Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Here's An Obvious "NO" Vote ...

Vote NO on Greece School Budget

This district is all about growing fatter and doing less for kids. I don't mean the teachers...I'm talking higher up. This is the same district that jilts
special education students and bullies their parents into submission or into leaving the district rather than deal with the chronic harassment by district staff who insists they cannot accommodate even though the law says they have too. This district can somehow afford a windbag pediatrician and 2 part time nurse practitioners on staff whom they pay to do their gate keeping to refuse services to children who need them. This includes having said staff call parents and harass them at home. Asking intrusive medical questions, insinuating that the information they have received by the child's doctor isn't real or that worse, the parents have made up the child's disability. This pediatrician is paid to sit in meetings and bully, shame and blame parents for the disabilities their children have in order to try to scare them or intimidate them to go away and not seeking a fair appropriate public education. There are numerous reports from parents all over Greece that have had this done to them and have removed their children from Greece because they had not choice. The have been sued for doing this before and continue to do so. Instead of letting the special education teacher, parents and therapist determine what the child needs, they pay these people to make sure no one gets what they need. Seems to me there are plenty of cuts that could be made such as windbags salary. How many school districts do you know with their own doctor?

It's high time they learn to cut the FAT instead of getting more money every time they want to buy more buses. Which ironically seems like ever year. How many buses do you need? Supposedly closing some of their schools and condensing their busing routes was supposed to cut back on transportation costs. They have also have a fat reserve account, let them use that.

Want to know more about the game this district plays: http://greeceschool2006.blogspot.com/

Vote NO!!!

SCATS ~~ Just an FYI ... I have NO IDEA who posted this but based upon individual communications with a number of Greece parents over the last 6 months, I can verify that the sentiments and info contained in the posting ring true!


Anonymous said...

But we need more buses, there is still a few parking lots in Greece that don't have 5 to 10 buses parked in them during the day.

Anonymous said...

But but but it's for the UNIONS.

When kids pay Union dues we'll care about educating children!

Anonymous said...

What deo we get for the additional millioon $ in admin costs?

SCATS said...

To 6:50PM ~~ A larger tax bill!

Anonymous said...

4:13 The unions have absolutely nothing to say about bus purchases. State bus
inspectors and the Administration are responsible. State inspectors are all
about providing safe buses for our kids, while the district is all about
continuing the ridiculous amount of unnecessary, costly entitlement busing that
takes place year after year. I personally will continue my practice of voting
no on budgets and bus purchases until this issue is realistically addressed and
changed to represent the actual enrollment numbers as well as eliminating the
busing for the unneeded secondary option.

SCATS said...

To 11:01AM ~~ And I would add they need to revisit the district-wide babysitter busing option too.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of buses. Why are the little brats who abused the bus monitor and were sent to the old West Ridge bused to school? They each get their own bus to and from school. That's 4 buses for 4 kids.
I thought their parents were responsible for them getting to and from school since they would not behave on the bus.

SCATS said...

To 4:36PM ~~ You have to parse GCSD's words to understand that they removed them from "regular transportation." Thus, the limo service you described. Oddly, on the first day of school in Sept. several of them were on a "regular bus" ... but, a parent's complaint to Bab's got that changed ASAP. Being an Odyssey groupie DOES come with its benefits.

Since we are nearing the end of the school year, I wonder if any of the darlings were able to return to Athena this spring ... anyone know??

Anonymous said...

I'm told that they are still there. Also, the Bridges program is moving there next year. I'm sure that Odyssey will weed out a few to send there too. Got to get that schools GPA up!

Roberto Bertoni / North Greece said...

I am voting NO as a protest to declining school performance. If ODY has dropped out of the Top 2000 schools, imagine where the other schools are! Sorry School Board and Babs, but you are failing the only real test.

SCATS said...

To Robert ~~ Our schools have been on the decline for over a decade now. Only OA with its insulated boundary group/lottery system showed any signs of thriving. Even with that, their performance was sporadic.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this all for show? Doesn't voting "no" produce the same results as voting "yes"?

The greatest threat to democracy, here and abroad, now and throughout history, has been the rigging of society so that elections do not matter, not the rigging of votes themselves.

It's all for the children, of course. The system is rigged to protect them from the irresponsibility of the voters, otherwise known as their parents.

SCATS said...

To 7:51AM ~~ The answer to your question is "sorta ..."

Two no votes and they have to revert to the previous year's amount.

The power of the "no vote" is more of a PR related thing. They LOVE to say the budget was passed.