Friday, June 07, 2013

Newly Electeds Need A Reality Check

This week's Greece Post has an article asking the three recently elected BOE members to comment about the ridiculously low voter turnout at the polls and the lack of BOE candidates, interest in BOE meetings, etc.

Newly elected, retired teacher Terry Melore expressed worry about the status quo on low turnout. She simply said, "It's a cause for concern." Regarding participation by the public and, in particular, parents, she stated: "I look at it as I own a home in Greece and I want to be able to sell it someday. I want to keep the reputation good in our community."

SCATS ~~ Well Terry, which is better for home value: Reputation? Or actual academic performance? Reputation can be feigned. Greece was masterful at that in the 90's! It's the old "if we tell them how wonderful we are often enough, people will believe it" philosophy. It's not dealing with the reality of what GCSD is.

Gale O'Toole on the infinitesimal voter turnout ~~ "I think given everything that Greece has seen and been through in the last 10, 15 years, in an odd way I think the voter turnout is a sign that everything is kind of okay - that the budget was good, that there were no fights, no bad or, sometimes good, major 'something' that really made people go out and vote." 

 O'Toole on the disinterest of residents in BOE meetings/resident's forum ~~  "I think it means that we're doing better, which is great, but to go from overflowing lists [of residents wanting to talk] to nobody - someplace in the middle would be better."

SCATS ~~ Well Gale, if this means we're doing better, then I guess if no one shows up it will mean we've maximized improvements to absolute perfection at ALL levels, right?

Frank Oberg on the overall lack of interest in district business ~~ "I don't know what's going on. I really don't, but I don't think it's good that there's this lack of involvement."

SCATS ~~ Gee, Frank! So glad you're back on the board and ready to get involved when you have NO CLUE, by your own admission!


Anonymous said...

As usual, the blind leading the blind. You can't keep messing up and saying "i am sorry". Eventually someone has to own up and accept responsibility. Over and over and over again this District fails at everything that it does. Scats, start a new tread with the title....."The things that GCSD does bad" and lets see what the responses are. Then I will print the responses and send them to BDW so that she can take some action against them in her last year. Just like a mandate of sorts.

Anonymous said...

WHY can't I escape the feeling their pictures would look far more appropriate with the same background as Pignatos?

If only Gary had been out sooner he would have been a better candidate.