Wednesday, May 08, 2013

What Do These Judges Know About Poetry???

617862 NY_GRE_poetry.jpeg
Greece Central Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams; Greece Police Chief Todd Baxter; Don Riley, former Town of Greece Supervisor and vice president of marketing and development for Mark IV; and Don Hudson, anchor for News10NBC pose with the poetry contest winners. They are, from left, were Christina Lee from Greece Arcadia, runner-up Ryan Fiannaca from Greece Athena, and runner-up Tia Rivera from Greece Olympia. Not pictured is runner-up Liam Seeley from Odyssey Academy. (Greece Post)


Anonymous said...

DOn't know hwat they know about anything, however I do know Don Hudson is a good reason to try channel 8 News for a change!

Anonymous said...

Can someone take a picture of Baxter running the police department? Maybe he can read some of his officers poetry to help them deal with his dysfunction leadership.

SCATS said...

To 8PM ~~ LMAO!!! That's hysterical!!

Davy Vara had pics of him in another town ... out to lunch, a loooong lunch, with Phelan at a Dominican restaurant several weeks ago. Does that count?

Anonymous said...

My sister Eunice's boy Saturn, named after the car he was made in, entered that poetry contest. Saturn had a terrible time writing poetry cause he wants everything to rhyme with orange so he changes the that words are spelled.

Eunice had to hire a lawyer for Saturn after he turned his poem in. She and Saturn figure the contest was rigged.

Ever since she told me about it I been looking in the Help Wanted ads and I still ain't found no poet job hiring. I can't help thinking these kids are being led down the wrong road.

SCATS said...

To 2:39AM ~~ OMG, similar thing happened to the neighbor's girl, Pontiac!! Except her favorite color is purple!! Maybe they could meet, go on a date ;)

Anonymous said...

Might be they could SCATS, Saturn will be back here in Greece from Janitorial College. He tried going to Tow Truck College down in Alfred but truth is Saturn hasn't a lick of a sense of direction so he couldn't find what needed to be towed even though he did well in the classroom. It's a terrible thing for a woman to have to say her boy flunked out of SUNY Tow Truck School.

He does seem to be doing well in Janitor school though now that he understands Push & Pull.

He had a little problem with the self steam cleaning, after all he was an Academic Scholar at Olympia, and flunking Hookup 1.1 at Alfred was kind of a kick in the gut to the boy.

You think that Pontiac girl would like to meet Saturn we can set something up.

SCATS said...

To 2:50PM ~~ I'd be afraid that they'd meet and end up creating a bunch of lil Plutos!