Monday, April 15, 2013

Mall Owners Sue Over Drainage

The Town of Greece & mall owners claim that changes made while 104 was under construction causes flooding for mall parking lot, buildings.

The lawsuit alleges negligence, blames NYS DOT for a continuing nuisance, continuing trespass and inverse condemnation. (SOURCE)

SCATS ~~ I guess COMIDA $$ for doing little isn't enough for these greedy folks. WHY did it take them so long to file suit if this issue is so big?


Anonymous said...

Now I am against theses COMIDA breaks as much as every one else , however that doesn't excuse the mall from having the right to sue to DOT. My guess is it has taken this long because they have tried to work with the DOT to solve the issue by other means and are using this as a last resort. Yes they are suing for money for lost revenue however the main point of the lawsuits is probably to fix the culvert.As an example if you won the lottery and built a new house and the roof leaked when you moved. If the builder refused to fix it what would you do, just pay to fix it because you won the lottery? No you would sue the builder.

SCATS said...

To 9:07AM ~~ What has occured to me is that maybe there wasn't much of an issue until they tore down BonTon and began the new construction. If you go to lunch at Red Robin on a rainy day, you'll get a free foot wash, maybe?? lol