Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Listen Up, BOE!

Anonymous said...

We would like to think that things are always done within the rules and regulations, but from this administration it seems that many things are done behind closed doors. There should be absolutely no bargaining or deal making when dealing with the public's money. I am going to FOIL everything and when I do not get what I know, I will begin the procedure to sue the district and its administrators for fraud! There is no way, other than the retracting of someone's name, that there should be anything that is not done or known to the public. The purpose of the BOE is to be the oversight of such rules and regulations and that when something occurs that is not right, the BOE should take appropriate measures to rectify such oversight. I have never seen anything so blatantly political and/or private to warrant such criticism. These people, BOE and Administration, feel that this responsibly that they have been granted comes with the perks of personalization. Surprise, it does not! You are the eyes and ears of the community and therefore should answer ONLY to the community!    4/16/2013 5:43 PM

SCATS ~~ I concur with the comments posted above. I sincerely hope they do as they say they will. It's about time someone held these folks accountable.


Anonymous said...

215 tedebtI do not understand where they are coming from. I get the sentiment but specifics are needed to understand the issues.

SCATS said...

To 9:55AM ~~ I don't understand what "215 tedebtI" means.

This post relates to the secrecy of our BOE, the number of closed door meetings they have, the fact they discuss very little in public session on any topic & other similar Open Govt issues that they ignore.

Anonymous said...

Just guessing, but I bet “215 tedebtI” was a CAPTCHA response.

As for the rest of it, what is the guy saying in the post? And why do you agree with it?

Surely the BOE has legal obligations to protect privacy in various dealings, meaning that at least some of what they do must be done behind closed doors. Other than that, the writer seems confused about the BOE’s role. Day to day enforcement of rules is the administration’s responsibility, not the BOE’s; the BOE is involved primarily to oversee, generally after the fact, actions that the administration has already taken. The BOE also has other responsibilities, e.g. for setting top-level policy, guidance, goals etc.

SCATS said...

To 3:29AM ~~ Ah yes! Probably the CAPTCHA thing, which I tend to forget about, since I don't have to use it. Thanks.

Of course the BOE must do SOME of its business confidentially. However, this BOE under Babs' rule has done MOST of its business that way. We have SELDOM HEARD DISCUSSION on most topics! They rarely have a meeting that isn't preceeded by an Exec. Session. Lately, they seem to return to Exec. Session a lot after adjourning too. Then they also schedule some Exec. Session only type meetings. MOST of what they have to say should be uttered IN PUBLIC. It is not.

As for enforcing rules, etc. it's often difficult to remember what their role is "supposed to be" because micromanaging brings such a sense of power to their psyches. I would at least think that they would abide by the policies they make (they do NOT) and the laws of the State of NY that they take an oath to uphold (questionable at times). Instead, they love playing the wizard behind the curtain.