Friday, May 31, 2013

800,000 PAGEVIEWS!!

SCATS' Pageviews hit 800,000 last night!

June: Greece Scandal Remembrance Month

June 7th will live on in infamy, thanks to Nick Joseph

June 20th put the Greece Central School District on the map when Karen Klein failed to do her job.

In light of the numerous Greece scandals of the past, what about all of the whispering around town about Greece's top dog getting a DWI on the Parkway last winter?

For months, I've heard about it ... from employees, from first responders and yesterday, Kimberly of 'Kimberly & Beck' fame brought it up on the radio.

With an annual evaluation of this person's employment/contract due this month, I think it's time to get this out into the open.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

With A Little Bit Of Power ...

Comes Great Arrogance

Anonymous said...
Guess whose son got a summer job with the district? That's right, Julia's. Never even saw a posting for summer positions and yet the Board Presidents kid has a summer job. First her younger son gets private tutoring so he can pass the social studies exam ( who knows if he actually passed the exam, what teacher would fail him after he was tutored by one of the Superintendent's favorite boy toys) and now the older one is working a summer job at district office. Watch out DO employees Julia has another mole aside from her personal friend, the Board clerk. Oh the things she'll be able to hold over people now. Please, please, please let there be a new Board President come July.   5/28/2013 11:47 PM

SCATS ~~ If anyone wants to know what NOT TO DO, look to our "leaders" in Greece! This goes beyond bad form ... way beyond.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ka-Ching!! There Goes Your Tax $$s

BOE To Approve New GTA Deal
BOE Meeting Tuesday, 6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation.

Adult Literacy Contract

RESOLVED: That the contractual agreement between the Greece Central School District and the Greece Teachers' Association on behalf of the Adult Teachers Literacy Unit for the timeframe of July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2015 be ratified.

SCATS ~~ I'll bet your brown bag lunch they have NO CLUE what the cost of this agreement is to the district, despite BOE policy that REQUIRES it!! I'll also bet any discussion is minimal.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Frank Oberg Wins Write-In Slot

Mr. "Chump Change" Wins It
With Only 137 Votes!

His voice on the BOE should be as loud as the percentage of support he got in the ballot box: nominal.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


 Only 3108 Voted!

Who told the media this whopper?: "Voters approved a $205 million budget with a less than one percent tax rate increase."

By a vote of 1728 to 1380, Greece Central School District voters approved a $205,511,990 spending plan for the 2013-14 school year. The budget increases spending by 3.24% and carries a projected tax rate of $23.55 per $1,000 of assessed value.
Also approved by a vote of 1722 in favor and 1376 against was a bus purchase proposition that authorizes the district to replace 29 buses – eighteen 66-passenger buses, six 20-passenger buses and five 30-passenger buses at a cost not to exceed $2,390,673. Of that amount, $495,000 will come from the district’s previously established bus purchase reserve fund.
Preliminary results from the Board of Education election show incumbent Gale O’Toole with 2202 votes and newcomer Terry Melore with 2132 each winning three-year terms to begin July 1. Because only two candidates ran for three open Board seats, voters were asked to write in a third name. The write-in candidate with the most votes will be asked to join the Board. Write in ballots will be counted tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. The outcome will be announced later that morning.
SCATS ~~ Interesting that they've announced two "winners" without knowing how many votes the write-ins got! Maybe they operate using ESP? What happens if two write-ins get more votes than one or both of the named candidates??

Mike Barry Replaces Shannon O'Keefe

At tonight's Greece Town Board Meeting,  Mike Barry was appointed to the seat replacing Shannon O'Keefe-Pero, who recently resigned.

As a Facebook Friend quipped: "Yes, Barry is replacing O'Keefe, who replaced, Mike Barry upon HIS resignation from Town Board 4 years ago. Why, exactly, did Barry resign in 2009? What is different now?"

NYCLU To Discuss Greece Prayer Case


Greece Prayer Case
Galloway v. Town of Greece

and the Curious Case
of Legislative Prayer

Thirty years ago, the Supreme Court authorized legislative bodies to open legislative meetings with prayers, provided that the government does not exploit these prayers to advance one particular faith to the exclusion of others. Many legislative bodies, however, have sought to push the envelope – by repeatedly leading Christian prayers or inviting predominantly Christian clergy to deliver predominantly Christian prayers.

Amercians United confronted the latter situation in Galloway v. Town of Greece, challenging the town’s practice of opening meetings with Christian prayers delivered by Christian clergy. Gregory Lipper will discuss the trial court’s decision to dismiss the lawsuit, the successful appeal to the Second Circuit, and the Town’s attempt to obtain Supreme Court review. He’ll also describe how Greece fits within the larger body of legislative prayer cases.
Gregory M. Lipper is Senior Litigation Counsel at Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Genesee Valley NYCLU Annual Meeting

Election of Officers • Annual Report • Gregory Lipper

Wednesday June 5th • 6 PM

Downtown Presbyterian Church • 121 N Fitzhugh Street • Parking available at City Hall

Light Refreshment at 6 PM • Meeting Begins at 6:30 PM • Non-Members welcome!

RSVP Appreciated • 585-454-4334 • GeneseeValley@NYCLU.ORG


Greece Cops Gone Too Far?

"Fxxk it! You're under arrest!"

LOCATION: In front of Olympia HS
DATE: May 15, 2013

SCATS ~~ I've watched this video several times. It appears to me that this student WAS walking and the cops stopped him because they didn't like the DIRECTION he was headed in - towards them. I know Olympia HS has its issues, but this is ridiculous when our kids can't walk home from school without fear of intimidation, assault & arrest at the hands of those who are supposed to serve, protect and guide all. Worse yet, the female cop is our "youth officer."

Monday, May 20, 2013

School Vote Today!

Polls open 6am-9pm
Vote "NO"
Vote often.
It's the Greece way ;)

SCOTUS To Hear Greece Prayer Case

"The court will hear the case in its next term, which begins in October. Its decision, expected by June 2014, could have broad implications for public schools and events, as well as for individuals who seek to convey religious messages." SOURCE

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Greece Sued Over Body Rub Shop Closure

Puja Acupressure Center owner files suit against Town of Greece claiming his business was singled out.

As usual, Parrinello calls the reason for shutdown "poppycock" while Kathryn Firkins has "no comment."


Friday, May 17, 2013

Get Out & Vote "NO" Tuesday

Polls Open 6AM to 9PM
If you don't know where to vote, call the Board Clerk 966-2010.
Vote "NO" on the 2013-14 Budget Proposal
Vote "NO" on the proposition for bus purchases
Do NOT support ANY board candidate.
It doesn't matter who gets elected, they will sell-out to support the union and/or administration anyway.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Unruly High School Students

My Facebook friends are reporting several incidents around the schools in Greece today. Does anyone have the details?

  • Any idea what is going on at Greece Olympia High School? Lots of police and several ambulances by the walk bridge at the school. Was there a fight? (approx. 3pm)
  • Greece police had a group of several youths pulled over on latta near mt read at 3. Something went down .... Yeah I saw that too. Police had someone in back if car and I saw a gang of kids over a few streets

Rory Smith vs. Town of Greece & PD

Recently SCATS requested that Rory Smith contact us to update us about the specifics of a lawsuit he filed against the town & PD related to allegations/charges against him that were ultimately dropped. This response was received today:

Anonymous said...

This is Rory. I am writing you as you requested, to bring you up to date on the status of my case against the Greece Police and Greece. My case is progressing, and we have served all parties. Here is a brief outline of the malicious prosecution case facts:
INCIDENT 1- Arrested at gunpoint for the very first time in my life on December 22, 2010, at my sick, elderly mother's Long Island home. Complaints for Rape, Sodomy, Assault, and Strangulation lacked the victim's signature, and no evidence was submitted by GPD. Treated like a dangerous crminal and jailed for 2 days until my mom bailed me out for $15K. 8 months of pure hell

OUTCOME: A Grand Jury dismissed all charges at the end of August 2011 because I proved I was never even there. That month, Monroe County had 4 Grand Jury Risings, and addresed 18 felony complaints from GPD. Only 5 of 18 were indicted! These stats seem to indicate the Greece complaints (over 72%) were defective in some very serious way.

INCIDENT 2- October of 2011, charged with Criminal Contempt by the same woman and the GPD. The GPD advised an arrest warrant, falsely claiming that I sent messages to the woman violating an active Order Of Protection (OOP) which did not exist. They never produced the messages or IP information and never produced the OOP.
OUTCOME: All charges were dismissed by the judge in November 2011. Another month of hell.
INCIDENT 3- November 2011, the GPD and the woman charged me with Aggravated Harassment, submitting printed email messages lacking any IP info. The GPD again advised a warrant for my arrest.
OUTCOME: All charges dismissed in July 2012. 8 more months of pure hell.
 My attorney, a great professional named Robert W. Wood, obtained subpoena info showing that the emails were sent by the woman herself, using her employer's network. On one of the email printouts the woman had sent a message to the Chief Of Police at the beginning of Sept. 2011 which contained an email she falsely said I had sent to her. The printout contains a response from Chief Baxter, where he asks the woman, "Can we not lock him up? Do you have an OOP?"
So, a month before I was charged with violating a non-existing OOP for allegedly sending this woman emails I never sent, and a few days after the Rape/Sodomy/Assault/Strangulation case was found bogus by a Grand Jury, the Chief asked her this question. It seems that this woman may have been running the police department, since the Chief is asking HER if HE can lock ME up.     5/16/2013 10:31 AM

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 21 Election Results

SCATS predicts ...

  • The budget will be approved.
  • The bus proposition will be approved.
  • Gale O'Toole will be the top vote getter ...
  • ... Frank Oberg will be a close second ...
  • ... and Terry Melore will come in a distant third for a seat on the Greece BOE.
  • Voter turnout will be an embarrassment to the community!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BOE Meeting Tonight, 6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation.

Monday, May 13, 2013

SCOTUS Postpones Hearing Greece Case

WGRZ reports: "The Supreme Court on Monday postponed deciding whether to review a prayer case involving the Town of Greece.

The nine justices have before them several petitions involving prayers at public meetings and one school graduation case, all of which raise issues involving constitutional prohibitions against government endorsement of a particular religion or faith tradition.

The justices were scheduled to privately discuss whether to accept the Greece case last week, but the list the court released this morning did not mention it."

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Who Will You Support For BOE?

Do you plan to write-in someone? If so, who?

Let's see who wins this straight popularity poll over the next few days.

George Hubbard: Debt Service & Frank Oberg

Greece Central has accumulated over $4 million in SURPLUS sitting untouched in GCSD's  Debt Service Fund. Below, George Hubbard asks some great questions!

1. How should GCSD unwind the $4M surplus in DEBT SERVICE FUND (DS Fund)?
2. This balance shouldn’t exist... should be very small – near zero.
3. The surpluses result annually from budgeting more money than needed to make required payments on long-term bonds. Payments have been declining because some bonds have been refinanced.
4. The surpluses accrued over a few years... unknown which years, but probably 4 or 5yrs. Typical appropriations have run $14.5M+/- per year and haven’t varied much.
5. The surpluses sit in the Debt Service Fund separate from the General Fund.
6. Why did GCSD budget more than needed... payments are predictable?
7. How should $4M surplus be used?
Geo Hubbard Editorial submitted to Greece Post:
I urge voters in the Greece Central School District to consider the name of Mr. Frank Oberg as a write-in candidate for the upcoming school board election May 21.
For residents who may not be aware, the Board of Education will have only two official candidates on the ballot to fill three seats that become vacant on June 30. While write-in votes are always permitted in any election year, the write-in option becomes especially important this year. So be prepared; plan ahead before entering the voting booth. 
Frank Oberg is eminently well qualified. Many voters will recognize his name from within the community, and recall his prior years of dedicated service on the Greece board from 2005 to 2011 — two as Board President. Also, he brings experience from a professional career in engineering and production management before retiring from Harris RF, Inc.
After learning of the shortfall for school board candidates this year, Frank has expressed to me a willingness to serve again if “it were to be the wishes of voters.” In my opinion, GCSD would be fortunate indeed to have Frank’s knowledge, experience and unambiguous approach to setting district goals and policies back in action.
Please consider Frank’s name when you vote. And above all else, be sure to vote May 21!

SCATS ~~ Well George, while I do agree that the $4 million surplus needs to be applied to this years budget (i.e. spent), I can not disagree more about supporting Frank Oberg for another stint on the Greece School Board! So quickly people have forgotten the chaos & turmoil he created in the past. Here's a list of several important reminders of what Frank Oberg is all about:

10. - Frank Oberg likened this BLOG to the KKK!

9. - Frank Oberg supported increasing senior exemptions for school taxes which means everyone else (non-seniors) got to pay more to offset it!

8.-6. - Frank Oberg underwent some sort of philosophical metamorphosis during his last years on the BOE making him part of the problem (AKA Boily groupie), instead of part of the solution (HMO). This is of such huge importance, it gets THREE slots of the 10 posted!

5 - Frank Oberg reaped the reward of selling out to the BOE insiders group to become BOE Prez.

4 - Frank Oberg called $30,000 - $50,000 (depends on which reference we cite) in additional pay for a new superintendent "Chump change!!"

3 - Frank Oberg showed us he could make us eat a 5% tax hike without a revote after 2 out of 3 voters screamed a resounding "NO!" in May of 2010.

2 - Frank Oberg stated after the budget vote in May of 2011: "I'm disappointed at the turnout, but pleased that people felt it was a reasonable budget ... But I think we worked hard to put a reasonable budget forward this year under very difficult circumstances and I'm very happy that it passed."

1 - Frank Oberg can't see cause and effect ... or understand and clearly see the impact that making people eat the budget in 2010 had on voter turnout the next year! He no longer stands for common sense, frugality or any of the other phil  osophies HMO ran for board on!!      

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Past GCSD Supts In The 'News' ...

Meg Keller-Cogan: " ... Dr. Keller Cogan has been placed on leave until the Board of Trustees and Dr. Keller Cogan may negotiate the terms of her departure from Elmwood Franklin School."

(Where have I heard these words before? Oh yeah! We did that in Greece!!)

Steve Achramovitch: School district denies intimidation of Hamburg blogger

(He hires expensive lawyers (Harris Beach hacks lol)  who can't even serve a proper subpoena!)

Steve Walts:
Anonymous said...
Scats; unfortunately for me, this topic has been a stone in my shoe since 05. That, combined with information I received from my contact in PWC last evening
pushed me over the edge. The powers that be in PWC just gave "Teflon Steve" a new contract with a hefty wage increase. The item that lit me up was a clause that gives him $30,000/year to buy health insurance. And if that isn't enough to "rot your socks" they also approved his plan to build a PERFORMING ARTS CENTER thereby putting the finishing touch on his effort to make PWC school district, and I quote "A world class school district". Where have we heard that before? This guy is without a doubt The Prince of freakin darkness. Glad I could help. JM
5/10/2013 3:46 PM
(I can't believe he's survived this long without being chased out of PWC!) 

SCATS ~~ It would be so tempting to make it a foursome! Babs' evaluation is right around the corner. Seems to me there's plenty of trouble there to put her on notice.

Greece Dems Recycle Dick Beebe

Dick Beebe To Oppose Bill Reilich

For Greece Town Supervisor Position
Dick Beebe, Center

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dear Babs ...


I've been told by several people including one inside the GTA* (a teacher friend), one inside GCSD administration and a couple of outsiders that Babs relied upon Greece Central's highly compensated lawyers to advise her about the side deal she struck with GTA regarding teacher evaluations. It appears that she wanted to know whether or not she could ink the agreement without involving the Board of Education. In other words, she wanted to bypass asking the BOE to approve, and therefore to know about, the agreement she reached with the union to not use state-mandated teacher and principal evaluations in firing decisions for the current year.

It turns out that although Babs continues to claim there's no problem with her (mis)handling of this illegal agreement, the NY State Education Dept. disagrees with her stance. In fact, they've issued a memo (copied below) that certainly sounds as if Babs blew it on this item.

Further evidence that she went under-the-table and behind people's backs is the fact that NYSED issued a letter to Babs on Oct. 22, 2012 congratulating her for getting approval for Greece's APPR plan submitted to them. The problem is, that letter pre-dates the October 30, 2012 memorandum of agreement she struck with GTA (see BLOG titled "GCSD/GTA Caught With Pants Down?") !!

The bottom line: Babs is lying about the validity of this secret deal, one that the Greece school board should be holding her accountable for, one that should cause them to take pause before continuing/lengthening her contract, or offering any salary increase with her upcoming annual evaluation.

* Because I'm getting questions about my reference to GTA, let me clarify that I consider ANY GTA MEMBER to be "inside of GTA" and I always have thought of it that way.

It has come to the Department’s attention that some school districts and union representatives may have signed memoranda of understanding (“MOUs”) that purport to address aspects of the districts’ approved APPR plans. Please be advised that each district and BOCES APPR plan that has been approved by the Department constitutes that district’s or BOCES’ entire APPR plan. As part of the signed certification in each APPR plan, each superintendent (or BOCES District Superintendent) and the presidents of the district’s or BOCES’ board of education and teachers’ and administrators’ union acknowledged that such plan is the sole plan for the APPR of all classroom teachers and principals in the district or BOCES. With respect to all approved APPR plans, the Department considers void any other signed agreements between and among those parties to the extent that such agreements conflict with the approved APPR plan and the requirements of Education Law § 3012-c and Subpart 30-2 of the Rules of the Board of Regents (“regulations”), and does not recognize any such agreements as part of any approved APPR plan. School districts and BOCES must implement the terms of their approved APPR plans consistent with the requirements of Education Law § 3012-c and the regulations.Specifically, all such approved APPR plans must be implemented in accordance with Education Law § 3012-c(1) and § 30-2.1(d) of the regulations, which require that APPRs “shall be a significant factor for employment decisions including but not limited to, promotion, retention, tenure determination, termination, and supplemental compensation….” All school districts and BOCES and their collective bargaining agents provided an assurance in their approved APPR plans that “the evaluation system will be used as a significant factor for employment decisions and teacher and principal
Pursuant to Education Law § 3012-c(2)(k) and § 30-2.3(a)(2) of the regulations, any material changes to an approved APPR plan must be submitted to the Department for review and approval. All material changes must be consistent with the requirements of Education Law § 3012-c and the regulations.
May 1, 2013

All Buffalo Teachers

Philip Rumore, President, BTF

The Battle Begins
The Commissioner has realized that singling out Buffalo again was raising questions. The New York State Department of Education has now sent a letter to all school districts voiding all MOU’s similar to ours.

“With respect to all approved APPR plans, the Department considers void any other signed agreements between and among those parties to the extent that such agreements conflict with the approved APPR plan and the requirements of Education Law §3012-c and Subpart 30-2 of the Rules of the Board of  Regents (“regulations”), and does not recognize any such agreements as part of any approved APPR plan."

As usual, BTF started the battle. Now hundreds, yes hundreds, of unions and districts are also under attack.

The Executive Committee will meet on the scheduled date, Thursday, May 9 (not this week) as we coordinate with NYSUT, other locals and school districts.
As always, if necessary we are prepared to do battle alone, as we have in the past and prevailed.
Remember, as a result of the State Education Department’s lack of direction and flipflopping on what was acceptable, there was no APPR in place in September of 2011 when, under the law, it should have been.
Let it be clear. We will utilize every and all means to ensure that our MOU is honored and that no teacher risks termination as a result of an evaluation process that has been shown to be a
disaster across New York State.

Greece Dems: Bass Ackwards As Usual

I received a "Press Release" today From the Monroe County Democratic Committee notifying me that the Greece Democrats are ready to announce their candidate for Greece Town Supervisor.

Well hallelujah!!!! After FOUR YEARS OF LEAD-IN TIME (since their last defeat in Greece) and MORE THAN TWO MONTHS AFTER REILICH ANNOUNCES HIS CANDIDACY, the Greece Dems are finally ready to roll out their candidate!!

Maybe their motto is: "Better late than never ... "

I think it should be: "What the hell took you so long?"

I'll bet you can't guess WHERE they plan to make this announcement on Saturday at 1PM ;)

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Odyssey Academy: Fails To Make The Cut

Newsweek's 2013 List of Best High Schools
SCATS ~~ Odyssey Academy's death spiral takes it from #270 last year to not even making the list of top 2000 this year! Even East High School is better than ALL of Greece's high schools!

One Crook Caught

Sean Seaman, 17

13WHAM reports: "Sean Seaman, 17, of Belmont Road in Greece was arraigned Wednesday afternoon on one charge of Grand Larceny 4th for a vehicle broken into on Sierra Drive, and a charge of Petit Larceny for a vehicle broken into on Picturesque Drive.

Seaman was released to the custody of his parents and assigned a curfew following his arraignment.

Greece police tell 13WHAM News that Seaman was identified by a television news viewer who saw video of one of the car larcenies on a newscast."

SCATS ~~ Your parents must be very proud, Sean!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

What Do These Judges Know About Poetry???

617862 NY_GRE_poetry.jpeg
Greece Central Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams; Greece Police Chief Todd Baxter; Don Riley, former Town of Greece Supervisor and vice president of marketing and development for Mark IV; and Don Hudson, anchor for News10NBC pose with the poetry contest winners. They are, from left, were Christina Lee from Greece Arcadia, runner-up Ryan Fiannaca from Greece Athena, and runner-up Tia Rivera from Greece Olympia. Not pictured is runner-up Liam Seeley from Odyssey Academy. (Greece Post)

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

GCSD's New Website: EPIC FAIL!!!

Past Board Members (George Hubbard & Frank Oberg) Unable To Locate 2013-14 Budget On New Site

George Hubbard from Budget Committee lambastes BOE about the budget, their process, lack of questions about certain aspects, messages they are sending to the community, the unavailability of a budget book and the lack of any attention to enrollments and how prepared Greece graduates are (or aren't).

Hubbard questions gap between the approx. $191 million spent for the current year vs. the approx. $206 million budget requested for approval for 2013-14. Julia's response was to  remind him she gave him more than 5 minutes and he needed to finish up so she could adjourn the hearing.

From YNN: "We go budget to budget, year to year but there is never a reference back to what was actually spent ... This year, 2012-13, the estimated year-end spending is going to be $190 or $191 million, next year they say they need $205 million. Uh, that needs some explanation ... I think they know that these are legitimate questions and the community deserves some answers." ~~ George Hubbard

SCATS ~~ You asked some great questions George, but you let them off-the-hook for giving you any answers! That's what always happens to people who try to "play nice" with the dysfunction junction.

Here's An Obvious "NO" Vote ...

Vote NO on Greece School Budget

This district is all about growing fatter and doing less for kids. I don't mean the teachers...I'm talking higher up. This is the same district that jilts
special education students and bullies their parents into submission or into leaving the district rather than deal with the chronic harassment by district staff who insists they cannot accommodate even though the law says they have too. This district can somehow afford a windbag pediatrician and 2 part time nurse practitioners on staff whom they pay to do their gate keeping to refuse services to children who need them. This includes having said staff call parents and harass them at home. Asking intrusive medical questions, insinuating that the information they have received by the child's doctor isn't real or that worse, the parents have made up the child's disability. This pediatrician is paid to sit in meetings and bully, shame and blame parents for the disabilities their children have in order to try to scare them or intimidate them to go away and not seeking a fair appropriate public education. There are numerous reports from parents all over Greece that have had this done to them and have removed their children from Greece because they had not choice. The have been sued for doing this before and continue to do so. Instead of letting the special education teacher, parents and therapist determine what the child needs, they pay these people to make sure no one gets what they need. Seems to me there are plenty of cuts that could be made such as windbags salary. How many school districts do you know with their own doctor?

It's high time they learn to cut the FAT instead of getting more money every time they want to buy more buses. Which ironically seems like ever year. How many buses do you need? Supposedly closing some of their schools and condensing their busing routes was supposed to cut back on transportation costs. They have also have a fat reserve account, let them use that.

Want to know more about the game this district plays:

Vote NO!!!

SCATS ~~ Just an FYI ... I have NO IDEA who posted this but based upon individual communications with a number of Greece parents over the last 6 months, I can verify that the sentiments and info contained in the posting ring true!

Are You Smarter Than A Mashed Tater?

Only Two Candidates Seek GCSD BOE Seats
Only current BOE member Gale O'Toole & former GCSD teacher Terry Melore turned in proper petitions and will have their names on the ballot.
The third seat will be decided in a write-in campaign. A Greece parent* who failed to get the 87 required signatures on a proper petition hopes to get the needed votes. Anyone could run and win, easily!!
SCATS ~~ It's a testament to the hugely apathetic voter turnout in Greece that only 87 signatures were needed to get a place on the ballot. The fact that someone seeking a seat was able to screw that up is mind-boggling!

* I can't bring myself to share the name following this epic petition debacle.

History Repeats Itself ...

AnonymousAnonymous said...

In less than 8 months, Meg Keller-Cogan has destroyed the Elmwood Franklin School in Buffalo. Parents are at war with each other, faculty is 100% in extreme opposition to her, 4 board members have resigned and 3 administrators were fired last Friday. She leaves a shxxstorm (word edited) everywhere she goes.    5/06/2013 3:37 PM

New Bill Bans School Employee/Student Sex

WHEC-TV reports: "The NY State Senate has passed a bill that would ban sexual conduct between a school employee and a student even if the student is 17, which is the legal age of consent in the state.

Punishment could include up to four years in prison.

The legislation is now before the Assembly."
SCATS ~~ Common sense is truly dead when we have to write into law that which should be obvious!

Monday, May 06, 2013

Chad Rahn Facing Civil Suit

Lawsuit brought by tipster alleges the Town of Irondequoit and its police department were negligent in ignoring warning signs about Rahn’s past when he was hired in 2002. It maintains Rahn should have been fired after a series of personal and professional missteps, including domestic violence allegations, reckless driving and doing police work in Greece while on leave from his position in Irondequoit.


SCATS ~~ Is it merely coincidental that just as the current regime prepares to vacate office in Greece that all of the old ghosts of scandals past are resurfacing in recent weeks?

Supreme Court To Consider Greece Prayer Case

Thursday the US Supreme Court will decide in conference whether it will grant oral argument in Town of Greece vs. Galloway. The court will announce early next week whether it will hear the case in their next term, which begins in October.

“We invite local clergy members, and those who have expressed an interest in saying a prayer at our meetings. People are allowed to express themselves as they see fit without governmental interference. To limit what people can and cannot say would limit their right to freedom of speech.” ~~ John Auberger, lame duck Supervisor

Auberger hopes the Supreme Court rules in the town’s favor “so governments across our country can continue to start their meetings with a prayer, as has been the custom since our country was founded, without fear of being sued.”


SCATS ~~ There's a HUGE difference between offering a "generic" prayer and offering one invoking "The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit." Someday, John might learn this. Maybe the Supreme Court can teach him.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Meetings: GCSD Budget, Zoning Board

You get two chances this week to tell Babs where to put her budget.

Tuesday @6:30PM the Greece BOE is having a Budget Hearing in the BOE meeting room.

Wednesday @7PM, Babs faces the Northgate Neighbor Group at Aldersgate Church on Dewey Ave.

If you are worried about the Town of Greece going to the dogs, the Zoning Board meets Tuesday @7PM to consider the variance request by:

Kelly M. Blessing

Location: 495 Drumcliff Way

Mon. Co. Tax No.: 045.01-9-40

Zoning District: R1-E (Single-Family Residential)

Request: An area variance for eight (8) dogs in a dwelling unit, instead of the maximum three (3) dogs permitted.


Saturday, May 04, 2013

Friday, May 03, 2013

Dr. Phil Gets Closer To Greece Intervention ...

Alicia Gustaffero Dishes On
Attorney "Jimmy" Doyle

(Click on white arrow for video)

The Dr. Phil show reached out to James "Jimmy" Doyle for comment but did not receive a response.

For more on this story, visit:

Greece: 43 Car Break-Ins In April


Also see previous BLOG: "Does Anyone Recognize This Crook? "


GCSD & Coaches Sued Over Hockey Fight

The victim's parents allege district officials “allowed and encouraged acts of violence and harassment by older members of the Greece Thunder hockey team (specifically Tyler Grimshaw) directed at younger, weaker, smaller, less skilled and/or less favored members of the team.”

The lawsuit alleges:
  • team coach Daniel Webb, asst. coach Erik Geller, and other school officials ignored a pattern of prior violent acts by Grimshaw, including his “rifling” hockey pucks at his team mates.
  • Grimshaw and the boy had an altercation in the locker room. Later, on the ice, Grimshaw allegedly slammed the boy into the rink’s boards. The boy left the ice and threw up.
  • Webb told the boy he did not have a concussion and “must have had a pre-existing illness.” However, a pediatrician diagnosed the boy with a concussion the following day.
  • negligence, infliction of emotional distress, violations of the boy’s civil rights and seeks $2 million plus punitive damages and legal fees.


GTA Side Deal: Null & Void

The D&C reports: "The state considers void any “side deals” that schools struck with local unions holding harmless teachers and principals from negative performance evaluations, the Education Department wrote in a memo to districts last week.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo joined the department in chiding Buffalo schools for a side agreement that guaranteed teachers and principals would not face negative consequences based on evaluations this school year. The new evaluation law designates that two consecutive years of poor evaluations could be grounds for termination.

Upon learning about agreements in Buffalo and Oneida County, the state last month threatened to pull the approval of districts’ evaluation plans and withhold increases in state aid.

Teachers unions have bristled at the term “side deals” because they think it connotes something underhanded. They maintain that the agreements were proper and aboveboard; indeed, they came to light because the Buffalo union posted its agreement on its website.

New York’s largest teachers’ union also questioned how the state could bar districts and unions from following their agreements. “I don’t see how the state Education Department can enforce the letter ... about these (agreements) being null and void,” said Richard Iannuzzi, president of New York State United Teachers. “These are local agreements.”

SCATS ~~ Well, well, well ... Greece Central & GTA have been "Caught With Their Pants Down" just as we reported on April 24th!

District Office professes the under-the-table (and under-handed) side deal struck with GTA behind closed doors didn't require Board of Education approval, therefore no vote and no reference in BOE minutes. 

This begs the question of whether or not our BOE even knew about this. Do they care? They paved the way for this type of deceit by holding too many closed door meetings and by eliminating public discussion of most subjects of substance. They trust Babs much too much! No wonder we, the community, find it hard to trust any of them!
   Miz Dee-Dubbya ~ "Babs"

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Greece Central's Coffer of Unclaimed Funds

A little more than 3 years ago, SCATS posted about the wide variety of Unclaimed Funds NY State was holding on behalf of local governing entities. Tonight at 11PM, WHEC-TV will inform the Greece School Board about the Unclaimed Funds NY State is holding for them to claim.

My own quick search of the Unclaimed Funds website shows a wide variety of funds owed ranging from the State of Indiana (would love to know why they have money owed to GCSD) to Nazareth College to Educational Testing Systems to MetLife & Safety Kleen.

Some funds I noted as Unclaimed in 2010 remain so today! Greece Olympia Class of 1990 and Greece Ridge Centermall are two of those!

SCATS ~~ It would be nice if they figured out how much they needed to tax us AFTER they account for this sort of oversight, instead of before!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Sold? Or Not Sold?

Hoover Drive Property Remains "Active" On Realtor's Website

Contingencies for Environmental Condition and/or Clear Title Could Stymie Sale

SCATS ~~ Wouldn't it be interesting if we learn the building & grounds are too "toxic" for a Charter School?