Monday, May 13, 2013

SCOTUS Postpones Hearing Greece Case

WGRZ reports: "The Supreme Court on Monday postponed deciding whether to review a prayer case involving the Town of Greece.

The nine justices have before them several petitions involving prayers at public meetings and one school graduation case, all of which raise issues involving constitutional prohibitions against government endorsement of a particular religion or faith tradition.

The justices were scheduled to privately discuss whether to accept the Greece case last week, but the list the court released this morning did not mention it."

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Anonymous said...

This is Rory. I am writing you as you requested, to bring you up to date on the status of my case against the Greece Police and Greece. My case is progressing, and we have served all parties. Here is a brief outline of the malicious prosecution case facts:
INCIDENT 1- Arrested at gunpoint for the very first time in my life on December 22, 2010, at my sick, elderly mother's Long Island home. Complaints for Rape, Sodomy, Assault, and Strangulation lacked the victim's signature, and no evidence was submitted by GPD. Treated like a dangerous crminal and jailed for 2 days until my mom bailed me out for $15K. 8 months of pure hell
OUTCOME: A Grand Jury dismissed all charges at the end of August 2011 because I proved I was never even there. That month, Monroe County had 4 Grand Jury Risings, and addresed 18 felony complaints from GPD. Only 5 of 18 were indicted! These stats seem to indicate the Greece complaints (over 72%) were defective in some very serious way.
INCIDENT 2- October of 2011, charged with Criminal Contempt by the same woman and the GPD. The GPD advised an arrest warrant, falsely claiming that I sent messages to the woman violating an active Order Of Protection (OOP) which did not exist. They never produced the messages or IP information and never produced the OOP.
OUTCOME: All charges were dismissed by the judge in November 2011. Another month of hell.
INCIDENT 3- November 2011, the GPD and the woman charged me with Aggravated Harassment, submitting printed email messages lacking any IP info. The GPD again advised a warrant for my arrest.
OUTCOME: All charges dismissed in July 2012. 8 more months of pure hell. My attorney, a great professional named Robert W. Wood, obtained subpoena info showing that the emails were sent by the woman herself, using her employer's network. On one of the email printouts the woman had sent a message to the Chief Of Police at the beginning of Sept. 2011 which contained an email she falsely said I had sent to her. The printout contains a response from Chief Baxter, where he asks the woman, "Can we not lock him up? Do you have an OOP?"
So, a month before I was charged with violating a non-existing OOP for allegedly sending this woman emails I never sent, and a few days after the Rape/Sodomy/Assault/Strangulation case was found bogus by a Grand Jury, the Chief asked her this question. It seems that this woman may have been running the police department, since the Chief is asking HER if HE can lock ME up.