Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Bank Robbers Caught ~ From Greece


Teller & customer in Albion play important role in the arrests;
Suspects statements are eye-opening!

Rothmund's statement to police: “I woke up this morning and I was going through withdrawal from Heroin.  I told my girlfriend Elyse Hoffer that I had a hook up in Albion.  She gave me a ride and I had her park away from the bank…I put on a disguise outside and went to the door.

It looked like they were about to close.  I rushed in the door and said me the money.  I had a fake bomb in my hand.  I don’t remember if I said it was a bomb or not…I went to run out the door and a man was standing there.  I told him to stay away from me and I ran back down the tracks.  As I approached the car where Elyse was I told her I was being chased and to pop the trunk…I hopped into the trunk and told her to go to our house…Elyse did not know what happened in Albion.

About 3 ½ or 4 weeks ago I robbed the Key Bank on Long Pond Rd in Greece.  It was near my house and I walked.  I got about $3,000.00.  About 2 weeks ago I robbed the Citizens Bank on Dewey Ave near Wal-Mart Plaza.  Once again I was alone.  I got about $6,000.  Elyse was not with me for the first two and did not know what was going on today.  I did the robberies because of my Heroin addiction and I wanted (to) live comfortably.  I just got greedy.”

“You guys should be happy, you got your man. You can’t have people running around getting away with it multiple times.”

Hoffer's statement to police: “Jeremy told her to leave the trunk of her car popped open and he would be right back.  She thought that was very strange.  Elyse said that Jeremy then left and walked towards Main Street carrying a small bag with him.  Shortly after that Jeremy came running back and jumped in the trunk closing the trunk on himself and told her to drive and someone was following him…

…Elyse also stated that about three weeks ago she drove Jeremy to Key Bank at Latta and Long Pond in Greece and Jeremy Stole money from there.  Two weeks ago Elyse said she drove Jeremy to Citizen(s) Bank on Dewey Ave near Wal-Mart and Jeremy stole money from that bank as well.  Elyse stated that she never knew ahead of time what Jeremy was going to do she would do whatever he told her too.

Elyse said all her problems started about three months ago when she started using Heroin and her and Jeremy snort about $300 every two days.  Elyse wants help and wants to stop using drugs but it hurts to much when she doesn’t have any Heroin to use.”



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