Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Hamburg Fires Achramovitch

Severs Ties With Harris Beach Law Firm
Concerned Hamburger reports: "On July 2, 2013, the new Hamburg School Board sent Steve Achramovitch on a long summer vacation.  Mr. Achramovitch was ordered in a resolution made by the Board of Education to immediately turn over all district property and leave the Hamburg Administrative Building effective July 3, 2013. Hamburg information technology department was ordered in the same resolution to disconnect Mr. Achramovitch from the district's computer systems.  If you are looking to make contract with Mr. Achramovitch, you will not find him on the end of his Hamburg email address ..."

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if when our own BOE members look at a post like this, does it even dawn on them were they are going wrong? When "open session" is put in caps, does a light bulb turn on in their heads?

SCATS said...

To 9:20AM ~~ They haven't even bothered having a meeting in a FULL MONTH ... not since that marathon Exec. Session I criticized them for in early June. I guess there's no urgent business to tend to inside GCSD ;)

Anonymous said...

Am I understanding this correctly? Hamburg had the same law firm we have yet we hide everything behind closed doors, but they conduct "personnel" business in open session?

Seems like the Greece boe should immediately change out lawyers in the July reorganizational meeting! They are getting bad advice. Great opportunity for them though.

Anonymous said...

He isn't fired they put him on paid leave until his resignation goes in to effect. Works out better for him. As far as our board goes it seems to me as of they need to vote in a new president this year that might be the first step. Give Julia a chance to detox from her power trip.

SCATS said...

To 9:13AM ~~ You are splitting hairs, since he will be gone Aug. 9th despite 2 yrs. left on his contract. Greece did the same thing with him. Wonder where Steve will land next ... he might become the double-dipping king!

Julia needs to undergo an intervention that detoxes her while giving her a megadose of reality to munch on.