Friday, April 26, 2013

Nick Joseph Appeals Conviction/Sentence

13WHAM reports: " A former Greece police officer-turned-prison inmate is appealing his conviction and sentence.

Nick Joseph's case was in front of a judge Friday morning.

Joseph remains in prison and did not appear in court.

Back in 2008, Joseph was under the influence of cocaine when he struck a parked car on 390.

The collision sent a pregnant woman into premature labor.
Judge Francis Affronti is expected to issue a decision on this appeal in the coming weeks."

SCATS ~~ Just in time for election season ... ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nick will serve all his time.
Al had to sell a lot of sausage to fund this halfass appeal, and Al has been warned to keep his big mouth shut about what he knows from the old days.

Poor Al ain't what he thought he used to be.

On the good side, if Nick is paroled he will undoubtedly have a job laying floors for Home Depot. Nick learned that skill in prison.