Friday, June 07, 2013

Town Board Speakers Question Process

Two residents questioned the Greece Town Board about the process & timing of the decision to plug Mike Barry back into a Town Board seat just months prior to the next election.

Greece will NOT be having any July 4th fireworks, once again. Is it bad blood between Auberger & the folks at First Bible Baptist Church? Or another "shortage of volunteers" like was claimed last time?

Prayer & Resident's Forum 5/21/13


Anonymous said...

Good question no answers as usual. The local paper should look at Greece -- not just the county leg -- as the model of non transparent government but we all know that Greece has special protection sort of like the mob

Jeff said...

I have two observations from watching the video.

1. When did an introductory prayer/benediction turn into a Sunday sermon. Holy Cow! That was a little over the top.

2. What is the Board so afraid of? Why not take this simple opportunity to address some of the community's concerns. They don't necessarily have to answer questions directly or even immediately. Perhaps an acknowledgment of the citizen's concern and a pledge to respond in some manner. Instead they sit there smugly looking disinterested in what their "subjects" have to say.

I am sincerely disappointed and disheartened with what I saw. I expect better from our elected representatives.

SCATS said...

To 12:26AM ~~ They NEVER speak-up, NEVER vote "no" and NEVER respond to the folks who pay their salary.

As for the sermon, it usually is over the top, thus the lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

The guy who spoke about who was responsible for the fire works was right. The town never paid for the fireworks. The late Bob Wegman always contributed the
cost of the display which was always held in August at town property on Long Pond near Latta.
When Riley left the supervisor job early to take a job with Mark IV Construction, that would lead to end of the Wegman fire works contribution. Riley's job was to help secure all necessary permits,zoning variances, etc. from the town officials. You see, at the time, Mark IV was contracted by Tops grocery chain, to build the existing store on Mt. Read and Maiden Lane. Wegmans was opposed to the project and when the Boily-run board approved the project, Wegman told Boily to forget about his $5000 for the fire works. Auburger becomes
supervisor and it was Bill Grace of First Bible Church to the rescue as he picked up the tab and held the event at his Truth and Grace Park, that is until
recently. Now come the scandals.
I was told by a parishioner , that the Neuzats affair rattled the faithful and Auburger's moral compass went south and he was no longer welcome. As a result, the money dried up as did all the church volunteers who helped out
with past events. End of story, end of fireworks in Smallville NY County of Monroe.

Anonymous said...

dave garretson is just mad because he runs terrible candidates and the greece democrats keep losing every single year.

SCATS said...

To 10:50PM ~~ Anyone who has paid attention realizes something smells bad on Vince Toffany Blvd.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not you like Dave he still makes a good point. The decision seems to have been made in secret and was not even on the agenda the day of the meeting,

SCATS said...

To 7:10PM ~~ I agree completely!

Anonymous said...

Mike Barry cited the birth of his first born child as the reason for his resignation in 2009. What has changed so much since then other than he has another child? Anyone with children knows he has even less time now to devote to his constituents than he did 4 years ago. If he couldn't handle his job then, how does he think he can handle it now? Like most things with this board, it doesn't add up. Interesting that this appointment was made a few months before the election.

SCATS said...

To 5:38PM ~~ The Greece Reps always make these appointments just months before an election. They get some name-recognition & a better shot at winning, not that it's the right thing to do ...