Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let The Games (Political) Begin!

For Immediate Release:   September 15, 2013

Greece neighborhood group withdraws invitation to Democratic Candidates, but still welcomes Republicans

Were they pressured?

Last week, the Grandview Neighborhood Association invited Democratic candidates to attend their September 19th meeting. A few days later, the invitation to Democrats was withdrawn. Republican candidates, however, will be heard at the September 19th meeting.

“I’m certain that residents of the Grandview neighborhood wish to meet everybody running for office, whether the candidate is a Democrat or a Republican,” said Dick Beebe, candidate for Greece Supervisor. “I can only imagine what kind of pressure was brought to bear on this group.  Sadly, this is typical of the closed-minded attitude we see too often in Greece.
“Republican candidates have resisted appearing at events where they can be questioned by the public, or compared to their Democratic opponents.  Today we stand up for the people, and for open government. The residents of this neighborhood have a right to meet their candidates in a public setting, ask questions, and size up their choices. It’s a shame that Republicans do not agree.”

Rod Lowe, President of the Grandview Neighborhood Association, rescinded the invitation to Democrats in a voice mail message to the leader of the Greece Democratic party, saying the group’s bylaws did not permit “political speakers.” He then went on to say that Republican candidates Kirk Morris and Mike Barry would address the meeting “to report on town activities.”

Democratic candidates plan to greet attendees in the parking lot prior to the neighborhood meeting at 6:30 PM on September 19th. The meeting is scheduled for 7 PM on September 19th at the Lakeview Community Church, 30 Long Pond Road.

Grandview is a lakefront neighborhood in Greece, along the western section of Edgemere Drive.


For more information, please contact:            Dave Garretson (Leader, Greece Democrats)



                                                                        Dick Beebe (Supervisor candidate)




Anonymous said...

there has always been a double standard in Greece. If you are a republican in power your are a trustworthy official if you are not you are a "politician." You see that at the town board meetings all the time.

Anonymous said...

I've never know the Grandview Beach Neighborhood Association to be a political group. I've attended their meetings and they never interject politics. Town officials give reports on whats happening and respond to neigborhood issues. Seems more like Beebe tried to force his way in. Much ado about nothing.

SCATS said...

To 7:41AM ~~ Force his way in?? Are you SERIOUS!? That's the most ridiculous idea I've heard in a very long time, LMAO! PLEASE SHOW US HOW he "forced" himself on that poor neighborhood group.

Back to crickets chirping ...

Anonymous said...

Probably the same way the democrats forced their way in on the a north Greece Neighbors group. Duh. They now pretty much own and run that group.

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts! Only elected officials give reports as to what is happening in the official capacity (lake level battle, etc). Yes Dems trying to make it political. Laugh all you want but those are the facts! Truth hurts!

SCATS said...

To 2:01PM ~~ Who runs the North Greece Neighbors Group? Where do they meet? I have never heard of them.

To 2:05PM ~~ I'm not hurting at all, but still laughing. I asked to show us how someone "forced" themself onto a group. You didn't, so the crickets continue with their mating chirp.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately many of the better positioned in our society think of themselves as entitled. They interpret the rules of the game to favor them When they do something it is always fair when the underlings or underclass challenge them that's another story. In Greece the republican politicians are the politically powerful group and they constantly try to spin things so that the challengers are morally or otherwise deficient.

I rarely see anything the republicans do that is non political. How about those non political newsletters published at the public's expense

Anonymous said...

2:01 probably means the Northgate Neighbors Association. The local Democrats have controlled that organization for years. Everybody including the democrats know this.

I love this joke of a press release. It states that the Democrat political candidates were told that this group is not political that that their bylaws state that they do not participate in political activities.

But the suggestion is that they were pressured. How specifically is this known to be true? And what proof is there that they were?

None is offered. Just the typical accusations and baseless claims made by the democrats which is why they are rejected every single year despite Auberger's issues.

As long as Dave Garretson is running the opposition, the Republicans will continue to win. He is a very poor leader of the group and has a horrible track record.

And THAT is a proven fact.

The silly season is upon us again.

Anonymous said...

Great Obama tactic. The have's against the have not's. Oh you poor victim. Oh whoa is me. Those mean ole' Republican's! Can we for one moment blame their success not on the fact that they perform miracles, or they are genius's but maybe oh just maybe most people in town agree with them! Novel idea! Could never be that. Must be something evil or bad.

SCATS said...

To 8:35PM ~~ Saying the Dems control them proves nothing! Very typical baseless response, especially given the fact that their Prez. is not a Dem lol

To 9:30PM ~~ Or maybe the Reps just cheat really well ;)

Anonymous said...

Offering candidate debates and forums and meet and greets are not political. There should be equal treatment of anyone that wants to meet any of the candidates. Churches and PTA's are not supposed to be political...we know they are....and they can't endorse candidates. But they may have meetings where candidates are invited to speak or answer questions. Of course this neighborhood group is independent and can do whatever they want. Also I don't think there will be standing room only at the meeting. And whoever gets the place on the ballot in the republican row will win in Greece just like the opposite is true in the city. I support the right of all candidates to run and be heard anywhere they are invited. But Mr. Beebe will not find that he will gain more votes by alienating voters in that club. Breaking into Greece will be a hard nut to crack for dems and they should try to find their base and expand. It doesn't seem they have one though. We are pretty homogenized and conservative. Except in the schools??? Maybe there will be a surprise upset here like in the city with Lovely. Richards sat back thinking he had primary in the bag. Lovely did it with hard working volunteers, hardly any money and the other side thinking they didn't have to bother to vote. Interesting topic. Thanks for this forum, SCATS.

SCATS said...

To 7:27AM ~~ Of course, you are correct about forums, etc. The local Republicans ATTEMPT to make them political though. They can't afford to take the chance of NOT politicizing every move the Dems make. They almost lost Greece to Maloney ... and it still stings ;)

Anonymous said...

"To 8:35PM ~~ Saying the Dems control them proves nothing! Very typical baseless response, especially given the fact that their Prez. is not a Dem lol"

David Garretson (you know him. He's the leader of the Greece DEMOCRAT Political Party) himself has stated that he serves on the Executive Board of the Northgate Neighborhood group.

How much closer to "controlling the group" does one need to get.

Other names in positions with the group are Dan Maloney (Democrat and former Dem Party candidate), Rita Garretson (Dem and Dem Party candidate and married to the Democrat Party Boss).

Not being a jerk here, but c'mon. Everybody knows the deal with this group. Jeremy Carter is the non-political "face" of the organization but the democrat control it.

SCATS said...

To 2:30PM ~~ You are such a silly goose! Since when did it become an issue of "controlling" a group when someone who volunteers is also registered with a political party? That would mean that ANYONE registered as either a Dem or a Rep would be "fouling" whatever group they volunteer with due to their political affiliation.

By the way, I do believe you are lagging way BEHIND the times, too. Maloney & Garretson have been OFF the board for quite awhile now. Try to keep up ;)

Anonymous said...

Carter, a non political face? Boy are you out to lunch on this one, A republican supporter if there ever was one in this town. He supported the towns position on Walmarts even though the majority of that group regardless of political affiliation were opposed.

SCATS said...

To 10:41AM ~~ I posted your comment, so WHY would you resubmit the exact same comment (with all the misspellings) again just 4 hours later??

Anonymous said...

Scats My computer indicated that my first post was not submitted so I pressed the resubmit feature when I discovered the problem at my end . Thus the screwup on my part.

Anonymous said...

Carter is an Independent.

Anonymous said...

Tell me why not one local Democrat has shown up to the candidates night at First Bible Church the last two years? It's Ok when they are MIA but if Rebulican's do not come it becomes a Republican conspiracy for weeks leading up to the Northgate Neighborhood event. Funny when the Dems are MIA nobody even missed them apparently.

SCATS said...

To 10:08AM ~~ I can't say why they haven't attended, but I can say that I usually hear about that event a day or so AFTER it takes place.

Anonymous said...

Scats; I assume you are not a candidate so you might hear of it a day or two late but candidates are all notified. Mike Green and the current DA always show just not the locals.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA 8:46, way to bust 'em.

Just because Jeremy Carter supported a development that now the Democrats are trying to take credit for, that makes him a Republican?

If he takes credit for something good someone else did here in Greece, well, heck... that would make him a DEMOCRAT!!!

SCATS said...

To 7:30PM ~~ Oh puh-leeze! Look at Auberger's name and all of the things it's plastered on about town. Certainly he did NOT create everything with his name on it, but he would like us to believe he did.