Tuesday, May 21, 2013

NYCLU To Discuss Greece Prayer Case


Greece Prayer Case
Galloway v. Town of Greece

and the Curious Case
of Legislative Prayer

Thirty years ago, the Supreme Court authorized legislative bodies to open legislative meetings with prayers, provided that the government does not exploit these prayers to advance one particular faith to the exclusion of others. Many legislative bodies, however, have sought to push the envelope – by repeatedly leading Christian prayers or inviting predominantly Christian clergy to deliver predominantly Christian prayers.

Amercians United confronted the latter situation in Galloway v. Town of Greece, challenging the town’s practice of opening meetings with Christian prayers delivered by Christian clergy. Gregory Lipper will discuss the trial court’s decision to dismiss the lawsuit, the successful appeal to the Second Circuit, and the Town’s attempt to obtain Supreme Court review. He’ll also describe how Greece fits within the larger body of legislative prayer cases.
Gregory M. Lipper is Senior Litigation Counsel at Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Genesee Valley NYCLU Annual Meeting

Election of Officers • Annual Report • Gregory Lipper

Wednesday June 5th • 6 PM

Downtown Presbyterian Church • 121 N Fitzhugh Street • Parking available at City Hall

Light Refreshment at 6 PM • Meeting Begins at 6:30 PM • Non-Members welcome!

RSVP Appreciated • 585-454-4334 • GeneseeValley@NYCLU.ORG


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