Monday, May 06, 2013

Supreme Court To Consider Greece Prayer Case

Thursday the US Supreme Court will decide in conference whether it will grant oral argument in Town of Greece vs. Galloway. The court will announce early next week whether it will hear the case in their next term, which begins in October.

“We invite local clergy members, and those who have expressed an interest in saying a prayer at our meetings. People are allowed to express themselves as they see fit without governmental interference. To limit what people can and cannot say would limit their right to freedom of speech.” ~~ John Auberger, lame duck Supervisor

Auberger hopes the Supreme Court rules in the town’s favor “so governments across our country can continue to start their meetings with a prayer, as has been the custom since our country was founded, without fear of being sued.”


SCATS ~~ There's a HUGE difference between offering a "generic" prayer and offering one invoking "The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit." Someday, John might learn this. Maybe the Supreme Court can teach him.


Anonymous said...

I imagine God has condemned Auberger to the bad place for debasing religion by making it into a tool for his political advancement, And for all the other stuff too.

If free speech were so important to Auberger he would let people speak at meetings and let his own council members speak in dissent,

The deed betrays the word

Anonymous said...

This is all about someone seeking their 15 minutes of fame. Glad the defense is pro bono. It shouldn't have to cost the taxpayers a lot of money to defend against these loons.

SCATS said...

I agree with 2:36PM. I think he's gone about as far overboard in his pursuit of religion as a major sinner (which he is) can go. The first time I sat through one of the prayers at a Town Board meeting, I was stunned!!

Anonymous said...

not up to someone named 'Scats' to judge if a person is a 'major sinner'. let's leave that up to a higher power.

SCATS said...

To 5:04PM ~~ You helped to prove the point of this entire issue! Not everyone has "a higher power" so maybe it is up to me/them to decide ;)

Anonymous said...

Update please.

SCATS said...

To 9:25PM ~~ I just heard this about 2 minutes ago on Fox News:
"While the Supreme Court met in conference on the matter today, it will not render a decision until early next week about whether it will hear oral arguments in the case in the October term."

Here's the link: