Saturday, September 28, 2013

Greece Cop Assaulted In His Squad Car

A Greece Police officer is uninjured after being assaulted in his squad car on Friday, September 27.

At a little after midnight on Friday morning, Greece Police responded to the area of Stowell Drive for a fight in progress call. As Sgt. Thomas Schamerhorn arrived on scene, a male appeared to be flagging him down for assistance.
Police say that when Schamerhorn stopped the marked patrol vehicle he was driving, the man, 21-year-old Anthony Ferrari, entered the police vehicle through the passenger door and began punching Schamerhorn in the face.
Schamerhorn exited the vehicle and attempted to remove the Ferrari from his squad car. Ferrari resisted arrest, at one point kicking the officer in the face.
Officers were eventually able to subdue Ferrari and take him into custody. Further investigation revealed that he had been involved in a domestic incident nearby.
Ferrari was arrested and charged with Assault in the 2nd degree and Resisting Arrest.
Read more: Greece Post

Friday, September 27, 2013

Greece Cop, Shaun Moore, Suspended

Internal investigation will review internal surveillance camera video following the arrest of  John Schneider, 51, of Marblehead Dr during a domestic dispute.

According to 13WHAM: "Lake Shore Fire District Chief Jared Meeker tells 13WHAM News that a medic crew was dispatched twice within an hour to the Greece Police Department. The second dispatch resulted in a patient being transported to the hospital by Greece Volunteer Ambulance.
Multiple sources confirm for 13WHAM News that the initial call resulted in a patient refusing treatment for injuries to his hand. The second call was for injuries to that same patient's head that required medical attention at an area hospital.

An arrest photo of Schneider provided to 13WHAM News by the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Jail depicts what appears to be swelling to his partially closed right eye and a fresh hospital bandage to his forehead above that eye.

While an internal investigation is ongoing, additional sources have confirmed Schneider made numerous threats to file a lawsuit while in police custody. All or some of what happened while Schneider was in custody was captured on video thanks to internal surveillance cameras."

John Schneider  (Photo: Greece PD)
"This is a wide-open investigation that we initiated based on things that we saw that we didn't particularly think were appropriate, so we will let the investigation play out," he said. "We don't want to leave it out there so someone can second-guess what we're doing. We're going to figure out exactly what happened, then figure out what to do once we get all the facts on the table." ~~ Greece Police Chief Todd Baxter remarked to Democrat & Chronicle.


SCATS ~~ Where have I heard that phrase ("We'll leave no stone unturned") before? Hmmm ... Oh, I know! When Loszynski conducted his $1,000,000 investigation into GPD several years ago, Auberger kept telling us that, over and, over and over again. Methinks that when it comes to GPD, several stones (cops) were left unturned and untouched. Now we can pay the piper ;)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Greece Settles Suit For $5.2 Million

Tetra Tech Architects settles 2007 construction suit out-of-court

Dispute included issues with:

• Heating systems at nine schools that didn’t work properly.
• Malfunctioning drainage systems.
• Leaky roofs.
• A malfunctioning security system.
• Entry canopies that didn’t properly shed ice, endangering staff and students.
• Reinforcements meant to secure the roofs to the walls at 13 schools that were not installed.
• 180 seats at the Athena Performing Arts Center, as well as all seats in the handicapped seating area, that have no view of the stage.
• Seats at APAC that are so close together, it’s impossible for people to sit.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

GCSD Confirms June Grad's Death

From YNN: "Greece School Administrators said Nicholas Arieno, 18, was the student Buffalo Police said was found dead in a home on Winspear Avenue Sunday afternoon. The Erie County Medical Examiner has not yet released a cause of Arieno's death but police said his death doesn't appear suspicious."

Monday, September 23, 2013

BOE Special Meeting, Tues. 6:30PM

Executive Session ~ 6:00 PM ~ No reason given


Tier I & II Interventions    (73 pages of GCSD drivel)


Legal Counsel Appointment

Textbook Approval


Bullying Drives Families Out Of GCSD

Anonymous said...
I just wanted to express my concerns with the Greece Central School District. I moved from New Jersey in 2002 to Greece, Ny. At that time, Greece was considered one of the safest places in suburban NY. I had three children who did well. I, myself became an employee of GCSD. As the years came and gone, I began to see such a decline in the safety and well being for my children. My youngest child spent three years at Athena Middle School terrified because of her bullies. We tried every avenue to help her. In the end, she made the poor choice to become the trouble maker so she could be sent to the office to avoid the abuse. I made the decision to move to Farmington. My daughter is a different girl. She is happy and is making great grades. It's terrible that I had to get out of Greece to protect her. It's ashame that GCSD failed in protecting my child. What happened?    9/22/2013 9:40 PM

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Making Candidate Forums Meaningful

Elections are nearing and numerous groups are finalizing plans to sponsor various "Candidates' Nights/Forums." This would seem to be the right time to suggest that a few rules be adhered to by both the candidates (and their supporters), and those who sponsor such events.

Rule #1 - ALL candidates from ALL political parties should be included in your event, IF you seek any sort of credibility and meaning. Inviting one party, or only those already in office will likely cause you to be seen as partisan, at best.

Rule #2 - ONLY the actual candidate himself/herself should be permitted to represent him/herself. Stand-ins don't count and only permit candidates to make your group dysfunctional when you allow them to send someone else while they attend an event they deem more important.

Rule #3 - ALL candidates should be available to take unscreened (key word) questions from the audience/community. Screening questions smacks of hidden agendas, among other things.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Meet Me In The Parking Lot ... "

Press Advisory:

Dem. Dick Beebe excluded from neighbor meeting, will greet attendees in parking lot

Thursday September 19, 2013

6:30 – 7:00 PM

Lakeview Community Church, 30 Long Pond Rd, near Edgemere Drive

The Grandview Beach Neighborhood Association recently invited Democratic and Republican candidates to appear at their September meeting. Then, the invitation to Democrats was withdrawn. Republican candidates, however, are still invited to address the group tonight.

Greece Supervisor candidate Dick Beebe and fellow Democratic candidates Tim Holler (Town Board) and Ellen Oberton (Receiver of Taxes) will greet members of the Grandview Beach Neighborhood Association in the parking lot prior to the meeting. The meeting begins at 7:00 PM.

“We disagree with the actions of the neighborhood association’s leadership, but we will respect their decision,” said Dick Beebe. “We will not attempt to speak at the meeting. In order to meet the residents, and give them the opportunity to meet us, my running mates and I will appear prior to the meeting in the parking lot.”

SCATS ~~ Parking lot!? WHY BOTHER??

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Squeezing It In ...

Planning Board Meeting, TONIGHT @6:30pm

749 Maiden Ln, Rochester, NY

Applicant: Maiden, LLC

Location: 749 Maiden Lane - BEHIND TOPS INTNL

Request: Site plan review for a proposed senior citizen residential facility (one story; 55,300± square feet), with related parking, grading, landscaping, and utilities on approximately 6.22 acres

Zoning District: RMS (Multiple-Family Residential – Senior Citizen)

Mon. Co. Tax No.: 075.05-2-3.2

SCATS ~~  Who will rescue seniors who fall into the retention ponds?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let The Games (Political) Begin!

For Immediate Release:   September 15, 2013

Greece neighborhood group withdraws invitation to Democratic Candidates, but still welcomes Republicans

Were they pressured?

Last week, the Grandview Neighborhood Association invited Democratic candidates to attend their September 19th meeting. A few days later, the invitation to Democrats was withdrawn. Republican candidates, however, will be heard at the September 19th meeting.

“I’m certain that residents of the Grandview neighborhood wish to meet everybody running for office, whether the candidate is a Democrat or a Republican,” said Dick Beebe, candidate for Greece Supervisor. “I can only imagine what kind of pressure was brought to bear on this group.  Sadly, this is typical of the closed-minded attitude we see too often in Greece.
“Republican candidates have resisted appearing at events where they can be questioned by the public, or compared to their Democratic opponents.  Today we stand up for the people, and for open government. The residents of this neighborhood have a right to meet their candidates in a public setting, ask questions, and size up their choices. It’s a shame that Republicans do not agree.”

Rod Lowe, President of the Grandview Neighborhood Association, rescinded the invitation to Democrats in a voice mail message to the leader of the Greece Democratic party, saying the group’s bylaws did not permit “political speakers.” He then went on to say that Republican candidates Kirk Morris and Mike Barry would address the meeting “to report on town activities.”

Democratic candidates plan to greet attendees in the parking lot prior to the neighborhood meeting at 6:30 PM on September 19th. The meeting is scheduled for 7 PM on September 19th at the Lakeview Community Church, 30 Long Pond Road.

Grandview is a lakefront neighborhood in Greece, along the western section of Edgemere Drive.


For more information, please contact:            Dave Garretson (Leader, Greece Democrats)



                                                                        Dick Beebe (Supervisor candidate)



SCATS: Front Page On Google

Anonymous said...
When you put"greece central school district" in google of course their official website comes up first. But interesting that SCATS comes up 6th in the list. That's front page! That's SEI for you. Search Engine Optimization. Good work all of us....seriously. So when parents thinking about moving or teachers looking for a district to apply for a job will see SCATS.Then they can make an informed choice.
I don't think this was done deliberately by SCATS. It just happened providentially. We may have more vacant houses here as the elderly and boomers relocate. And the pool of candidates for staff may become diluted with undesirables. FYI this is worse than the city, Gates, east and west Irondequoit. Nothing remotely controversial until far down their 2nd pages. And even then it was just stuff like "lack of parental involvement" in the city and some residency issues in Irondequoit. (Apparently people want to go there and they get caught when they poach their services. We just let them stay).    9/15/2013 11:07 AM

SCATS ~~ To 11:07AM ~~ Thanks for noticing :) Over the years, the position has shifted, up or down by a few. I get many email from people who "discover" GCSD via SCATS on Google or Facebook. Nothing special done on my part though ;)

Thanks to SCATS readers for keeping the website VERY active!

Monday, September 09, 2013

BOE Meeting Tuesday @6:30PM

Yet another Board Clerk Failure!
This meeting has NOT been posted.
NO agenda is available.

Three months of BOE games in a row!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Just 182 Days ...

... To Peace, Safety & Summer Vacation

Chatterton & Kowalski Team-Up


Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Some Schedules Cut For Bus Runs

Same Distance, Shorter Allotted Times
Will YOUR Child Be Safe?

What Happened To Copapalooza?

Following last year's much touted boxing match-up between RPD's Lt. Scott Peters & Greece PD's Chief Todd Baxter, neither the event itself, nor Peters have been heard about in the press since.

Now the Badge of Honor Assn. plans a different event in October. Why?

Where's The PodCast??

Or ...
Hiding Something??
It's been 3 long weeks since the last Greece Board of Education meeting & the podcast still has NOT been posted!
This meeting was nearly over before WGMC began broadcasting it, making us wonder WHAT they didn't want us to hear.
Or could it be that certain District Office employees really are incapable of performing the duties of their jobs?