Monday, April 22, 2013

Town Board Meeting, Tuesday @6:00PM


Come hear about upcoming business planned with Operation Brain Freeze, A Barrel of Fun Productions & The Omnipresent Puppet Theater ...

SCATS ~~ There's something very fitting about these names ...


Anonymous said...

Make no mistake, BDW is in complete control of the BOE not the other way as was
suggested earlier. She has carte blanche to do as she pleases. She owns the leadership who meet with her on a regular basis including the agenda setting
meeting. Judging from agenda items published, I see nothing to indicate any type of so called micro managing whatsoever. I draw this conclusion by the fact
that to the best of my recollection, there has not been an agenda item placed on
the agenda at the request of any of the board members that requires board action since she got the job. Add that to the fact that discussions constitute
disloyalty, and you have symbolic ineffective BOE. I guess we get what we pay for where the BOE is concerned. Nottin for Nottin!!

SCATS said...

To 6:02PM ~~ Wrong thread??

The BOE did nothing on their own BEFORE Babs was hired. Julia doesn't know how to lead ... and they do micro-manage ... it's just nothing significant.

Anonymous said...

So the Democrats are running "DICK" Beebe for supervisor, former Mayor of Homer and one term Legislator who called his fellow board member Genevieve Suits some spicy four letter names during a board meeting on the record.