Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Greece Chamber's Who's Who

The Greece Chamber of Commerce (click link for photos) announced the election of new officers and board members.

Serving as Chairman for 2013-14 is Delbert J. Smith, CPA. 

Other officers elected include: Donald Felter, Unity Health System (Vice-Chair), Paul Chatfield, Chatfield Engineers (Immediate Past Chair), Christine Andrews, Northwest YMCA (Secretary), and Brian Ward, CPA, Ward & Schmerbeck (Treasurer).

The general Board Members elected to three year terms include: Patricia Anthony, Todd Baxter, Andrew Conlon, Michael Mordenga, Shaun Nelms, Greg Stahl, and Michael West.
SCATS ~~ Nope, no political connections here folks ;)


Anonymous said...

Maybe next year the Antelli family can buy little Rick a seat on the Chamber Board.

By then he'll have a lot of experience from being on the Historical Society BOD.

Little Rick brings so much to any BOD table.

Anonymous said...

At least as interesting as the names you highlighted are the ones you didn't... they too are well-connected, perhaps just not in the circles you move in.

SCATS said...

To 3:55PM ~~ I'm aware of their connections, but suspect the ones I highlighted are better known by the masses.