Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Meet Me In The Parking Lot ... "

Press Advisory:

Dem. Dick Beebe excluded from neighbor meeting, will greet attendees in parking lot

Thursday September 19, 2013

6:30 – 7:00 PM

Lakeview Community Church, 30 Long Pond Rd, near Edgemere Drive

The Grandview Beach Neighborhood Association recently invited Democratic and Republican candidates to appear at their September meeting. Then, the invitation to Democrats was withdrawn. Republican candidates, however, are still invited to address the group tonight.

Greece Supervisor candidate Dick Beebe and fellow Democratic candidates Tim Holler (Town Board) and Ellen Oberton (Receiver of Taxes) will greet members of the Grandview Beach Neighborhood Association in the parking lot prior to the meeting. The meeting begins at 7:00 PM.

“We disagree with the actions of the neighborhood association’s leadership, but we will respect their decision,” said Dick Beebe. “We will not attempt to speak at the meeting. In order to meet the residents, and give them the opportunity to meet us, my running mates and I will appear prior to the meeting in the parking lot.”

SCATS ~~ Parking lot!? WHY BOTHER??


Anonymous said...

An utter and complete lie. Bill Reilich and Rick Antelli were never invited to speak at the meeting. Mike Barry and Kirk Morris were invited (as they are every meeting) to speak on town issues. That is it.

I attend these meeting and know exactly how business is conducted.

If Mr. Beebe is going to blatantly lie about this, I do not trust him to be honest about anything.

I'm sorry, I don't really get involved with politics but this just makes me made. The republicans aren't angels either, but this is just wrong.

SCATS said...

To 1:11PM ~~ I almost didn't post your comment since you FAILED to say WHAT is "An utter and complete lie." But that's how your type operate in Greece, isn't it?

Dave Garretson said...

Dave Garretson here.

To 1:11 PM --

I do not know who the group invited, and Dick Beebe never specified which Republicans were invited. He couldn't, because he did not know. The information was not provided to us.

This began when I received a phone call inviting Democrats to attend the meeting. There was no discussion of which candidates or offices would be included.

I was asked to respond with an email, which I did, for the purpose of providing names and correct spelling for the group's newsletter. I provided names of all Democrats who will appear on the ballot in that district.

The next communication I received was a voice mail message informing me that Democrats should not attend, but that Republican candidates would still address the group. I responded to the message but received no response.

If you do not wish to hear Democratic candidates, that is your privilege. I hope you agree that everybody should have the opportunity to meet all candidates at public meetings such as this one.

Anonymous said...

Dick Beebe was NEVER invited nor was Ellen Overton on the democrats side and Mr Reilich and Mr. Antelli were NEVER invited on the republicans side. Mr. Barry and Mr. Morris are NOT invited as "political candidates."

They are invited as ELECTED town board members who both represent this area and provide the residents with updates on town matters.

I apologize for the confusion. The lie here is the claim by these people that Mr. Beebe, Ms. Overton, Mr. Reilich and Mr. Antelli were invited as candidates to address the group. They were not.

And no one pressured the board of the association to "uninvite" anyone. Mr. Garretson, you were told that the Grandview Beach Neighborhood Association IS NOT A POLITICAL ORGANIZATION and does not engage in political activities in accordance with the bylaws.

You are politicizing this and are making a mockery of what GBNA was created many years ago for... the people who live in this area!

And worse, now people have received a mailing from the democrats stating that our leadership was pressured and that they will now be coming to the meeting tonight.

GBNA's main interest is what is going on in this neighborhood that affects the people that live in it.


This whole thing is despicable and makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Garretson, GBNA does not hold "public" meetings.

It is a sanctioned Neighborhood Association.

Please stop using our organization to play your political games.

SCATS said...

To 4:18PM ~~ I'm sorry, but I do NOT believe Garretson lied about the call he received, nor the info he provided, nor the fact that he later was told to "Nevermind." There's no reason why anyone would fabricate such a story. It's pretty well-known by anyone who watched the shenanigans from Auberger's last run that the Reps. will say and/or do anything to ensure they win by any means in Greece NY. Lying, cheating etc. is their game.

Anonymous said...

I attended the meeting tonight.

Rod Lowe, President of Grandview Beach NA, set the record straight.

Beebe was never invited to attend the meeting and subsequently was never uninvited.

Sorry, but I've believe a volunteer neighborhood president over a politician any day.

If there's a liar here, it's Mr. Beebe in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

SCATS I was at the meeting tonight. So was Chris Wilmont from Smug town Beacon. I heard the president and other members agree 100% with 1:11PM comments. In no uncertain words they said the Dems fabricated the story. No Republicans were ever invited and had no know ledge of this. There by laws prevent political activity. Yes Dave Garretson did lie and that is what everyone at the meeting tonight heard. Call the president up yourself if you want the truth or you can keep spreading the Bull. More dirty politics from the local yokel Dems.

Anonymous said...

This sin't about Dave Garretson lying, he's a political party boss.

This is about Dick Beebe lying.

Beebe wants to be Supervisor and lied about what really happened.

If Beebe claims he knew nothing about what happened, then he just believed Dave without checking into it himself first.

Either way, if this is how he conducts himself, it speaks to his character and shows me he should not be leading this town.

Thank you for letting us discuss this here on your site.

Anonymous said...

Advise for Garretson. Forget about the 1st and 4 th Wards. They are not winnable . Concentrate on getting out the vote in 2 and 3. Especially the third. Conlon is beatable as he has no record to run on except Auburger 's. It's doable if you concentrate on turn out in those two wards. The third could get your party a "foot in the door" and put an end to decision making agenda setting meetings that have been the hallmark of Auburger 's regime. This will make them discuss agenda items in the open format at board meetings if your candidate wins and makes enough noise. Board meetings would become more interesting watching these puppets wrestle with having to make personal public decisions on agenda items .

SCATS said...

To 10:10PM ~~ It takes two to "tell a story." Obviously, Garretson got a call about SOMETHING. Believe what you want, but this crapple certainly falls right in line with past behaviors of the Republicans.

To 11:13PM ~~ I have yet to hear Beebe say a word about this! Nice try though ;)

To 7:47AM ~~ Good advice, I think!

Anonymous said...

You know, the Reublicans do not have to resort to dirty games man ship to win any way, not in Greece. The same idiots that gave Mudburger four more years despite the fact that he reduced our town to Mudville,USA in the eyes of most residents in other towns in this area., will reelect their entire slate without dirty tricks. That's the reality of this regressive town. However, they cant resist slinging and dishing the dirt at their rivals. They absolutely delight in doing so until they vanquish them. Why.? Because they can and have the resources to do it. They just can't help themselves. It's not just about winning but shedding the blood of those who would DARE to oppose them. It's a classic example of weak character and Greece Republican politics 101.

Anonymous said...

Remember the town employees removing the maloney signs a few years ago? Republicans denied that too.

SCATS said...

To 1:49PM ~~ Sad, but true.

To 2:30PM ~~ Yuuuup!

Anonymous said...

most of you seem to lack understanding of the way your own town works. The exclusion of opposing views form events as "partisan" and the labeling of political speech by officials as non -partisan is standard operating procedure by Auberger and his supporters. Anyone who has lived in Greece for a while and does not know that is willfully ignorant or blindly partisan.

Anonymous said...

Scats FYI. just got off the phone with a reliable source who is also a friend of Bill Mackin. He tells me the town is preparing to make an offer of an out of court settlement . They want to avoid a public trial and want this done well ahead of the election because of the potential political consequences to the Republican slate compliments of Auburger Inc. You might to tap your sources but I would bet the farm on this reliable information.

Anonymous said...

Election Day surprise equals Auberger taken away in handcuffs. With I am him and Ray baby joining them.

Anonymous said...

So Scats say it. You are just anti Republican. I have never heard you say one positive word about one Republican, yet always sticking up for the Dems. I know you will respond with "no Republicans are any good, its not I am anti Republican!" so predictable! Lets try and forget Anthony Weiner, Vito Lopez, Elliott Spitzter, Charlie Rangle.

SCATS said...

To 8:08PM ~~ You seem to have forgotten that so many local "Republicans" used to be Democrats! They are about as true to the Republican party as a donkey's arse. Getting away from Monroe County, there are plenty of Republicans I admire, people with character, honor, integrity.

Anonymous said...

Really! Are you willing to name a couple? Or is that to scary and crossing the line? As you always say. Back the statement up with facts. And by the way why is it that when a Republican crosses into MC they become unacceptable to you (apparently not to the majority in MC as they are overwhelmingly elected all over the county).

Anonymous said...

SCATS good memory. I almost forgot the Democrats that flip to Republican to get elected. Seems like they act like New York City Democrats. The Democrats have given us John Auberger and Ray Diraddo! I've heard the current Supervisor say "Democrats have taken over town hall, the Republicans just don't know it!"

SCATS said...

To 9:07PM ~~ Again, Greece "Republicans" aren't really what they claim. Apparently 9:11PM understands it, as do most others who have watched their local charades ... er, elections. Robach is another Democrat pretending to be a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Any chance at all we could get a couple groups of kindergarten kids from 2 different schools and run them as candidates for Town Offices?

This election seems to be missing clown paint & big shoes..

Congratulations to all Greece Candidates, you managed to find a way to get worse than the last cycle.

Anonymous said...

Scats you are wrong about Robach. He never really was a True democrat. He was a conservative pretending to be a Dem.
Awhile back, he gained control of the Demo party in Greece and when he was done, he left it in a shambles and remains so today . it's important to remember, back then, The Dems held two board seats. When the first Rahn suspension took place in '95, the conservative leadership in the county and town were not happy . Previously, believe it or not, the two Dems were endorsed by the conservative party. Never again and Di Raddo was sent packing by Don Mazzulo, chairman of the Greece conservatives who also happens to be the UNCLE of " closet case " Joe. Shortly thereafter, the real Joe Robach became what he always was.a conservative republican. As a former member of the Dem committee , I was there at that time and witnessed what Joe did and why. Di Raddo on the other hand switched for financial reasons. If Reilich wins, and he will, Ray may not make the cut along with Firkens.

SCATS said...

To 10:53AM ~~ To me a "true" Dem or Rep is one who runs for whichever party. They are SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT US. They are supposed to be believable. I know it's just a fantasy around these parts.

Anonymous said...


Go back and reread the root blog post that this is all commentary to. There in Dave Garretson's words (or at least over his name at the bottom) are specific claims about what Rod Low supposedly did, that Rod himself specifically denied at the meeting.

Either Dave or Rod is lying. There is no third alternative. Why do you trust Dave over Rod? And why do you blame the Republicans (thus parroting Dave's accusations in the news release) when Rod does not indicate that Republicans had anything to do with any of this?

SCATS said...

To 9:30PM ~~ Why do I distrust Greece Republicans? Because they have lied to my face multiple times.