Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Girl Who Cried Rape*

The D&C reports: "A Greece woman faces 13 felony charges for allegedly providing false testimony and documents during a Monroe County Family Court proceeding.

Rebecca Jaffarian was arraigned Tuesday before Monroe County Court Judge James Piampiano on five counts of first-degree perjury, six counts of second-degree perjury and two counts of first-degree offering a false instrument for filing.

Assistant District Attorney Mark Monaghan said the charges stem from testimony and petitions filed in family court on April 11, 2012. He would not discuss the nature of the testimony or petitions.

According to the grand jury indictment, Jaffarian allegedly made false statements “with the intent to mislead a public servant in the performance of his official functions.”

Monaghan said Jaffarian was released on her own recognizance and is scheduled to appear in court again on April 30."

SCATS ~~ Gee whiz! I wonder if she still sits on that Community Task Force Chief Todd appointed to her to ... hmmm ... ? Could he possibly be the "public servant" she "misled"?

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Anonymous said...

Is this the same woman you had a posting about Sept 9, 2011? She didn't sound very stable 2 years ago. Who was in the picture you had of her?

SCATS said...

To 4:58PM ~~ Yep, same flip-flop. In that other pic (still on the BLOG) she was with good ole Joe Robach and a Greece cop ... I think it might have been the K-9 guy who got canned.

Anonymous said...

Is that Rebecca of Dingleberry Farms who ran the heavily edited "Blog" during the last Supervisor election?

SCATS said...

To 12:07PM ~~ Yupper. That would be the one and only.

Anonymous said...

That woman looks like she'd be a shoe in for School Board if she got a couple gallon cans of Sears Weatherbeater Makeup.

SCATS said...

To 3:09AM ~~ Ok, I've let you have your fun. This is the last round of such comments aimed at personal appearances that will be posted ... even though I tend to agree with your underlying sentiments.

Do you do stand-up??

Anonymous said...

We all knew that she was a bit unstable when she had her blog on the D&C a few years back. It got way out of control and her comments and perspective made her seem unhinged.

What is most troublesome is she lied and made false accusations of RAPE! I find it appalling that she did that not only for real victims of rape but also for the man she wrongly accused. Those are accusations that once said cannot be easily undone . I hope that the man get his justice and the courts take her to task.

Anonymous said...

This is off topic I know but did anyone read the story in today's d and c concerning the radioactive waste an other toxic waste on the Weiland Road Ridgeway Latona intersection. What have our political leaders done to fix this (nothing) and what are they going to do now that it is public.

SCATS said...

To 12:35PM ~~ As I recall, she plagiarized openly (allegedly), got caught & eventually was let go from her stint at the paper. Then, she went onto doing more of it on her own site, among other misdeeds, like posting as numerous supposedly different individuals.

After that, she helped NGN paint the red, white & blue ribbons onto poles in the Dewey corridor/Northgate area to show her support for the Greece police dept. who lapped it all up!

Something I find almost as troublesome as her false accusations against the same man she claimed was her boyfriend/fiance (depended on the day?) was the fact that she was one more person in a chain of them (not just badge bunnies either) who appeared able to smooth-talk the chief (and other cops) and gain his trust despite some rather BIG character flaws!! I always thought seasoned cops developed a "sixth sense" about people's character and their deceptions. Perhaps not.

While she should be made to work hard to pay restitution to her victims, there is little she can do to untarnish their reputations. On top of that, YOU & I will be paying our tax $$ as her "ex" sues the green off of "Tree City" and its PD.


One suggestion to Chief Todd: MAYBE background checks should be conducted on strangers like her before you trust them? It's not as if the internet wasn't littered with a wealth of the signs of her issues! Google is free.

Anonymous said...

Better question might be how the hell did she get approved by Augie Doggie?

Hell, it was very evident back in the last campaign her elevator stopped at least 2 floors short of the top of the building.

More wonderful work by GPD.

SCATS said...

To 11:13PM ~~ Approved by Auggie for ...?? As I recall, she promoted those who ran opposed to him and the other Republicans.

It's not like his track record with character issues is stellar either!

Anonymous said...

SCATS, it’s easy to understand why GPD had the guy arrested. You don’t arrest someone because you think them guilty, you arrest them because you think you need to question or interrogate them, and you are concerned that you may not be able to summon them later if you don’t grab them now. GPD had a formal allegation of a serious offense; they would have been exposed to searing criticism if they had taken things slowly and the accused had left the state.

As for Chief and his possible lack of sixth sense, remember that the instincts of a street cop and the instincts of a top cop are very different things. The best beat cops never make it to the top, and those at the top were probably not the best at the basics.

SCATS said...

To 5:01AM ~~ Re: " ... you are concerned that you may not be able to summon them later if you don’t grab them now."

I don't know if you read back to get Rory's side of things or not, but he was NOT arrested anywhere near Monroe County! He claims he was arrested in Long Island & driven up here by State Police, locked up for 2 days, then released on $15,000 bail. He further claims THERE WAS NO SIGNED COMPLAINT AGAINST HIM!! Additionally, he had PROOF he couldn't have committed the act as it was purported to have happened in Greece, because he had proof he was nowhere near her or Greece at that time!!

I'm no rocket scientist, but if someone shows proof upfront that their accusor is lying, do we throw common sense out the window anyway??

As for Baxter, he's not that far, or long, removed from street cop status. If that's his best excuse, by all means he needs to get out of the Ivory Tower at Island Cottage (sarcasm intended) and reacquaint himself with the basics. Next thing, he'll be believing what Auberger says.

Anonymous said...

Is 5:01 suggesting that after developing the ability to sniff out BS a person can lose their sense of smell? That makes no sense to me. Sounds like an excuse to cover up a deficiency in skills.

Anonymous said...

Greece Taxpayers should never forget the Ivory Tower on Island Cottage is a recycled sewer plant.

The executive office is in the former shit tank. Appropriate, make your own decision.

Greece cops can't be expected to retain a sense of smell in that location.

Hell, Greece Cops can't even drive a Chevy!

Anonymous said...


Yeah, I had read Rory’s bit a while ago. The fact that he was downstate doesn’t change the fact that he would have been a person of interest and a flight risk. The cops wanted to question him, so they scooped him up, processed him, and let him go on bail.

He claims he has a defense. They all do. In any case, as any good cop will tell you, the first person to whom you present your defense is the prosecutor. The fact that you have a defense, even an airtight one, is of no interest to the cops, who are just in the business of bringing you in for questioning.

Arrest and questioning is not a form of punishment. It is part of the fact-finding process. It carries no implication of guilt, and you can’t get out of it by arguing your innocence.

SCATS said...

To 12:48AM ~~ Are you saying that IF he had absolute proof (say in the form of receipts, ticket stubs, email, voicemail, etc.) that he was in LI at the time his accuser says she was attacked, they should still arrest him anyway?? That makes NO sense, especially if they had no signed complaint against him (as Rory claims).

Also, couldn't he have been questioned there? Just wondering ...

Anonymous said...

Assuming a warrant for your arrest, then yes. You get to bring your evidence and show it to the attorneys, who decide whether to press charges. But the warrant is a lawful order that the cops will obey.

It is slightly different if a cop thinks he sees you commit an offense, and you can prove to him on the spot that you are not committing an offense. Then he has the discretion to decide to let you go. But that would not have been the case here.

SCATS said...

To 6:04AM ~~ So a SIGNED COMPLAINT isn't required to arrest someone in an alleged sex crime??

Anonymous said...


I know this is old news, but for some reason I googled your old nemesis and this came up. Not sure if you were aware of it...

I guess what kills me is the hypocrisy of this person. She actively tried to ruin people and their reputations if they crossed her or didn't agree with her; and now she creates something called "The Wonderful Project"??? OY!

Hopefully she's changed for the better.

SCATS said...

To 11:32AM ~~ We knew she had gotten very quiet after crying "rape" and getting Baxter involved in her scams. She's psychotic, on a good day.