Monday, April 22, 2013

Tools To Help Decide College Choices

Lists 2012 Colleges Return on Investment for 850+ Schools

Tool to Compare Financial Aid & College Costs

SCATS ~~ Parents: beware that several of the local teacher factories performed very poorly in the "return on investment" category.


Anonymous said...

Going into teaching is one of the worst return on investments in the first place...a lot of money spent for a masters degree and the salary is equivalent to what most people make in the trades.

SCATS said...

To 10:46AM ~~ I knew someone would go "there" ...

FYI, the ROI info is not related to anything beyond the 4 year undergrad degree from what I saw.

Also, MANY school districts pay for those graduate degrees, not the teachers themselves.

Nice try though ;)

Anonymous said...

The difference between the salaries for teachers and the trades is that teachers only work 185 days a year. People in the trades make their income over 12 months.