Sunday, June 16, 2013

Family Gets That Sinking Feeling

Sinkhole Reminds Family Of Florida
Who Is Responsible?


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Anonymous said...

Wow, weird story. So you have a 5x5x6 hole, an obvious cause identified (the buried tank) and therefore assurance that the final size of the hole is capped (no bigger than the tank), and you stand around and talk in the passive voice about wanting it to be taken care of?

We had a hole about half that size (4x3x3) in linear dimensions in the first year or so after we moved into our Greece home. I went into the back woods with a wheelbarrow and a shovel, moved some dirt from a spoil pile, and voila. One afternoon of work, 20 years of backyard enjoyment.

We still fill small holes (1-2 feet) every now and then. Just another spring project.

SCATS said...

To 5:08AM ~~ Whose dirt have you been stealing?

FYI, depending upon the cause for these holes, filling with gravel might be the better, safer alternative.

Anonymous said...

No mystery here. The tank belongs to the builder who bought the land as well as anything buried on that parcel. Therefore the builder is responsible to fix the
problem. Simply filling the hole will not solve the long term problem. The tank should be removed and the hole filled properly. If this is not practical, concrete must be poured as a base or this will happen again. If it were my property, I would demand that it be removed as there is no way to
determine what the tank was used for or what possible contaminants may still be inside. My guess is that at some point, the tank was dumped there and the builder took a short cut and decided to landscape the area so as to bury the tank rather than remove it, or he had no idea it was there. It's a simple case of you bought it, you own it. This is the builder of course.

Anonymous said...

To 10:00, how did ownership not pass to the homeowner on the same you-bought-it-you-own-it principle? I’ll bet the tank was for water, from long ago when the land was agricultural (most of Greece was, not too long ago).

To SCATS, just taking from myself, and yes the spoil had a lot of crushed concrete in it (it was displaced by the builder leveling the backyard after the foundation was already dug, and they ended up pushing around a lot of construction detritus).

SCATS said...

To 11:36PM ~~ While it may have been for water, it is important to be certain it wasn't for oil or something else more of a safety issue.

I'm pleased to learn that you don't go around smuggling away other people's "construction detritus." lol