "discover" GCSD via SCATS on Google or Facebook. Nothing special done on my part though ;)

Thanks to SCATS readers for keeping the website VERY active!

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