Monday, April 22, 2013

Does Anyone Recognize This Crook?


13WHAM reports: "This past weekend the Greece Police Department opened ten new investigations all with a similar set of circumstances. A vehicle is left unlocked in a driveway overnight and broken into by one or more suspects while the vehicle’s owner is asleep.
"This is the first pattern like this that we've had in some time,” explained Greece Police Captain Brian Uhrmacher. “For the most part people were getting up Sunday morning and realizing their cars had been gone through and calling us at that time.”

Sherry Porter’s vehicle was entered early Saturday morning and a number of security cameras on her home happened to catch the suspects on tape.

"I saw three kids coming down the street and two of them came up the driveway one actually came up to my car he opened up the car (and) got inside,” Porter explained. “I could see from the other camera that he was shuffling around inside looking at things and then he quietly got out of the car, shut the door, and went on his way.”

Porter said she has yet to identify if any one thing was stolen because she did not have anything of value in the vehicle. She did notice the glove box was open and possessions were moved around and messed with.

"To see that somebody's going into my car and to think that they could come into my home, I grew up in this neighborhood and I never was scared and you know I don't want somebody to scare me out of my neighborhood,” said Porter. “It is a good neighborhood.”

 SCATS ~~ Where is Roderick Scott? We need him.

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