Wednesday, April 24, 2013

GCSD/GTA Caught With Pants Down?

Your Children Have Been USED
By The Teacher's Union and the
Greece Central School District  

It appears the BOE never voted
on this item in a public meeting! *

Excerpted from the D&C:

"The Greece Central School District is among those in the state that quietly struck deals with local unions agreeing not to use state-mandated teacher and principal evaluations in firing decisions.

Indeed, state officials were not aware of a deal inked in October between the Greece Central School District and its union until asked about the pact by a reporter on Tuesday.
The Oct. 30 “memorandum of understanding” was obtained by the Democrat and Chronicle under a Freedom of Information request.

Under its terms, the district would not count any “ineffective” rating received by any tenured teacher in the 2012-13 school year as one of the two consecutive ineffective ratings that could trigger termination.

Education Department spokesman Tom Dunn on Tuesday afternoon said the document was “under review.”

Greece school officials staunchly defended the agreement ...

... the agreement could be an issue because Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature tied teacher-evaluation agreements to an increase in school aid for the current academic year. If the state pulled a district’s approval because an unauthorized side agreement existed, the district — and others with similar agreements — could lose this year’s increase.

“I don’t know the facts,” Cuomo, who championed the evaluations, said Tuesday on The Capitol Pressroom, a public radio show in Albany. “But if — if — (Buffalo) made a side deal that was contrary to what they certified to the state, that’s right on the line of being fraud in the ethical, and possibly legal, sense.”"

READ THE MEMORANDUM of AGREEMENT  (the back door deal!)

SCATS ~~ Of course any side deal struck between Greece Central and GTA could be just as troublesome for GCSD as Cuomo indicated about the deal made in Buffalo. I didn't approve of parents refusing testing until now! It's of  NO USE AT ALL to stress these kids!

THIS is the kind of "business" your Board of Education engages in with all of those SECRET, CLOSED DOOR MEETINGS!

* A check through posted agendas & meeting minutes from last Oct-Dec shows NO MENTION of any action on this item!


Charlie Hubbard said...

Scats; are you telling us the board approved this????????

SCATS said...

To 12:14PM ~~ Yes, Charlie. I'm telling you they SNOOKERED US ... again!

SCATS said...

By the way, when I look up the GTA contract on the GCSD website, I do NOT see or find ANY MOA's either included in the contract, or listed separately! So these side deals are COMPLETELY hidden! Is this "legal" to do? Ethical???

Anonymous said...

This BOE couldn't get anything right if the option of left wasn't available. Hey Barbara, what happened to the transparency and honesty you were carrying on about awhile back? I suppose ultimately the voters are to blame, but my God how can any one group continue to f things up as consistently as this group?!

SCATS said...

To 2:20PM ~~ It appears that our BOE gave away accountability that our Gov. tried to put into place!

It appears they did this ENTIRELY IN SECRET, thus breaking Open Meeting Laws, etc.

It appears they IGNORED their own policy by not providing us with info about either the cost OR how this BENEFITS THE DISTRICT!

It appears that the award their website got for being in accord with Sunshine Laws is an award they ought to give back!

Anonymous said...

I think the tests can still be meaningful to the students and the parents.

Anonymous said...

Does any one know who will be running for the School Board?

SCATS said...

To 3:23PM ~~ Please explain HOW.

To 5:52PM ~~ What I've heard (unofficial) is that O'Toole is running again (GOD HELP US ALL!!!), that a woman who ran last year & lost is running again (sounds like Terry Melore) and that a minority candidate turned in a petition that had insufficient signatures. Supposedly that person can run as a write-in candidate, as can any other contender. If no third person steps up, the BOE gets to appoint someone for a 1 year term, so I've heard.

Even the award-winning GCSD website doesn't tell us who is running, so it's APATHY ALL AROUND!

Anonymous said...

There is a candidates page on the website, I found it when looking at the budget page earlier today. The budget newsletter and the Board Candidates are posted . According to the website Terry Melore and Gale O'Toole are the only ones running. No mention of a third.

Anonymous said...

And we stand to lose how much in state aid thanks to this debacle?

SCATS said...

To 7:49PM ~~ TY ... I looked under "news" including the budget news listed there ... and a few other tabs. Finding info shouldn't be a game of "hide & seek" but it typically is.

To 9:22PM ~~ According to what I've read, we would only lose this year's increase in State Aid. I'm sure that anount is buried in the budget someplace.

Anonymous said...


How do you know that the board is aware of this?

Also, what exactly is technically illegal about this?

As I understand it, two subpar evaluations in a row allows, but does not require, the district to fire a teacher. The district is, in this agreement, only agreeing that they do mot intent to exercise that option for this year.

That is questionable policy, but otherwise within the district's authority, right?

SCATS said...

To 12:34AM ~~ How do I know the BOE is aware of what? That they rendered the Gov's efforts at teacher accountability useless? Or that they've potentially jeopardized the increase in State Aid? Do you really think they are THAT naive??

Adopting an MOA/MOU requires a PUBLIC VOTE, by the BOE. There's NO RECORD one was ever done. That is illegal. They should know this, too.

Also, anything contract related is supposed to require them to tell us both the cost to the district as well as the benefit to the district before they vote. That is according to their own policy!!

My God, how much money this group wastes on lawyers only to turn around and pull crapple like this!