Monday, April 01, 2013

GCSD Taxpayers Due Refund


Under the watchful eyes of new finance administrators, the Greece Central School District has discovered that several software glitches resulted in a number of errors incorporated into previous annual budgets. It's anticipated that reviews spanning as far as 4-5 years into the past will uncover all of the inaccuracies and allow much lower budget totals to be recalculated.

While the experts are still working to get the final figures in order, the Greece School Board President stated: "We're so happy about this discovery. The timing couldn't have been better! We were putting the final touches on a ballooning budget, one that grew by almost $7 million over the last year. But due to the hard work of several dedicated Greece Central employees, instead of a tax rate increase, we'll be sending rebate checks in September!"


SCATS said...

Oh c'mon folks! This is Greece NY, home of scandals, corruption & the Dysfunction Junction!

When was the last time our "leaders" ever discovered an error without the help of the Comptroller? Yup, never!

And even if they did, you must know they'd spend it, not refund it ;)

Happy April Fool's Day anyway ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice April Fools joke Scats!

Anonymous said...

Good one. You had me wondering scats.