Thursday, May 02, 2013

Greece Central's Coffer of Unclaimed Funds

A little more than 3 years ago, SCATS posted about the wide variety of Unclaimed Funds NY State was holding on behalf of local governing entities. Tonight at 11PM, WHEC-TV will inform the Greece School Board about the Unclaimed Funds NY State is holding for them to claim.

My own quick search of the Unclaimed Funds website shows a wide variety of funds owed ranging from the State of Indiana (would love to know why they have money owed to GCSD) to Nazareth College to Educational Testing Systems to MetLife & Safety Kleen.

Some funds I noted as Unclaimed in 2010 remain so today! Greece Olympia Class of 1990 and Greece Ridge Centermall are two of those!

SCATS ~~ It would be nice if they figured out how much they needed to tax us AFTER they account for this sort of oversight, instead of before!

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