Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dem & Rep Slates Set For Greece Elections

The GREECE POST Reports:

The following candidates for local political offices have filed petitions with the Monroe County Board of Elections, meaning their names will appear on the ballot in November. This is a big year in Greece as several positions will be up for grabs.

At the top, former Monroe County Legislator Dick Beebe is running on the Democratic and Working Families lines while New York State Assemblyman Bill Reilich is running on the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines to become Greece's next supervisor.

There are three Greece Town Justice spots open. Democrats Nicholas Clidas and Gregg Redmond, who is also running on the Working Families ticket, are seeking positions on the bench. Republican incumbents Gino Nitti and Vincent Campbell are seeking reelection and also running on the Conservative and Independence lines. Former Town Justice David Michael Barry, Sr. is also running on all three lines.

Barry's son, David "Mike" Barry, is running for his old seat representing the Town Board in the first ward. The Republican, Conservative and Independence candidates is facing off against Timothy Holler, Jr., who will appear on the Democratic and Working Families lines.

In the second ward, incumbent Brett Granville is running on the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines and is being challenged by Democrat Wendy Wright. The third ward finds candidates Rita Garretson on the Democrat and Working Families lines fielding a challenge against incumbent Andrew Conlon, who is running one the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines. Kirk Morris is hoping to retain his seat in the fourth ward. The Republican, Conservative and Independence parties' candidate is being challenged by Norma Cummings on the Democratic ticket.

Current Monroe County Legislator and former Town Board member Rick Antelli is running for receiver of taxes on the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines. Ellen Oberton, the Democratic and Working Families candidate, is also running, as is Walter J. Schiemann, who is running on the Independence party line.

In Monroe County, Patrick O'Flynn is seeking reelection as Monroe County sheriff. He is running on the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines. Emily Good is running on the Green Party line.

Kathy Taylor, currently the town's receiver of taxes, is running for a two-year term to represent the Monroe County Legislature in the 19th District. She is running on the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines while Michael Bertolone is campaigning against her on the Democratic and Working Families lines. Primary Day will be held Sept. 10 while the general election is Nov. 5.


Anonymous said...

The article says that Antelli and Walter J. Schiemann BOTH have the Independence line for Confiscator Receiver of Taxes. This must be wrong but the Greece Post was into mindlessly repeating "R", "C", "I" over and over again.

Which begs the question... how can there be any "independence" in the Independence party when they are lock-step with the Rs & Cs right across the ballot? Especially that Republican cast of crony politicians. They wouldn't know what an independent thought was if it bit them in the patootie!

SCATS said...

To 10:42PM ~~ I received an email from Dave Garettson about several such issues. It states: "The Greece Post article was fuzzy on a key point.

The Independence Party ballot is up for grabs in two races, Town Justice and Receiver of Taxes. It will be decided in a primary on Sept 10th. The primary is only for the Independence Party. Only voters who are registered in the Independence Party can vote in the primary.

4 candidates are vying for the 3 Town Justice ballot spots – Gino Nitti, Vincent Campbell, David Michael Barry, and Gregg Redmond

In the Receiver race, Walter Schiemann and Rick Antelli are in contention."

Anonymous said...

The slate of Greece Democrats shows that they keep recycling the same old candidates. No wonder they can't win. And a husband running his wife. Seriously????

SCATS said...

To 9:32AM ~~ OMG!! You seriously think your comment can't also be made about the Republicans, especially after the crapple pulled with sliding Barry back onto Town Board a few months before the elections?? In the case of the Barry family, it's not just recycling. It's more like dumpster diving.

Anonymous said...

The Republican slate also stinks. Where are the real Independents????? They don't exist anymore. Where are the real people that truly care about Greece?

SCATS said...

To 10:18AM ~~ Greece is filled with APATHETIC (and scared) senior citizens who have been trained (through implied threats, intimidation) to accept our corrupted Republican rule without question ... or else something WORSE will happen.

PS ~~ They falsely believe it has kept their taxes "low."

Anonymous said...

Join A. B. A. today.

Anybody But Antelli is a safe vote for tax confiscator.

The office should be eliminated anyhow, rather than being thrown to Antelli for keeping his yap shut and being good buds with Merrit Rahn back in the days. Electing Antelli will give him a HUGE pension he doesn't deserve for hanging around his hair salon.

How much did County taxpayers give Antelli for the store he couldn't rent? WHY did Antelli need an office & sign at taxpayer expense?

WHAT did Antelli accomplish in all his years on Town Board for his Ward?

Anonymous said...

In Aug 2012 there was a report in D and C that Antelli spoke at a meeting in Greece where he was asking for a variance for the 10th time with his former firehouse property on Latta and North Greece. He said the FBI was investigating Greece govt and he was questioned. Now they want to reward him or pay him off with this cushy job. And all the old people will vote for him out of habit at voting republican or fear of voting for anything democrat or just plain apathy or ignorance. I guess we deserve what we get for making the decision to live in Greece.

Anonymous said...

And look who is hanging out with Baxter these days! He ain't no angel despite what he may pretend to be.

Anonymous said...

Once again the local Republican candidates are in violation of the the town campaign sign ordinance. The sign law clearly states that such signs can only be placed on private property six weeks before the election date. As such, only
candidates participating in the September primary, may now place signs. Thus, only Rick Antelli and Schieman can place signs at
this time. However, true to form, the Town justice candidates, Nitti and Barry signs are being placed now with the Antelli signs. The Nitti and Barry signs are illegal and can not appear before six weeks prior to the November elections. So what's new here. The inept Demos should demand their removal, but even if they
did, there would not be any action taken by Auburger and code enforcement for obvious reasons. THEY DON'T HAVE TO. The law is for the other guys who dare to
run against them.

On a related note has anyone else wondered why Barry, a former 14 yr Supreme Court Judge who lost his last election, wants to be a town justice, A position that does not require that the candidate be a lawyer? as a SCJ, he made well
over $100.000/yr. A town justice is around $35,000 a year. What a come down this is in his case. Probably needs the money to supplement his very generous State

SCATS said...

To 5:57PM ~~ I give up. Who is hanging out with these days?

To 7:26PM ~~ Guess what? Gregg Redmond signs have also sprouted. So much for the inept Dems and any attempt to demand signs be removed by the Reps.

Anonymous said...

8/24/2013 7:26 PM Boy do you look foolish. Going off half cocked! Barry, Nitti, Campbell, Antelli, Remond and Walter S. are all in an Independence party primary. So all of them can have signs up now. If you are going to criticize get the facts straight first. This isn't so difficult. No wonder why nobody knows what the heck is going on when they vote. Spend 5 minutes and read about the election.

Anonymous said...

Redmond has placed his signs in North Greece fireman's lawns. He then realized he did not have enough to cover the town and has resorted to moving the same signs around town! He has stated he wants to pick off the old incumbent judge (Campbell). He might just be successful since anyone that has ever dealt with him says nothing good about him at all.

SCATS said...

To 8:46PM ~~ OK I spent your suggested 5 minutes and discovered YOU are wrong, according to the Greece Post. Redmond wasn't mentioned as being on the Independence party ticket.

To 8:54PM ~~ So please tell us Redmond's connection to N Greece firemen ... ?

Anonymous said...

Redmond is in an independence primary for judge. My source is more than just one incorrect newspaper article. It is the Monroe County Board of Elections.
He is a North Greece firefighter and they all know him. He has a very small law practice and this would help financially.

Anonymous said...

The so-called Independence Party is no such thing. They are really the third branch of the local Republican party made up mostly of disgruntled Republicans who will not vote on the Republican or Conservative lines but NEVER for a
Democrat. Remember, it was these fools who helped give us four more years of John Auburger back in '09 when he won by their 400 votes, his margin of victory.

Dave Garretson said...

Yes, there IS an Independence Party primary for Town Justice on Sept 10th. Unfortunately this information was missing from the recent Greece Post article about candidates.

And yes, the four Town Justice candidates and two Receiver of Taxes candidates who appear on the primary ballot ARE allowed to post their signs now. The signs must be removed within a week after the primary and can be displayed again after Sept 24th for the general election.

Lastly, Gregg Redmond has plenty of signs! If you would like to display his sign in your yard, come and get one at the Greece Democratic Campaign Headquarters, 2888 Dewey Avenue.

SCATS said...

To 9:59AM ~~ Re: "He has a very small law practice ..." In layman's terms, that usually means he's not too good at his craft.

To 10:30AM ~~ I highly suspect you are correct, based upon my the behavior I've witnessed by my neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Antelli is living proof of what the three required qualifications are to serve as Receiver of Taxes in Greece.

1. Must be a Registered Republican.

2. Must display a detectable pulse.

3. Must be able to sign your name at least once a year when signing the "tax warrant" and possess basic math skills and computer minimum skills.

Of the three, Rick is OK with one. Barely has number two. However, he may have problems with number three especially his math skills as any numbers in excess
of 23 will be problematic as that is the limit of the combination of his fingers and toes.

SCATS said...

To 12:42PM ~~ You know him well enough to have seen his toes???

Anonymous said...

Regarding Dave Garretson's comments; I was told by the fireman his Redman sign was gone because he had run out and did not have enough and they were being moved around. Now that you say he has plenty 0f them, I guess the guy just didn't want his sign in his yard and took it down!