Saturday, May 11, 2013

Greece Dems Recycle Dick Beebe

Dick Beebe To Oppose Bill Reilich

For Greece Town Supervisor Position
Dick Beebe, Center


Anonymous said...

Dick has some good issues to pick from:

Property assessment increases outpace market values.

COMIDA tax breaks for retail.

Supervisor pay raise slipped through last budget

Bring back tv12 public access to cover Town Board meetings.

Anonymous said...

3:25 is on the mark. Caterino with TV12 kept Town Board more open and honest.

Will Beebe use his own car and save cost of car paid by taxes?

Anonymous said...

Bebee has one thing going for him His opponents are lemons. Just repeat their record as Slaughter did. My guess how ever is that the dems will play nice and let the republicans call them social deviants like they always do.

Anonymous said...

No shot, that is the best they can come up with? How sad we will have more of the same, can't we get Merit Rahn to run.

SCATS said...

To 5:25PM ~~ Theyare going to make that somewhat harder to do this time around. They aren't going to tell us the names of their other candidates (I seriously doubt they have a full slate anyway) until "late summer."

Anonymous said...

Dear God, who the hell is Dick Beebe?

What's Dick's background?

Can the Dems find a candidate to run against Antelli so I can vote for 2 Dems. Mayhaps an open homosexual Union Member already collecting a fat check from taxpayers?

Give me candidates Democrats. They don't even need to be good candidates. I'll vote Row A because the crap the Repubs have running stinks to heaven.

Anonymous said...

Good for Beebe, I suppose. And I'm sure he's a decent fellow.

But who will this energize?

The anti-Auberger crowd would vote for a dead corpse with a "D" on its chest, given the chance, so you don't have to play it safe to get their vote.

This was the time to showcase some youth and vigor. Here was the opportunity to stand for change. Beebe represents stability and experience, which is fine, but those votes are already sewn up on one side or the other.

The votes up for grabs will not be impressed with Beebe, one of the few potential candidates who makes Reilich look vibrant by contrast.

This doesn't hand the election to Reilich, but it doesn't pose the most difficult challenge either.

Anonymous said...

Is this Dick from RG&E who managed to kiss enough *** to stay on as an Energy Manager at Energyeast hiding in an office and attending funerals till he got DUMPED?

If it is he can make the Hairburger look like Mr Publicity.

What an election this is going to be. There better be puke buckets at the voting sites.

SCATS said...

To 3PM ~~ I have no idea who you are talking about. However, I'm with you about having those buckets ready! In fact, we're going to need them for the school board elections in another 10 days! Let's hope they clean them out before November.

Anonymous said...

3:00PM Yes it is he. He was Mayor of Homer and his wife referred to herself as the first lady of Homer (a community of less than 4,000 people). I remember when the first lady of Homer walked into the post office and demanded they add a hand rail. She was then informed she can not tell the federal government what to do!

SCATS said...

To 5:46PM ~~ What does ANY OF THAT have to do with him serving as Supervisor in Greece?? If that kind of stuff is important, then he will win HANDS DOWN over Reilich who has an adult kid with a drug/alcohol/gambling problem (depends on which source) and a record of trouble with the law while daddy was in office!

Anonymous said...

It is not very important but more important is we are electing the individual not there as you say "kids". reilich's son is older then 30 years of age. When are you going to stop blaming the parents he is an adult, unless they live at home in the basement which he does not. bebee has a thin résumé .

SCATS said...

To 11:21PM ~~ You didn't answer my question, typical!

What I see is another career politician (we know what that means, don't we?) vs. someone who can probably do just as good of a job but without all the side deals.

Greece needs someone with clean hands & a clean record. I don't see Reilich possessing either.

Anonymous said...

Dictionary says: ca·reer [kuh-reer]

an occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, followed as one's lifework:
Wrong again Reilich is a career Businessman having spent nearly 30 years in business for himself. Nice try.

SCATS said...

To 11:33AM ~~ I appreciate the definition since reading it makes it obvious that it takes NO special training to become a politician. However, "career politician" is a phrase others invented for people like Reilich.

In the end, you can say whatever you want but it won't change the truth. He's spent 25+ years in politics, according to bio info. Many other sources call him exactly what I just did. So I'll say it again ...

Bill Reilich is a career politician.

Anonymous said...

Dick Beebee is a good man with a solid record as a public servant - both in Homer and in the Monroe Co. Legislature. For readers of this page to ask who he is shows that they are know-nothing sheeple. He is well respected, has good common sense and can work with the opposition party... that's why the Republican party hates the thought of him succeeding.

As far as criticizing the Dems for not having a "better" slate... Do you know how hard it is to take on the machine that the Republicans have in place? They have the contracts and patronage positions to either give as rewards or take as punishment. Plus, 99% of qualified potential candidates already have a good full time job. Why jeopardize it by going up against the machine? Believe me... there will be retribution from Bill and Maggie if you take their machine on. And if you are "lucky" enough to win, you get to fight them all over again in another two to four years or whenever your seat is up again. Plus you'll end up on the public dole as an elected politician anyway. Yuck! That's a step backwards from a good private sector job.

As you said SCATs, Reilich is a career pol. As are most of their machine like Kirk Morris, Joe Robach, Rick Antelli. I know Antelli's elected positions have been "part time" but there are all sort of stories about him using his authority for favoritism towards his many business ventures (aka crony capitalism).

If Republicans are supposed to be "pro-business," then why do so many of them need to take government patronage positions over and over again? Why can't they find jobs in private industry, unless it's "consulting" work for governments? Why does a "business man" like Antelli want to have his hands in our pockets taking our hard earned tax dollars? Because that's all these Republicans know how to do: use their power to leech off the public. They are scavengers who never had to meet a payroll, make a sales goal, worry about retirement savings, turn a profit, etc.

I wish there has a viable third party, but in the mean time vote for the Dems. It can't get any worse until they have the machine.

SCATS said...

To 12:52PM ~~ I'm pretty sure I know who you are. You used to always sign your comments. What happened?

Regarding your excuses for the Dems slate: It's been 4 long YEARS since Maloney lost by a narrow margin. In that time, work to get a SOLID SLATE OF CONTENDERS TOGETHER and plans to roll them out EARLY & STRONG should have been made! At this point in time, it's INEXCUSABLE to have just ONE CANDIDATE ANNOUNCED!! How do you expect people to take any Dems running for office in Greece seriously, when it appears your plans to win the seats & run things don't also look serious? It takes time and effort to get name recognition. That problem alone will likely defeat any Dem contenders in Greece given the late start by the Dems.

Anonymous said...

It's 12:52p responding. Nope - I've never signed a comment because I'm sure big brother (or is it big sister?) monitors your page. I would rather speak my full mind without fear of retribution by the machine. And just to be clear, I do NOT have a patronage position. I do however run a business and the machine can find a way come down hard if they want to. That's the game in this town and THAT'S why it's so hard for the Democrats to find candidates other than far lefties or those without much to lose. I understand your point about them having 4 years to work on this. However that underscores my point even more about how hard it is. Think about it SCATS. The Rs have a people working on this fulltime (i.e. - Kirk Morris can collect his full-time Dept. Clerk salary while he is really just politicking full time) and the Ds, are doing this part-time on the weekend between gay marriage rallies (LOL).

I used to be a Dem committee member but am no longer. Someday I will take on this fight when I have a little more security. I would prefer it to be as a third party candidate that is sworn to tearing government down. The solution is to limit government power as much as possible so that the power itself doesn't corrupt those elected. I used to think government could be used for good, but the power is like an addicting drug. These guys are addicts and they will let nothing stand in their way. They will protect any scoundrel that is on their side and stomp any enemy that is seen as a theat.

BTW - whoever you are confusing me with must be one swell guy ;)

SCATS said...

To 2:07PM ~~ OK, I apologize for confusing you with him/her/it :) I can tell from this comment you are a different person.

I agree 100% about the retaliation/retribution factor. That's how our entire town is run, even (maybe most especially?) the schools!

Again, there was 4 YEARS TO PREPARE! While it might be hard for a working person, the head of Greece's Dem Committee is RETIRED! He had time to volunteer doing tax returns for the poor, but didn't have time to work on getting candidates for the Dems to run. Of course, maybe it was self-serving. Time will tell when see if his and/or his spouse's names appear on the ballot ;)