Monday, August 26, 2013

Time To Re-Apply For STAR

YNN: Homeowners statewide will start getting letters this week about re-applying for the basic school tax assessment relief (STAR) exemption.

STAR exempts the first $30,000 of a home's value from school taxes for 2.6 million people.

This year's state budget requires people to reapply so the state can weed out illegal recipients.

This does not affect seniors who get the Enhanced STAR exemption.

Those who make less than $500,000 as a family are eligible for STAR.

Applications are due December 31, 2013.


Anonymous said...

I'm having a bit of trouble with the math. Anyone who makes less than $500,000 is eligible for STAR and if provides breaks to 2.6 million people? If the population of NYS is, say, 15 million, that means there are over 12 million people who earn over 2$500,000????
Did I misread?

SCATS said...

To 11:10AM ~~ SHHH!!! They really don't want you to know about ALL of the wealthy folks STAR helps to AVOID PAYING SCHOOL TAXES ;)